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  1. Adrienne21

    Gaining weight!

  2. Adrienne21


    It is very normal to be anxious about the surgery. I was fine until the night before surgery. I couldn't sleep at all. When I got called to the back, I started having an anxiety attack. The nurses started talking to me and I was calmer and they gave me my shot. Next thing I knew, I was out. So it won't be bad. Good luck!!
  3. Adrienne21

    Half way there

    Congrats on your success!
  4. I have 1cc in my band and then I had an unfill because I couldn't get liquids down. Then I had 1cc put back in. I wish she would have been a little bit more liberal with the amount she put in.
  5. Congrats on your weight loss. 20lbs is so awesome!! I had my first fill four weeks after my surgery. Well I had an unfill two weeks after and then three weeks later I had my fill. I am pretty sure that 4 weeks is the minimum time most doctors give for the wait time until the next fill. Or if you feel like you really need another small fill some doctors might do it for you.
  6. I came to this site because I thought that this would be a wonderful place where I would be surrounded by a group of my own peers. I have posted many questions that I had questions about or had minimal knowledge on. I have received very good advice and some advice I thought sounded nice, I followed up with my doctor on. I mean it is awesome to get advice from others, but who knows what best for you besides the person who placed this remarkable tool inside of us?? We have all been forewarned about the dangers of not following the rules that was given to us. If you have orders from your doctor by all means FOLLOW THEM. Don’t take matters into your own hands and when something bad happens, you freak out. Everyone has an OPIOION!! Do you have to agree? NOT AT ALL. Most people who do cheat their bands/themselves often look for confirmation from another person who will come out of nowhere and agree with them. I feel personally some question should not be asked on this site; especially ones that promote controversy in a bad way. Example, I was just banded and I am hungry. So I ate some lunch meat. You were advised against it but insisted on doing your own thing. How can you expect not to receive feedback with someone trying to make you accountable for your mistake? Not everyone is going to say something nice to glorify your wrong-doing. Before you judge a statement try to understand it for the other persons prospective. Let’s just go back to being helpful by sharing experiences that are helpful to one another. I am almost 90% sure no one on here is purposely being malicious but simply helpful. Always remember, When you are typing it’s hard to tell someone’s tone. So when in doubt, just say thank you for your input and move one. (I had to vent and I wanted to share with everyone. I don’t like seeing my friends being verbally attacked for stating an opinion. Sometimes you just have to learn how to AGREE TO DISAGREE. An opinion is like an Ass, Everyone has one and you are not always going to like sh*t it comes with. ) Have a nice night.
  7. Adrienne21

    head hunger vs real hunger

    I need to get in tune with my band. I suddenly had some type of epiphany. I think since I have been stressed for the last week that I have been having head hunger. I just ate a yogurt and now am getting little rumbles in my stomach. I am concluding that I should wait until I feel the rumbles in my stomach to eat that way I will know for sure if I am actually hungry or if it is just my head playing tricks on me. I can do that or simply eat and snack when I am hungry but I don't want to go over my caloric intake. I feel really bad because I didn't eat much today and the fact that I am still up at this hour and hungry is bad. I really should go to sleep. I know I will have to talk to my doctor about this on the 12th of this month. today I am going hardcore on my exercising. I forgot to do some yesterday. I have to pull myself together. I've made it this far and I have a long way to go.
  8. Adrienne21

    Blog question

    I looked over the settings and I do not see any links or any information on my end that would lead to any blogs being shared to or on facebook, twitter or email. I think what you post on here stays on here. unless you copy the link.
  9. Adrienne21

    Day 1 all over again.

    I didn't fall off of my diet but I have been feeling a little sad bc I have been stressed and I have been skipping meals. I also haven't worked out yet due to my crazy hours and then a couple excuses and I take full responsibility for that. I finally have my step dad and my sister on board with dieting and wanting to work out. So I have a small support system. The only thing is that they don't want to start until september or october. It would be nice if I knew someone who lived in the same area to have as a workout buddy and support system. I mean this site is pretty awesome, but to have someone in person who understands what it is like being banded and to share experiences. on the other hand, I have lost another 2lbs. which is right on point with how many I am suppose to be loosing. so, I guess a yay is in order. idk my sister was looking at me and told me it looked like I had fake abs drawn on my stomach. lol I think by next year I am hoping to be 100lbs lighter. refocus and get on track. no more misbehaving(even though I haven't eaten anything bad).. This definitely not as easy as i thought it would be and my family isn't exactly being as supportive as I need them to be. So it makes it seem like I am all alone in this journey to weight loss. oh well, venting time is over and now it's time to go make my meals for the day.
  10. Adrienne21

    Anyone near plainfield IL

    I am somewhat close to that area. I am in homewood.
  11. Adrienne21

    first fill

    I had my first fill today and it wasn't fun. I have two bruises and two bandages over my port. I had to get them standing up. I am going to try to work with the fill i received so that I can stay away from being prodded with that big darn needle. I was livid when I saw that I only lost 3.2 pounds but now that I think about it. I dont feel bad about it. I look great in my old clothes and I can go down stairs without sweating. I was told to stop with the bread, rice and pasta.. I had my hand slapped for that one. I was also told to exercise five days a week for at least an hour. so starting next week that is my new goal.
  12. Adrienne21

    Weight not moving....

    typical weight loss is 1-2lbs per week. I personally feel, and this is only my opinion , you shouldn't constantly weight yourself. If you have the right portions and are exercising 3-5 days a week. there should be no problem with making the 1-3 lbs. Even if you haven't lost anything that week, try on an old pair of pants that used to fit you snug. If they are fitting just a little bit better than that is a good sign. Just keep going and everything should be fine. It also could be that you might need another fill or have them check your band just to make sure everything is ok. Good luck!
  13. Adrienne21

    Port Sites

    my port is on the left side like right under my ribs... the discomfort will go away after a week or so but everyone is different. If it is still hurting after a week you should go to your doctor.
  14. Adrienne21

    learned the hard way

    Thank you!! I am very happy about the weight loss. I am very anal about making food charts for the week and making sure each meal has 60-80g of protein. I fell off when I did the liquid diet but now I am getting back on track. It was horrible not eating and then having those issues with my secondary meal choices. I just have to make sure I grab my lunch.
  15. Adrienne21


    I couldn't sleep on my side where my port is. I slept mostly on my back... Even being 18 days post opt it still hurts a little to sleep on my stomach.

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