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  1. thefinalgirl1971

    6 Simple Ways to Gain Your Weight Back

    For me, not keeping my brain chemistry straight. Everytime my depression or anxiety starts kicking my butt my eating goes off the rails completely. Sent from my SM-G970U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. thefinalgirl1971

    Calling all vets- where are you

    Looks like I first got on here in 2013. Just recently downloaded the app. Lapband since 2002. Very happy with results, no side effects. Would love to chat with some fellow veterans of WLS. Sent from my SM-G970U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. thefinalgirl1971

    SOS with post-op clothes!!

    Thredup! Sent from my SM-G970U using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. thefinalgirl1971

    What foods do you have to avoid with the Lapband?

    For me, really just raw or cooked broccoli and kale. I can eat almost anything else.
  5. thefinalgirl1971

    ⚡️ Air Fryer ⚡️

    I like air fried tofu (just marinaded in soy sauce and garlic) although it might not be good for those with recent surgeries. But I'm 19 years out. Lol. It can be chewy.
  6. I have been banded over 13 years and have kept off over 100 pounds. I was currently back up 30 pounds due to slipping back into bad habits and a new very sedentary job but have already lost 7 again. I love this thing! I find that for me if I just listen to my band and try to follow the rules I do fine. I am very comfortable at a BMI of 27 and this is what I am aiming for again. I still want to lose like 25 pounds but I know that with my band's help I can do it!
  7. thefinalgirl1971

    Burning Starving Sensation

    I have that but thought it was just a side effect of my pregnancy many years ago. I feel really nauseous if I don't eat in addition to the burning feeling. Now I try to keep a small snack with me.
  8. thefinalgirl1971

    Any DFW Support Groups?

    I live where Dallas, Cedar Hill, and Duncanville meet but am willing to drive a while if I need to. Do you guys know of any meetings in DFW area? Thanks in advance.
  9. thefinalgirl1971

    Any DFW Support Groups?

    Thanks so much!
  10. thefinalgirl1971

    Any DFW Support Groups?

    Okay thank you.
  11. thefinalgirl1971

    Any DFW Support Groups?

    That would be so awesome! Thanks!
  12. thefinalgirl1971

    My first surgeversary!

    OMG, you look awesome!!! Congrats on your success!
  13. thefinalgirl1971

    Great Place for Fills in DFW

    Hi all, I know how hard it can be to find a good place to get fills-especially if you were banded in Mexico. Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas does great fills for $75 with fluoroscopy. They were able to get me in within a few days and were extremely nice and professional. Just wanted to put this out there as an option.
  14. thefinalgirl1971

    Anyone Use Daily Burn?

    I work from home so this looks like a great thing to do during lunch. I know I would have to start back at the beginner phase. Any reviews-good or bad?
  15. Hi everyone. I recently found the forum again after some time away. I've had my band for 12 years and did a good job of maintaining a BMI of about 27 (still overweight but not obese) until this past 6 months. My total loss was 134 pounds but I have gained back about 30 pounds since January. I've been very stressed out with work, a pending divorce, new relationship and a son who is having issues in school and I basically found myself eating too much and the wrong foods. I finally got the nerve to get my first fill in about 7 years. I was really nervous. I only ended up getting 0.2 added to my band but my hunger and general interest in food has gone way down! I am so looking forward to getting back to that weight where I felt and looked so much better. Well just checking in and saying that it's never too late to get back on track.
  16. thefinalgirl1971


    I second the idea of going online. I'm 43 and about a year ago met a great guy online. He knows about my band and is fine with my saggy skin. Lol. He can eat everything he sees and not gain weight but hey that is my burden to bear. There is hope to still find love at our age! We're at our peak remember!
  17. thefinalgirl1971

    Onederland- Doing my happy dance !

    Congratulations! I'm hoping to get back there too eventually.
  18. thefinalgirl1971

    Houston Texas Doctor to do fills!

    I used to live in Houston and come to Dallas for fills. Now I live in Dallas. Got a fill yesterday at Forest Park medical center and it was a great experience. They don't care who your original surgeon was. Even if was Mexico like mine. And it's only $75.
  19. thefinalgirl1971

    what's the longest with the band

    I've had my band for 12 years. Still loving it!
  20. thefinalgirl1971

    Feeling Full ???

    To me, it's just absence of hunger. Full is not something I want to feel because I associate that feeling with being stuffed.
  21. I know people have talked about getting pounds of skin removed so I am wondering for those who got extra skin removed from the tummy area, were you at goal or just close?
  22. thefinalgirl1971

    Your favorite nsv's?

    Knowing that I can fit into pretty much any chair without breaking it. Sitting in booths at restaurants. Running. Knowing a seat belt in any car will fit me. Shopping in the regular ladies section/occasionally juniors section. Feeling almost normal.
  23. thefinalgirl1971

    feeling better each day . . . finally!

    Bravo! It just gets better from here on out!
  24. thefinalgirl1971

    First NSV pre-op!!!!!

    Awesome! What you said about Oh Lord made me laugh out loud!
  25. thefinalgirl1971

    No more plateau!!!

    Good job!!!

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