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    Bandista got a reaction from dylanmiles23 in another 'new' weight loss device   
    I feel so lucky to have my band -- that it was available to me. Sometimes I feel like bands are being phased out, that sleeves and other surgeries have less followup care and more profit. I feel like I may have gotten my band just in time. Well, except for the wishing I had done it a long time ago. But I didn't know about WLS and I needed to have my BMI up enough for insurance to pay. That was all so complicated and I'm grateful it's all behind me. The one day at a time with the band is very manageable now. Here's to a new day of healthy eating.....
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    Bandista got a reaction from Leepers in Dammit Gym, I'm a Walker!   
    Pandora is a great exercise partner. And it is wonderful you and your husband are on the same page. Healthy future ahead! Way to go choosing yourself......
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    Bandista reacted to Leepers in Dammit Gym, I'm a Walker!   
    I sweat enough as it is! This gym thankfully doesn't have mirrors. It does have a dark room with a giant screen that plays a movie if you'd rather do that, but I like my music.
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    Bandista reacted to dylanmiles23 in Dammit Gym, I'm a Walker!   
    You did great and I am so the same way. The gym where I go, I haven't been in over 2 months, bad me, I go around 1-2 pm and the place is empty. I do the bike and some machines only. My bad knees and back can't do treadmills or elliptical.
    My son said at the gym to wear heavy clothes with a hoodie on so you sweat. I don't do that but have seen many people doing it.
    Enjoy yourself.
    One question to everyone-why do gym have walls and walls of mirrors????
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    Bandista reacted to Wendydarling19 in another 'new' weight loss device   
    It is already being tested in the US. I saw this back in October when I was researching surgeons. At first I thought it would be great but then I read no not for sustained weight loss! However, what it will be used for is to help people who are too overweight for weight loss surgery to lose their weight safely in order to undergo the surgery that they need. Also, used for people who may only have 20 lbs to lose! Not everyone is a candidate for WLS...some people are still very overweight but don't fit the correct BMI! I had to hit 233 lbs before I was eligible for the band and for insurance to cover it! It does not have to be removed at the end of 3 months. It is what's based on what your dr tells you. Yes, I think it's a little bit stupid but surgery isnt for everyone.
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    Bandista reacted to FibroDiva in another 'new' weight loss device   
    Doesn't sound like either of these devices, the tongue patch or the balloon, do anything to teach good eating habits so when they are removed won't the people regain any weight loss?
    Sounds like the only thing guaranteed to be permanently loss is money.
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    Bandista got a reaction from Leepers in Session with a Whine-O   
    I had two wine events this week and it definitely stalls my weight loss -- plus I think I make poorer decisions about food. No wine this week for me either, and no whining! Have a great day -- and good luck tomorrow with your fill.
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    Bandista got a reaction from betternowthanever in As I look back over my life....   
    Congratulations! The new driver's license is a great present to yourself. Thanks for a very inspiring blog.
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    Bandista reacted to ♕ajtexas♕ in Complications can happen to anyone!   
    Thanks everyone for your love & support. I really appreciate it. I go back to the doctor on Monday, so fingers cross that we have good news.
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    Bandista reacted to gowalking in Complications can happen to anyone!   
    so sorry to hear of your situation AJ. you know you have friends on this forum and friends don't judge. we don't care if you've stumbled...you are human, not perfect. please keep in touch and let us know how you are, or just come on and rant if you must...the good thing is that we don't care...it's just good to see you here. feel better soon!
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    Bandista reacted to Debbie3sons in Complications can happen to anyone!   
    I hope things get better for you , sometimes there are set backs after having major surgery , just try to remember why you wanted to be banded in the first place after losing your weight and looking and feeling more healthy , you will be able to do that again and other things you want , start back at pre op diet then go to post op diet or do the 5 day pouch test and see if that helps to get the 10 lbs off that you have gained , we won't beat you up or scold you , however , being depressed or stressed is what got us to our thinking and eating the way we did , just try to remember that you have that little tool that sometimes just needs to be cleaned and polished as you will be more polished soon enough and be able to shine even more.
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    Bandista reacted to dylanmiles23 in Complications can happen to anyone!   
    ​I feel so sorry for your complications. You had mentioned that you loved your TT. Thank you for sharing, the good, the bad and ugly. Nothing is ever perfect even though we try so hard.
    I am happy you are back here.
    Feel better and keep in touch, we do miss you and the yellow roses of TX.
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    Bandista reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Complications can happen to anyone!   
    good to see you AJ
    and understand the struggles you are having...maybe not the extent you are experiencing but i can def (feel) your mental anguish, your being down on your self...you ARE most def loved by this forum and by your family and your friends and even Sammy Hagar......YOU are amazing.......
    you are and continue to be a success
    a great inspiration and one helluva woman.
    much love to you
    your friend forever
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    Bandista got a reaction from HipsAndLipstick in Finally Got A Date   
    So happy for you! What a way to begin 2014.......
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    Bandista got a reaction from BlueMoon~T in My Story   
    Thanks so much for this -- very inspirational. I really want to show up for my life and getting healthy is the key to so many doors opening in the future. For now the door opening for me is this process of getting the band. Like you I was not heavy enough (oh the irony!) and so many health issues mounting up. Now I am at the goal weight for qualifying for the surgery -- here's to being at the real goal weight -- that goal of optimal health. You are a rock star already because you're rocking this. I know early days are not easy but you have so got this. Have a great day!
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    Bandista got a reaction from Kime-lou in Reality is.......   
    Hi Kime-lou, I love the title of your post -- so powerful to be in reality vs. the land of fog or pretend. You are doing beautifully -- THAT is the reality. Thanks for a great post. Sugar is such a tough one. I am pre-band and currently outlawing some foods in order to get weight off before the surgery. Once banded I hope to not have that on/off or dieter's mentality but to be able to have a bit of something once in a blue moon. Ice cream, however, appears to be a no-no in my world. Just too easy to say yes, yes!
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    Bandista got a reaction from intelirish in Reasons why I LOVE where I work   
    Nice! And they are lucky to have YOU.
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    Bandista got a reaction from Maddy1 in Being Honest   
    Hi there, so happy for you and your renewed commitment to yourself. We are on the same track -- so happy to have exercised today and to have had a protein shake AND exercised. Now that's a good day. Here's to tomorrow!
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    Bandista got a reaction from JOANNE M HOLL in Strong words   
    Mindfulness: it's where it's at! Great blog -- thanks so much!
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    Bandista got a reaction from dylanmiles23 in walking   
    A built-in two day a week walking plan! Good for you......glad you can be out enjoying this gorgeous fall weather in New England. Great time to set up a pattern for winter, when we will need our boots.
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    Bandista reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in walking   
    walking....free....easy...gorgeous scenery and good for you
    i took it for granted and never again...i relish it...thanks for this blog posting
    it was right on eye candy

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    Bandista got a reaction from LadyDiva618 in 200.8.... Say what!   
    Way to go -- so happy for your success. Kevin looks like a very special person and I'm so sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you and I'm glad you have a great support system in place. Have a good week and take good care of yourself.
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    Bandista got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in Before I Start   
    Congratulations on this big decision. I just got my surgery date: 11/05 -- maybe we will be November Bandsters together. Actually I am hoping they will call and move me up -- I feel so ready!
    Sounds like you are quite the cook. I love to cook for our family, gatherings, the freezer -- you name it. Volume cooking -- the kind that takes hours and messes up the entire kitchen. Our son is turning into quite the cook, too. I plan to just keep at it as for me it's not really about me eating it in the end, it's the act of cooking itself that I really love. And I'll still be able to have my cup of whatever.
    Meanwhile, I've also been wondering a bit about Thanksgiving. If I am banded 11/5 with a week of liquids and a week of mushies I will just be back to "regular" food for that holiday. Could be a good lesson in what the future will be like for me. Very small portions, chewing, chewing, chewing -- making sure everything is cut up into teeny-tiny pieces. Since I'm not telling every one about band it will be a social challenge as well. May as well get it over with!
    Good luck to you!
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    Bandista reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in Feeling Stupid...   
    I always have problems with lettuce. I know it is soft and it should go down but some of my worst stuck episodes have been when eating some type of leafy green veggie. My theory, which may be wrong is that even though I think I chew i feel it must slip down partially unchewed and lay over the opening of my band causing me to be stuck. Sounds good in theory. Some of the dishes you are eating are more difficult to digest, pasta, lettuce, salads, cereals. If I may make a suggestion, stick to simple cooked soft proteins. Fish is a moist soft protein that is easy to digest and packed full of protein and oils that are good for you. There are also some other cooking methods that will allow you to eat chicken and some of the other proteins and this will make them easier to digest. One method is to seal your meal in pouch, vacuum and cook the meal in boiling water, this method is called Sous-vide. It may sound like a lot of trouble but it works and the food is moist and delicious. Also another method to tenderize meats is an old Chinese method using baking soda. The baking soda will give the meat an almost silky texture and make it so tender and much easier to digest. I realize that this may sound like a lot of work but learning to live with lap band requires a life style change. I am 3 years post op and have worked through many tight episodes during this journey. Many of my problems were not my bands fault but mine for making poor choices and finally learning that I needed to make this work. I was determined to make this my life and make it work for me and my family. I cook wonderful meals that most would think, you can't eat that, you have a lap band. But you know what I can and do eat most anything I want but some days, I have to remind my self to slow down, chew and spend a few days in the penalty box for not following the rules and drink my protein. So rethink what choices you have been making and stick to basics for a while. Good luck and I hope your journey is successful. Also, never feel stupid.. this is a learning curve and we all learn everyday even 3 years out.
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    Bandista got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in Worrying too much   
    Hi there. Here's to Not Worrying -- just knowing that it is all happening. It's all happening. You are in the long game, the one that matters over time -- not the day to day or even month to month but what about one year ago and one year from now. What do those look like?

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