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  1. Fat Pat no more

    MS - South

    Help I need a group in Wiggins or Gulfport area.
  2. Fat Pat no more

    NSV lately?

    My best NSV. Was when I went shopping in my all time favorite store Catos and the sales lady told me I needed to go to the other side of the store. Now I can't fine anything that fits on the plus side.
  3. Fat Pat no more

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Please ad me. HW 242. SW 217 CW 193 Goal 180. Thanks Pat
  4. Fat Pat no more

    Help plz

    I had my surgery on the 14th of October. Great no complications everything went smooth. Now I can't stand the protein drinks all of a sudden. I mean just 3 or 4 days ago no problem. Now they made me sick. I just can't finish one. Plain Greek yogurt doctored up I can force down. Jello some. Not much though. I try to eat and I get sick. I need help I can't live on flavored water and. G2.
  5. Fat Pat no more

    Something interesting about all the profile pics

    Wow wow. And again wow you've worked hard and it showes.
  6. Fat Pat no more

    Support person

    Where do u live?
  7. Fat Pat no more

    6 weeks progress with pictures

    Good job keep up the good work
  8. Fat Pat no more

    Pumpkin Mousse (Easy)

  9. Fat Pat no more

    Putting weight on

  10. Fat Pat no more

    1 st chek up

    Had my first post op check up to day. All good still have to be-careful because of scaring making my abdominals weak. I don't want any more hernias. Heavy wt. 242 1st visit wt 238 Preop wt. 215 Surgery wt. 217 Came home 219 and today I weight 205 I loving my sleeve even if it's trying to slime me.
  11. Fat Pat no more


    Thanks that's what I thought. It happened to me yesterday. I ate my jello to fast I guess then lator drank tea and it happened again
  12. Fat Pat no more

    You know you're on the Pre-op diet when...

    I'm 8 days post op and yesterday I craved meatballs and spaghetti and I don't care for spaghetti
  13. Fat Pat no more

    Here I am

    Glad you are doing good hang in there it gets better each day.
  14. Fat Pat no more


    What is sliming?