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  1. Puddles


    Doing ok here. Down 51 lbs. It has been slow but steady for me since the start. I think part of that is due to the fact that I am a grad student and it is difficult to get out and do a lot of exercise with all the reading. Took 3 less credits (1 less class) this term and hope that gives me a tad more time to get out and walking more. Most of my 'shopping' has been from the boxes of clothes that I have here at home. I had done a medically supervised all liquid diet approximately 4 yrs ago and had a bunch of clothes from them in smaller sizes. What has been more difficult is to let go of the pieces I had that made me feel like I looked good. One of my kids finally told me I needed to quit wearing them as they looked big and baggy on me. As for food intolerance....spicy things and stuff with skin - ie apples/grapes/tomatoes do not seem to sit well. I LOVED spicy food, and still do, only now it is with the tums as dessert. Things with skin just makes my tummy not feel good - Pavlov theory at work as I have little desire for them after trying a couple of times. Hardest challenge.... Mr Love him dearly but he loads the plate way to much if he gets food for me. Yes, I know I should do my own plate and normally I do. This last term was a bugger and often when he got up I would be up in my office until dinner was ready. Trying to be nice he would do a plate for me. Had to ask him to not do that and try to not hurt his feelings as I know he was doing it to be nice. LOVE hearing how we all are doing. Great things coming our way!
  2. I did initially. It is from the high Protein intake. I started using a children's probiotic and that helped along with making sure I included vegetables, especially those high in Fiber - ie broccoli, cauliflower etc. That helped tremendously. Notice if I have slacked on the veggies that I need to go back and start taking the probiotic for a couple of days and am back on track. Good luck!
  3. 42 down, 48 to go - almost to my halfway mark. How much have you lost? Congrats!
  4. that is awesome!!! Waiting to crack 190. I have been close but having a small stall. Got a new puppy (8 months old)and she is getting me out and walking every day - hoping that helps counteract the 3 grad school classes I am taking. I feel tied to a book or the computer. I know the exercise sure does help settle her down so I can do school work. Waiting to see if it helps me crack this mini-stall. I am 4 lbs from my halfway point.... Yay!!
  5. Puddles


    No I have not been able to either
  6. Puddles


    I have heard some people do and some people don't. I have also heard some depends on good Protein intake as well. I feel as though my hair is thinner, but no one around me has noticed. Try to maintain a good protein intake as well as taking Biotin and mulit vits
  7. Puddles


    I have had some hair loss, but not a tremendous amount. My hair was thin to begin with so it is noticeable to me, but not to others that I am aware of. Mr and kids have not mentioned it.
  8. I have become a freeze baby! I am always bringing a sweater with me because when I go into a/c I am freezing. Sometimes I go sit outside in the Texas heat to warm up. Mr laughs as he is sitting there sweating I am covered with a blanket. Asked a friend of mine whose husband had a sleeve done a couple of years ago. He does not feel hot like he used to - she is now the one asking for the a/c, not him! lol I think it is that when we were heavier we were always hot because of the extra adipose tissue. Now that is going away and we are feeling colder. Less insulation now than we had before.
  9. Puddles


    Misty - have to laugh.... If you get rid of the guy rather hit him it may work better. *re-read your post...gave me the giggles thinking you could get rid of a couple hundred pounds that way. Hope I don't offend.... just got the giggles*
  10. Puddles


    Slow and sure here. I know if I increased my activity it would be more. Difficult to do with grad school. Have hit a couple of stalls - Needed to increase what I was eating and my activity and then back on track.
  11. I did ok. I have found the key for me is activity. If I have no/little activity I lose very slowly. Once I increase my activity, it seems to fall off quickly. One would think that would be great motivation, but the morning rolls around and the last thing I want to do is get dressed and go for a walk. Have to find a better motivator!
  12. I was never a big red meat eater so not that big of a deal for me. Never realized it until I met Mr and he commented on it. LOL Now meat loaf..... I make it with 1 lb of ground beef, 1 lbs of ground pork and 1 lb of ground turkey - so not that much red meat in it to begin with. Goes down easy..... to easy in some ways as I find that I still want more but my stomach is full. LOL
  13. Haven't really thought about calories, but do think about Protein. Try to eat my Proteins first - primarily chicken, fish, shrimp etc. Avoid red meat (though I have had some meatloaf...yummy). Then work on veggies. Used to eat all of the broccoli or asparagus, now I find myself cutting just the tops off to eat. My downfall has been mashed potatoes - sweet and regular. Enjoy those probably more than I should when they are with a meal. Also exercise. I need to get more than I am, just hard to get out and do it. I live in the Houston area where it has been raining the last 2 weeks so that has been a convenient excuse....an excuse, non the less. I think that is something I need to more much more effort into.
  14. chicken and shrimp have been my go-to Proteins. Marinate chicken in something you like...can eat that throughout the day. That and cottage cheese. Have developed a love for that, not sure why though.
  15. Stalled for like 2 weeks, then lost, then stalled. Seems I may have lost this week but timid to get excited about it. Time will tell what the scales say in a couple of days - if it is the same or less than what it was yesterday.