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    I am 24 years old, I am 5'6 and I am 371 pounds. I am just starting the lap band process, I am very excited and very nervous at the same time. any encouragement is accepted! :D
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    I love to read, swim and play with my dog :)
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  1. I was banded in december so I can eat anything really lol I am weaning off of protein shakes because they dont keep me full. the doctor wants me to eat solids to keep myself satisfied!
  2. SO I am looking for suggestions on high Protein meals, recipes that you can suggest that are filling and tasty.. I am trying to cook more cause I dont really have much cooking experience, (everything I cook is really easy) I also dont have much money so that makes it difficult too. so any ideas and recipes would be appreciated! I dont eat beef though.. anything else is fair game. ALSO! What high protein Snacks do you suggest? because I am definately a snacker more that a 3 meal a day person!
  3. Thanks you guys! It is good to hear from you guys, I am making it my goal as of today to not keep any slider foods in my house... my problem is that I am not feeling any restriction except in the morning, that is why this is hard for me. I have my appt today for another fill and I am going to talk to them and see what I can do. I guess I just dont feel the weight loss yet because I was at such a high number when i started. what are some high protein foods you guys suggest that keep you full?
  4. I was banded in december, I initially lost 56 pounds all together during this process. I get such small fills each time I see a dr. I only get a .3 fill, I'm getting one tomorrow. I'm only up to 3 cc's in my 10 cc band. I feel frustrated that the process is so slow, I feel almost no restriction except in the morning. By the end of the day I cant seem to feel satisfied unless I overeat. I have been exercising more than ever, Im walking a 2mile trail 3 times a week. I am hungry all the time. I know that part of it is that I havn't been as good with dieting. But the Protein shakes do not fill me up and I am hungry right after drinking one. I have depression and it gets so bad sometimes that I break down and eat the things that are easy like ice cream or chips. I KNOW I SHOULDNT EAT THEM! I cant seem to stop myself. I end up hating myself and lose the motivation even more after I cheat because I feel like "whats the point?" What are your suggestions? is there like a support group I can go to? Am i the only one who feels like I am failing? The worse part is the feeling when I have gone into the Dr's the last 2 times and have not lost weight and I feel like shit
  5. I feel like they just want my money, I have to pay a 40 dollar copay every visit. So by the time I'm up to 4 ccs I'd have paid 120 dollars. It's ridiculous. And what happens when my flex spending runs out? I won't be able to afford it and then I'll really be screwed.
  6. I was told the same thing, they want me at 100 grams of protein a day but at 1100 calories a day, it is so hard and protein shakes just arent cutting it. I guess I am just being impatient and I just really need to work on going out and exercising more. I get discouraged and my first coping skill to do is to eat bad things.
  7. So I had my surgery December, 18th 2013. I have a 10 cc band and I have been into the doctor and have gotten 6 fills. I am currently only up to 3 cc in my band. now I guess that they are moving me to .33 fills which means ill have to go in 3 more times just to get up to 4 cc's in my band. I guess my point is that I am frustrated with how long I have been in the yellow zone. I was 387 at the beginning of my journey and now I am down to 332. I have lost weight and it has helped me not be as hungry. The worse thing I noticed is that I am hungry withen like an hour of me eating. What do you guys suggest I do to keep my mind off of being hungry all the time.
  8. So I am 30 days out from surgery, ive lost ten pounds and have 1cc in my 10 cc band. (my doctor has told me that I can only get 1 cc at a time...) I AM HUNGRY. ALL THE TIME. I use the Protein shakes, I eat greek yogurt, high protein foods. any suggestions on how to get the hunger away? I have been exercising, which has helped but I have not gotten that "full" feeling. I know I am not in my green zone, and I know it will take some time. I am just frustrated with myself. I definately have restriction, I can't eat bread or Pasta without getting full really fast. I am still getting used to not drinking while eating, I have made that mistake a couple times, and I end up throwing up. I just need some words of advise I guess.
  9. I have my first appointment for a fill on the 9th, I cant wait! I definately cant do bread as well. Milk is my best friend, as well as creamy mashed couliflower w/cheese, I am making a broccily cheese soup in my crock pot that I hope turns out good! my biggest thing is just changing my habbits of wanting to snack while watching tv or when I go out, i dont need to eat when everyone else is. And my coworkers and peers are the worst.... "cant you just have one bite?" or "Taste this?" Its new years eve tonight and everyone will be drinking and I am afraid to try alcohol....
  10. I am definately going to try my best to stick to it. I know the doctors know best!
  11. I have the I have the same problem, i get really hungry then I eat all of the protein shake or something and im full for a little while then my roommate has waffles or mashed potatoes or something like that and I take a couple bites and then I get pain realy bad and my upper left shoulder starts hurting me and i have a hard time breathing, but its really hard and I didn't realize how hard it would be on a liquid diet. I cant wait until my fill so maybe it will be easier, im still not even eating a 4th of what i normally would.
  12. So I am 9 days out and my brain keeps telling me that I am hungry. All I want to do is eat, I have been doing mostly liquids but I did eat some mashed potatoes and a couple pieces of pickle roll, liquids are not filling me up and I know I am not supposed to eat solids but I am HUNGRY! What do you guys suggest and how did you controll yourself and keep satisfied? I go in on jan 9th for my first follow up with my doctor post-op.
  13. kassy07

    Why Am I So Terrifed?

    So I ended up losing 6 more pounds! I have lost a total of 46 pounds So definately no chance of surgery being cancelled! I am still a little nervous about the actual surgery happening. Does it hurt really bad? how long did you guys take off work?

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