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  1. Adrienne21

    Gaining weight!

    I have no idea why it posted those randoun m letters. Lol I can not see my words on here so I will post once I can view what I am typing.
  2. Adrienne21

    Gaining weight!

  3. Adrienne21

    anyone get diarrhea after fluid removal?

    I get it after a fill. I think it is due to the sudden change of solids to liquids.
  4. trying to get back on track!!

    1. ThinDolphin3


      me too sweetie....its harder than I thought...need to get back into the frame of mind before surgery....of how to stay on track...keep me posted

  5. trying to get back on track

  6. I am not where I want to be but slow progress is still good progress. :)

  7. Adrienne21

    OMG! Not 1 Sympathetic Comment!!

    Those are the type of people that have their own insecurities and they think by cyber-bulling is cool. I can guarantee that some of them are just as ugly on the outside as the are on the inside. everyone always has something negative to say.
  8. I've got a date tonight. Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

  9. All that stressing and i am now 10 sizes down.. hello size 22/24...

  10. I have been struggling like crazy to keep losing weight. i am on day two of liquids tomorrow will be my last day. then to mushy foods.

  11. I put on my 5x hoodie from last year and it looks like I am swimming in it.

  12. Adrienne21


    It is very normal to be anxious about the surgery. I was fine until the night before surgery. I couldn't sleep at all. When I got called to the back, I started having an anxiety attack. The nurses started talking to me and I was calmer and they gave me my shot. Next thing I knew, I was out. So it won't be bad. Good luck!!
  13. Adrienne21

    To fill or not to fill......

    If you are losing weight and are satisfied for 3-5 hours inbetween meals you shouldn't need one. You don't want to end up being to tight and then get sick or risk slippage.
  14. Adrienne21

    Um.. I can feel my lap-band

    I can't feel my band but I can feel my port from time to time. I have heard from doctors that it is normal. The more weight you lose the more you will be able to feel it.
  15. Adrienne21

    Halfway home!

    Congrats mystic!!!