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  1. xxjosettexx

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I had VSG June 15, 2015 HW: 357 pounds/size 24 Goal: 185 Pounds CURRENTLY: 140 Pounds/Size 2 I couldn’t be happier, you’d never know I used to weigh more than double my current weight. I reached my goal in January of 2017, had a tummy tuck April of 2017, and continued to lose weight after for some reason. 13 pounds of skin removed.
  2. xxjosettexx

    Sleeve to bypass weight loss concern

    Following this thread because I have severe GERD as well and my doctor proposed this as an alternative treatment. I’m 4.5 years post op. I have an endoscopy next Tuesday to see what the damage is. I have been looking into different options aside from bypass because i don’t want to Frankenstein my intestines up more. There is a device called a LINX, that I’m going to ask my doctor about, and one other option that I forget the name of, that can be done before doing gastric bypass. I only weigh 140 pounds, down from 357 so I DO NOT want Gastric Bypass since regain has not been an issue for me. I have the same concerns that I will become malnourished if I have the bypass because I am way below goal weight
  3. I’m 4.5 years post op VSG surgery. Down to 140 pounds from 357 pounds. My partner and I are TT , and I think I might be pregnant. I missed my period but just by one day so far. I know breast changes are usually the first sign, and mine feel a little different than usual and also are a bit swelled. but I’m wondering since I was so large and my breasts were stretched before, if I will really feel the changes/soreness that non-wls people have? I’m going to wait another day to test, but I’d love to hear some experiences about symptoms and what the first signs you had were! Thanks in advance 😊
  4. xxjosettexx

    Terrible heartburn!

    I will call my surgeons office and ask. I am pretty good about getting in my vitamins in, so maybe that could work. With the depo shot 10% bone density loss is expected, but maybe the calcium supplements could cancel out the bone density loss from Prilosec and work until August at least... @@BLERDgirl you've given me some things to think about
  5. xxjosettexx

    Stalled at two weeks out..

    I suppose I should disregard the scale for the time being, and just focus on my daily goals. It is so hard though, It just has some sort of hold over me, which is terrible. And self acceptance is just hard when your image of yourself has been negative your entire life (but I'm working on it in counseling). Not to mention I have my parents breathing down my neck to know exactly how much I've lost to see if their "investment" is paying off.
  6. xxjosettexx

    Terrible heartburn!

    My surgeon recommends and prescribed Pepcid for heartburn. I also drink water with baking soda mixed in to neutralize everything and avoid tums at times. I could start Prilosec in August when my shot wears off, but my pcp really advised against Prilosec and Depo together, as it's like a sure fire way to osteoporosis
  7. I was sleeved 6/23/15. I have had the most terrible heartburn since day 1, but now it has become constant with no relief at all. It's gotten to the point where I take pepcid 2x a day, which does nothing, so I also take Zantac 2x a day, and even that is not really effective, and I have to keep a bottle of tums on me at all times. My throat is constantly burning and I can always feel the acid in it. I am just at a loss as to what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions that i haven't tried? I won't take Prilosec since it causes bone loss, and I already take medicine that is proven to cause bone loss, so my physician recommended against combining them. Thanks!
  8. So I was sleeved June 23rd. My starting weight was 346, I lost 18 pounds on my two week pre op, so surgery weight was 328. Exactly a week and 1 day out of surgery I lost down to 314, and my scale has not moved since, and I am now two weeks and two days post op. I can't really get my protein in since whey and dairy makes me so sick, but I've been trying to get in liquids and the occasional Greek yogurt (like 1 per day). I'm not really sure what to do and it feels like I am failing already, and with my high start weight this slow loss does not seem promising. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you break your stall when you can't have anything but protein shakes and yogurt? Thanks!
  9. xxjosettexx

    A week Post Op

    Forgot to mention though, after my extra hospital stay I felt great, almost like I'd never had surgery in the first place. I hope you start to feel better!!
  10. xxjosettexx

    A week Post Op

    If you think you are dehydrated, then by all means go to the hospital!!! I got dehydrated after my sleeve and had to be readmitted, but I thought I was fine because I could sip apple juice. Well I wasn't fine, and it took them 20 IV sticks before they could get the needle in because my veins were so collapsed. And if you've seen iv needles, they are really long. They stuck me in my arms, neck, feet, shoulders and finally got it in a deep vein but they had to use an ultrasound machine. If you go to the hospital they can also give you medicine to take down swelling (torrdal), which will help you to get liquids down. Please don't let yourself get to where I was
  11. I will definitely look into syntrax, that sounds delicious!
  12. Sadly the nearest whole foods is 40 minutes away, but the drive would be worth it if I like the hemp protein! I like the silk vanilla coconut milk.. It tastes like PF Changs coconut cooler but without all the sugar haha. Silk original/unsweetened is not so good though! The best I've found is trader joes non dairy stuff!
  13. Let me know how switching goes! I might need to switch from coconut to almond or rice dream, even if just for a different taste lol
  14. I'll check out that protein! I mix my shakes with coconut milk at the moment! I have tried the VEGA brand from GNC. I looked into isopure, but it uses hydrolyzed whey protein. I'll check out syntrax! My Dr's program is a 4 week long liquid diet (including yogurt/pudding) after surgery before moving into soft foods, and adding foods in as tolerated at one month out. There is no puree phase or anything so I have to find a solution for the next three weeks lol
  15. xxjosettexx

    Hair loss

    Nioxin sounds like it would work well if it urges re growth, but make sure you choose a system that protects the hair that is still on your head as well! This is gonna sound like an ad, but I started using Aveda's "Invati" system.. And I stress that you must use the complete system. It's specifically made to treat and prevent thinning hair, and to nourish the hair follicles. It's not made to address hormonal hair loss, such as male pattern balding or menopausal thinning, that nioxin is made to treat however. I went to an Aveda cosmetology school and our product rep specifically mentioned that Invati can be used to prevent hair loss during massive weight loss or weight loss surgery. It does this through the serum, which penetrates the scalp and protects and nourishes the hair follicle. The shampoo clarifies the scalp so that the serum can be fully effective, and the conditioner thickens each hair strand. Invati is made to protect the hair in the first place, and protect your remaining hair from falling out. IN addition to the Invati system I am taking biotin, vitamins and amino acids

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