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  1. Hi there @@kmt1973 -- there is a group of very successful banders who post on a thread called Banders #7. With so many different surgeries represented here on Bariatric Pal, Banders are somewhat of a minority so I always look there first. And I try to avoid the negative band talk from those who have had revisions. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that and hope that you're on track now -- sounds like the unfill and now refill process is going well. I think some doctors are annoyed at all the followup that a band requires. Most surgeons would rather be in the OR than discussing the finer points of appetite. There are a couple of links in my signature below which really helped me a lot -- the O'Brien Eight Golden Rules of Lapband on videos and the Dr. Simpson link. Best wishes to you!
  2. Bandista

    Don't get a lap band

    I'm sorry you have not been successful with your band and that you haven't been able to get the fills you need to make it work. The purpose of the band is to dim your appetite so you can make good choices but you have to do that part -- not eat whatever you want. Please don't discourage my choice in getting a band as I have been very happy with it for two years. It's one thing to have it not work for you but to tell other people not to have one surgery or another based on your singular experience is misleading. Meanwhile, best wishes and hopes that you are able to work with your doctors to find whatever is right for you.
  3. Bandista

    So why does this annoy me so much?

    We don't live in an era of personal responsibility, that's for sure. Our society seems to be filled with people waiting for some one to tell them what to do when so they can then resent it and complain. We've unleashed generations of people who will not grow up or wake up. The wasted potential is mind-boggling and very frustrating on so many levels. I am one of the lucky people who have health insurance and fairly good medical care. I like our hospital and their program there -- a good surgeon and staff, etc. But I did not learn much about the Lapband there. I got that information through this forum. I was on here for months prior to my surgery reading all I could, asking questions and noting who the successful people were so I could follow them. Okay, what does this mean: TL:DR I am so out of it!
  4. Bandista

    Banders #7

    @@Jim1967 hi there! Hasn't this been the most amazing New England autumn in years and years? Glad to hear you are doing well. @@gowalking I remember in my first weeks banded thinking I would be some one who would not require a fill because I felt the dimness of my appetite already. But of course that early on it was just the inflammation from the surgery, etc. But I get that quirky voice inside! You are doing great. Why be hungry when you have a way to shut that down. In other news, today is my second year Bandaversary. I think I'll go write up a general post. Hard to believe, geesh. Time has gone by very quickly.
  5. Bandista

    Not enough protein?

    For me protein shakes and soups, etc. are sliders -- it's the dense protein chewed well that signals my brain for satiety. I got a lot out of the videos in the link below in my signature as well as the Simpson website. Edema is so uncomfortable. How is your salt intake? Best wishes as you sort this out.
  6. Bandista

    Banders #7

    @@JustWatchMe thinking of you......you are doing beautifully and taking good care of yourself throughout this ordeal. I have finally started going down again and am pretty sure it's because I had to change up my workout. Those long outdoor walks along the lake (almost) every morning are in the past as we have such cold temperatures already. So, back into the basement which took some doing. A lot of cleaning for one thing, and addressed some lighting issues, etc. to make it as nice as possible. Also using a 17" laptop for movies/music, etc. Once we got started, we started rocking it hard. 80 minutes -- ten minute switch-offs from treadmill on to bike or Bowflex with some Yoga, etc. thrown in for good measure. Since I know I can do almost anything for ten minutes, we've got it cranked on pretty high. I think this change shocked my body into losing again......a theory. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Hope every one is doing well. We still have some beautiful foliage here in NH -- it's the golden tunnel effect. And turkeys like crazy, porcupines after the apples left in the orchard.
  7. Bandista

    What Your Halloween Plans?

    For the first time in something like twenty years I am dressing up and going to a Halloween party. I'm a french waiter and have put together a fun costume which includes an ordering pad. I'm going to pretend to take orders then rip off the paper and hand it back to the person with something written on it. So far I have several pages of things like "Separation of Church & State" and "Three Orders Peace, One order Love," etc. Should be a fun party. There will be dancing, which is something I really enjoy so much now that I'm back in my body.
  8. Hi there, I love to cook, too. How about Chicken Marabella, yum! I do the basic French cooking method of sautéing the meat (we like chicken thighs a lot but this also works for any protein -- chicken, beef, fish, tofu) -- I use a little organic canola or other high high oil and get the pan HOT first then place meat in skillet. Let it go a bit to really brown then flip. I take the chicken (or whatever) out when it's done and use the pan to do up onions, garlic, whatever veggies and pick up all that flavor, add any herbs, etc., then put the meat back in and pour stock on top to cover. Let it simmer down and the chicken or beef or whatever you chose is so soft and delicious. As an alternative to stock, can use coconut milk to go in a Thai direction, or go curry, tomato sauce, etc. a million variations. Isn't it great to love to cook but not eat much? So fun!
  9. Bandista

    Day9 after band

    Hi there and congratulations on your surgery! I love my band and have been very happy with my weight loss. This is an exciting time. Way to go paying attention to your appetite and listening to your body as you heal up and get used to a new way of mindful eating. Best wishes -- keep us posted!
  10. Bandista

    How are you doing with exercise?

    Thanks for this thread. I am currently shifting from outdoor walking alsong a beautiful lake every day to workouts on the basement. Live in New England -- snowed last night in North Country, eeek. No! So, wrapping my head around the treadmill, bike and Bowfkex. I do need the Bowfkex work -- big plans for my arms this winter. And whoever mentioned Zumba DVDs, thank you. I love to dance, tried a class and was a bit overwhelmed but maybe at home on my living room? Let's all have a great workout winter.
  11. Bandista


    @@jturner1010 hope you're feelimg better -- if not, call your doctor's office so they can ask the right questions. We are just strangers on the Internet, not medical professionals. You are doing so well -- way to go!
  12. Bandista

    When the band works TOO well...

    @@ntif8 the links below in my signature helped me understand about the band -- it is not about preventing food from going down, it's about signaling the brain for satiety. For me, soups and shakes are just sliders and don't trigger that. Talk to your doctor about the red zone. I have test for myself -- I always need to be able to eat salmon and broccoli. Small bites, of course, slowly and chewed well. If I can't do that then I know something is wrong and I'm too tight.
  13. Bandista

    I just want to show off... ????

    Yes! So happy for you...... Yes! So happy for you...... Yes! So happy for you......
  14. What fun pictures! You are doing beautifully and clearly having a lot of fun. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You'll be able to do all the dancing and Kung Fu without pain, yippee!
  15. Bandista

    Feeling hopeless

    @@Nicole_NYC sorry you are having such a difficult time. Fast food is designed for addiction -- all those chemicals. How about an appointment with your doctor to make sure you're in the green zone. If your appetite is properly dimmed it will be easier to make good choices but you will have to do your part, too, by avoiding those kinds of places. Have you read Fast Food Nation? It may be a movie as well as a book. The chemical processes involved are pretty horrifying.
  16. Bandista

    Sudden pain

    Please call your doctor or go to the ER immediately!
  17. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Husband had minor surgery today -- sinuses, bone spur, etc. Hes great, recovering beautifully. I'm kind of a mess even though it's nothing. Keep flashing back to two years ago when he had third major surgery and three weeks plus in the hospital. I coped with bread and cheese then. Not anymore. Sharpie, hesitated to post because of your loss but then realized you are the one who will so get this! Sending best wishes your way.....hope you're okay.
  18. Bandista

    Day 5 of lap band

    @@pat1954 hi there and congratulations -- you are on your way. Nice to have the surgery in the rear view mirror.
  19. Bandista

    Banders #7

    All that dancing is paying off, Debbie -- you look great! We are planning to go to a Halloween Party, something I have not done in many, many years. Having so much fun dressing up in general these days. Boots, tights and skirts -- such a change-up from years of a self-imposed uniform of black tops and dark jeans. Not hiding out anymore.
  20. Bandista


    @@Nicole_NYC http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/162123-the-eight-golden-rules-lap-band-videos-by-dr-paul-obrien/ And if you google on Dr. Simpson lapband you'll find his site. The links are below my post in the signature....I'm on my iPad so harder for me to navigate....
  21. Bandista

    Banders #7

    @@Sharpie I am so sorry -- you must be in such a state of such sorrow, exhaustion and confusion. What a terrible time but of course a release for him. Please take good care of yourself. Think back over the wonderful memories you created together over the years. We are here for you, friend. Try to take the best possible care of yourself today and make choices that will help you get centered physically while you go through the emotional roller coaster of this time. Sending very best wishes your way!
  22. Bandista

    The Moment has arrived....

    Such good news -- sending lots of positive energy your way. Take good care of yourself as being a caregiver is so stressful. Can you get a massage, etc.? Sounds like crazy talk when there's so much, but don't forget about you! Very best wishes.....
  23. Bandista

    Surgery + one week

    Hi there, so happy for you! Whole new chapter has begun. Weight loss surgery was life-changing for me in unexpected ways. I feel so empowered -- getting the appetite monster off my back freed me up for so much else. Good for you with the walking and taking good care of yourself. Best wishes with all that is ahead!
  24. Bandista

    Banders #7

    The gift of a migraine......hope you're feeling better. Isn't it amazing being in sync with our bodies? I use muscle testing to help bypass brain chatter and let my body do the talking sometimes, like choosing whether to have something, etc. It's very beautiful here just now -- a fantastic autumn display. I've been working on the basement to have a nicer indoor space for working out. And lots of exercise now getting ready for winter -- putting the garden to bed, outdoor furniture away, big terra-cotta pots, harvesting apples, apples, apples. Love working outside but still have to walk as all that hard work doesn't seem to do it. This has never made sense to me, why maneuvering wheelbarrows etc. does not seem to translate to exercise and weight loss.
  25. I'm with Pink Dahlia on the pants -- that was and is my best indicator. And I think my loss was at that 1-2 pounds a week as well. I started at 252 and am fluctuating between 178-182 these days. Hope to lose another chunk but I'm very happy where I am now -- toned and strong. Walking has been great for me. I had to fake it at first but now I really do love exercise. Believe me, if that can happen to me it can happen to anyone! Good luck with all. It will all happen, no rush. It's a lifestyle, not a diet. Choose well, listen to your body, hydrate and exercise. My "rule" for myself is. It to eat when I'm not hungry but to be sure to eat when I am hungry. Never thought I'd make friends with my appetite but I have. The links below in my signature have helped me a lot -- the videos and Dr. simpson's site.

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