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  1. Fat Pat no more

    Haw any one used Dr Balder in MS or LA?

    I've got one more NUT visit then I ready for insurance approval.
  2. Fat Pat no more

    Size 20 now wearing a size 4!

    What a transformation. You look great.
  3. Fat Pat no more

    Evening Primrose Oil

    Hey game girl how much EPO are you supposed to take?
  4. Fat Pat no more

    One of the best lessons my Sleevilla has taught me to date.

    Awe my life's story right here. Written for me by all of you.
  5. Congrats you look great. ????
  6. Fat Pat no more

    3 days post op

    Just try to hang in there it gets better.
  7. Fat Pat no more

    Where are the 50s ???

    51 here hoping to get sleeved in October so ready for better health. And I must say new clothes.
  8. Fat Pat no more

    I'm having some trouble

    Call dr office or nut
  9. Glad she's alright. I've been watching for an update.
  10. Fat Pat no more

    Evening Primrose Oil

    My hair still falls out. I might have to start wearing hats once I get sleeved but I still doing it.
  11. I'm 51 too. Hope to get approval the end of next month.
  12. Fat Pat no more

    Evening Primrose Oil

    I have hypothyroid too and my hair falling out was one of the symptoms
  13. Caffeine has been linked to calcium being pulled from bone. I read this somewhere.
  14. Fat Pat no more

    eat w/o drinking

    My des office says liquid is liquid. Protein drinks soup/broth water unsweetened caffeine free tea. Diluted juice it all counts as liquid.
  15. Fat Pat no more

    Feelin Down :(

    Hang in there I haven't been sleeved yet but "they" keep saying it gets better. Try flavored liquids and sip sip don't drink to fast. I'm trying(without much progress). To do this now. I like to drink fast and eat fast so I'm working on it be4 surgery. Just keep up the work ur doing. Try to get fluids in if u can. From what I read on here it really makes a difference. I know it helps me now so I no it'll help po I'm gonna pray for u. ????????????
  16. Fat Pat no more

    OMG there is no need anymore

    Ok I had to get up and look at mine. It says 190# so I had bumped it up from 175#. I now weigh 219.6 # as of this morning. My HW 242# when I started this journey back in May I was 238#. I started high protein low carb smaller portions and almost no sweets in July. But if I see something I want I eat it just smaller amounts. That said I still don't have insurance approval yet. But I want my next set to have the correct wt and hope its 145# or less. That's what my first one said 34 years ago.
  17. Fat Pat no more

    What was your breaking point?

    Fat pictures but the main thing is 5 grandchildren. I want better health. I'm 51 years old cant run and play no more. And I hate it when little kids 3 or 4 years old get in trouble because they say " She's fat or Why's she so fat". They are just saying what they see.
  18. Fat Pat no more

    post op soda

    Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper = pure pleasure. This I'll miss.
  19. Fat Pat no more

    Hi- new here... Planning on a sleeve

    Welcome Natalie. Joints for this wild ride where you from
  20. Fat Pat no more

    Divorce rate..post op

    And he can be a baby when he's sick. But then I knew that BEFOR I married him.
  21. Fat Pat no more

    I'm a leaker

    Praise The Lord