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  1. I have tried the Vi shakes, but I put a tablespoon of reduced fat Peanut Butter, 2 teasp. sugar free butterscotch pudding mix, and sugar free choc Syrup about a tablespoon and mix it with the shakes. It tastes like a butterfinger!! I don't like the $$ of them, but it does help the Protein requirement.

    Right now, I am at 8cc fill for a 10cc band...so I lost 8# last month, so I guess I am almost at my "sweet spot", but I am having difficulty finding what I can and cannot eat...its like starting from day one all over again. I'm getting sick of Soup...but as a nurse I know I need to keep my nutrients up...but also keep the sodium content low.. Any suggestions??

  2. I had bad pain in my chest and back...so I put a heating pad in the front and a larger one across my back. I am a nurse and knew what to expect, but wasn't prepared for the pain I was in. I treated myself like a baby with colic and it really helped out alot. I couldn't stand to take the liquid tylenol with codiene..yuk!!! So I told my Dr. about what I did and he was really impressed. I was walking and walking and walking, but still had the gas issue to deal with. But the heating pads helped .....good luck!! I went back to work full duty on Wed following my surgery the Thursday before.

  3. At first I was reluctant to tell anyone except my boss and a close friend at work, and then I thought, "what the heck, its about me this time!!". I told everyone on my FB page as well, starting with the statement, "I know not everyone will agree with my decision...but surprisingly, I have had an overwhelming show of support. I was banded on 8/1/13 and also had a bad hitial hernia so the most pain is from that. I even started my 30 min of walking the next day! I have decided I don't have time to worry about what everyone else thinks, I finally did something for ME!! Go ahead let your boss know and anyone else you choose, you will find there are some naysayers, but I look at it this way, before they try to clean off my porch, they need to worry about their own first!!

  4. Hi, I'm getting ready to have my surgery on Aug. 1, 2013. I am a Hospice/Extended Care LPN of 20 years. I have been through all the pre-op stuff once before only to have the insurance company change their mind at the last minute. This time, I have my approval letter and even says I have a provider that is supposed to take what the insurance company pays as "paid in full". Would love it if that happened!!!

    I have scheduled my surgery for my vacation week from work. My surgeon assures me I will be able to go back to work on Monday following my surgery on Thursday. I hope this is true!! I recently found out the house supervisor is a former Bariatric coordinator who has volunteered to help me out with all the little details and "helps" that I might need.

    I have truly wanted this for sooooooo very long, as my primary care MD says, "you are the healthiest overweight patient I have ever seen". He says, "your just fighting genetics". I have already had to have my lower spine fused and now I am finally at my "dream job" somewhere that I plan to retire from if my health holds out! So my unit manager has been an incredible support system for me and is rooting for me!!!

    My family is a little more hesitant, but my spouse is supportive all the way!! He is one of the "lucky ones" who can eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in massive amounts and still not gain weight!! But he says he loves me no matter what size I am. I just need to love myself!

    I bought myself a journal to begin on Friday when I start the liquid diet, so I can journal my thoughts and feelings. I have also tried to "stock up" on the Water, diet Snapple, and other things on the post op diet list from my Dr.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!!


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