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    naenaern777 reacted to gowalking in OK, I give....   
    That's it...I give. I can't... I've been struggling to not gain back weight. For a few months now, I've been saying each and every morning, 'today I will make good choices'. And more often than not, I am eating more than I should. I presumed it was stress eating, head hunger, happy new relationship overeating, blah blah blah.
    Turns out, I'm just plain hungry. Went to see my doctor and told her of my struggles. I've gained ten pounds over the last six months. Some of my clothes are getting tight. I refuse to buy anything that's going to accommodate weight gain. My doctor explained that the fat cells aren't gone..they're just dormant. And now, they are waking up again and my body is begging to gain weight back again. She swears it's biological and not emotional. I feel like I'm failing and she tells me that failing is not doing anything about this new found hunger, and not requesting a fill.
    So...Friday will get my first fill after nearly three years banded. I'm both troubled and relieved. This reminds me of when I recently had surgery and went off my anti-inflammatory meds. Was in so much discomfort that I couldn't even walk standing straight. All my joints hurt. I couldn't believe how much the meds were keeping me pain free. The band needing Fluid is sort of the same thing I guess. I'm not 'cured' from overeating and obesity. The band manages my hunger enough for me to make good choices. Without it, I'm back to square one. I have to think the same about the band as I do about the meds I take. Prevention in order to not suffer from my arthritis, or my obesity. It really is a disease...and not a vice.
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    naenaern777 reacted to Miss Meg in So excited I could burst...   
    I just wanted to do a quick check in with my very exciting news that this weeks weight loss takes me exactly to my half-way point.
    30kg down, 30kg to go!!!!
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    naenaern777 reacted to Bandista in Friday can't come fast enough   
    It's like a weopon in the fight against the Appetite Monster. I could not do this bare-handed. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!
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    naenaern777 reacted to Julie norton in Friday can't come fast enough   
    Thanks for this thread.
    I'm going along swimmingly for years and years... Thinking I got this nailed!
    Empty the band for 8 months and good habits stayed good for months
    And then just the freedom to have a huge salad... Cobb....With dressing of course ....several I might mention
    And many good food items I haven't been able to enjoy.... For years...And you all know the outcome.
    8 lbs up when I went for a fill .... Not enough of one...
    The burrito went down nicely...
    I called for another fill right away
    I do have faith that I know the right path. I just need my helper !!!!!
    Back to my regimen.
    I hope I "got" this
    My exercise has been spot on, but I believe the pounds are in the kitchen!
    I truly need my lapband
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    naenaern777 reacted to Sharpie in Friday can't come fast enough   
    Liz so happy you posted this. Everyone who hasn't had the struggle with obesity seems to think it's all mind over matter. I know that without my band I would still eat too much and would be back to my former overweight obese self in no time. The fill itself will not cure the mental problems but it gives you control and a good deal of self confidence. I went to my surgeon on Monday, thought I might need a small fill but he decided to wait a little bit because my emotions are not good since losing my husband last month. My surgeon is a very wise man and a compassionate man, I won the lottery when I found him. I am getting back on my eating plan so I won't slip back into my former bad habits. You have been successful but seem to realize the pitfalls of thinking you can do it alone. Best of luck, the fill process by the way is nothing to worry about. Take Care
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    naenaern777 reacted to gowalking in Friday can't come fast enough   
    Getting my first fill on Friday after nearly three years banded. It can't come soon enough. I seem to be able to make good choices one day and then the next, I'm not. I went back for a handful of pretzels three...no...four times last night. I couldn't stop myself. So for punishment, I got on the scale this morning and saw that I was above 125. I swore I'd never put the weight back on but it's now more than 12 pounds from my lowest.
    I'm learning such a good lesson over this struggle to keep the weight off. I will always have the disease of obesity. I may have it under control at times, but I'll never be free of it. If my band isn't working, I'm going to put the weight back on. Simple as that.
    I've seen plenty of people post about running into trouble at some point but stupidly felt that I would somehow be immune as my head is/was so in the game. It's hard to admit I'm not Superwoman and I struggle like everyone else when my tool is not working the way it should. If I ever find myself having to remove the band, I won't hesitate to revise the surgery to another procedure.
    I won't fool myself into thinking I'm doing this on my own because I'm not. I told my sister on Sunday that I am gaining weight back because I need a fill. She is obese and I'm hoping she comes to the realization that WLS might help her as well. She has maintained that my success is about what's in my head, and not around my stomach and that I lost all that weight because I was in the right frame of mind. I'm hoping this shows her that it's not my will power alone that helped me but a combination of making good choices, along with a tool to tamp down the hunger so I could make those good choices.
    So...today is a new day and again I make the pledge to make the right choices. Here's hoping I can stick to it.
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    naenaern777 reacted to TheProfessor in Why hello there, ONE-derland!   
    Well guess who stepped on the scale this morning to 198.4 pounds? Me, fellow WLS friends! I am officially in "ONE-DERLAND!" Huzzah!!!!!!!
    I started 8 months ago at 259 lbs. One lap-band and whole lotta good exercise and careful eating later, and I am finally below 200 lbs for the first time in 15 years.
    I am fighting back tears at this very moment!
    Had to share this success. This is a big one for me. I reached a goal of getting in the 100's before students came back to the College. I'm not much of a goal-setter, but I'm here!
    Woo Woo!
    If I can do this, (I am the QUEEN of lack of willpower) ANYONE can do this!!!!
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    naenaern777 reacted to enjoythetime in My First 5-Day Pouch Test Starts Today. Anyone else tried this? What were your results?   
    I've been banded for nearly 2 1/2 years and I'm thrilled to say I'm maintaining my weight loss, I do so with a 5-7lbs flex on the scale but I've learned not to freak out about it like I used to, but after 3 weekends in a row of birthday celebrations I just feel like crap. I notice I'm craving things I normally don't and when I walk away from the cravings instead of feeling victorious I feel miserable because I have that feeling of deprivation so I decided today was the day to tune and detox my body so I can fight the rearing head of the carb monster!
    It's amazing how making the right and wrong food choices totally effects every aspect of your life!
    So thankful I have this little tool to help guide me through moments like this! A few days of bringing myself back to basics is just what I need!!!! Reeling myself back in so to speak:-)
    Has anyone else tried this? Did you notice the carb cravings diminish?
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    naenaern777 reacted to lisacaron in Banders #7   
    Greetings my fellow bandsters! It's Monday...oh what a fun day!! Liz how did the fill go?
    This weekend I decided I needed a change, and though I would shake things up some. So I went to the salon and had my hair dyed red. It's not the first time...but it's been a while since I've had it red. This color...though is a new "trendy" color RED. It is very bright and vibrant. Needless to say it threw my hubs for a loop...and yes the first day it was reminding me a bit of a crayola crayon....but I'm growing to really love it.
    I didn't get my nose pierced although I keep threatening to do so...you never know...it could happen I like the way it looks....but not so sure how I would like it on myself. Hubs tells me it's not "professional"...but OK what is that today anyway....? Do you think the old standards, of buttoned up no tattoos and no visible piercing besides ears for ladies is still the "norm" in professionalism? What do you think....?

    Looks like hubs got over it.....

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    naenaern777 reacted to JustWatchMe in Starting out at 198 (kinda)   
    Starting out at 198 (kinda)
    Hi folks. I don't have as much to lose as somebody who is, let's say, 302 pounds. I weigh 198 and have been at this weight for quite a while. I go to the gym once a week (it used to be more) and I eat an average of probably 1900 calories a day. My diet is currently free of most processed sugars and all soda, focusing on high Protein, low carb, and frequent salads with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I do have several cocktails each weekend. I have the band and want to get to my goal weight of 145.
    Hi folks. That person above is me - today. I was actually banded 16 months ago. I started out at 302. I lost weight like crazy and dropped 100 pounds in 7 months. I got moving on a treadmill one day post op. I was super compliant with post op eating and dropped 50 pounds before my first fill. WLS saved my life. I got to my green zone. Fill level is optimal. Then I stopped losing.
    What changed? A lot, now that I think about it. Here is some of it.
    Some of you know that I filed for divorce four months post-op and left an emotionally and financially abusive husband. Moved out of my home. Took my college age daughters with me. Long story, but smartest thing I ever did. I got WLS precisely so that I would have the courage to leave. It worked.
    We moved in with my mom. Nuff said.
    I've been in this state for a year now. One year. NSETBEx (not-soon-enough-to-be-ex) is blocking every step of the divorce and financially cleaning me out. Won't pay bills, college, etc, without court intervention, and continues to emotionally abuse my kids from afar. Nuff said about him. He doesn't deserve another paragraph.
    Me. What's changed with me? I became more social. For all of my adult obese life I was hiding in my house with my food. Now I go out with my bestie on weekends and listen to bands and go to summer festivals and make new friends. I've joined Codependents Anonymous and go to two meetings a week there. I go to therapy every two weeks -- she started out as a divorce coach but we switched to regular therapy. I go to Overeaters Anonymous about once a week. I joined a gym a couple of months ago and just ended 12 sessions with a personal trainer.
    The divorce is stressful as hell. It is killing me to think I will still be married at the end of 2015. We haven't even started negotiating the house and assets yet.
    My kids are home for the summer and busy busy busy. One is working a good intern job and one is taking four college classes since she changed her major and needs to stay on time for graduation. We three share my car in the evenings. Nuff said.
    I can't buy a house until the divorce is final because except for my decent salary, I am now flat broke. He's draining me dry, and all joint assets are tied up in the divorce.
    I'm in "waiting" hell.
    Where does that leave my weight loss?
    I have been down on myself for not losing weight these last 7 months. Then today I had an epiphany.
    We all start out every day from exactly where we are. Not where we were. Not where we think we should be. Where we ARE.
    So where am I today?
    Today I am a 198 pound 5'5" 54 year old woman who goes to the gym once a week and walks a 5k on the treadmill and works out on some strength machines. I eat high protein and low carb. I don't eat between meals. I don't eat foods with sugar. I drink alcohol on weekends which messes up my sugar and calories. I eat buttered popcorn in large quantities at the movies at least once a week which blows my calories to hell. I eat too many fried foods.
    What would happen if I stopped treating myself as a failure who hasn't gotten to goal after 16 months, and treated myself instead as starting out at 198 with a LapBand to help me?
    The circumstances of my life today are in some ways very different and in some ways very much the same as they were a year ago when I left NSETBEx. Same: stressful with constant divorce crap. Different: just about everything else.
    Hi folks. I'm starting out at 198 and have a little over 50 pounds to lose. I have a LapBand and I'm looking for encouragement and support to improve my eating and exercise more. Can anyone relate?
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    naenaern777 reacted to Bandista in Second Anniversary Banded   
    Hi there,
    I guess it's true that Time flies when you're having fun; I've been having a lot of that. Honestly, I cannot believe that two years ago today I was waking up from surgery and beginning a new chapter in my life. I had no idea then of the many ways my life would be reshaped aside from the shape of my body.
    I'm forever grateful the band was available to me as it has been the perfect choice for my situation. We are all different. I was 52 at the time and had never been an overnight patient in a hospital before. I can barely tolerate going to the dentist. Getting a band was a big decision but I was fortunate somehow to just know that that's what I wanted to do. Thank goodnes there are so many different surgery choices available to us; we live in marvellous times.
    Two years ago I was 250+ and now I'm in the seventies. I'm a little tall and like my curves (oh my goodness, do I LOVE having a waist!) so I don't want to get too thin. But a word about collarbones: YIPPEE! And hips. Wrists. You know how it is -- I'm celebrating this new body every day. I was wearing size twenty pants and am now in tens. No more Plus Size anything. I would not have predicted that I have a thing for clothes, but oh yes, I sure do. It's so much fun to be able to just try something on without all of that angst.
    I have been an exerciser for many years (arthritis - have to move) but in the last two years I have ratcheted up to being more of an athlete. I feel ridiculous even typing that out as it's such a foreign concept. I used to work out for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week; well, it turns out I am some one who needs more like 75-90 minutes 5-6 times a week. There's the faking it until making it thing and that's what I did. I pretended that I liked it, that I was one of "those" people until I actually have become something resembling one of those lucky people who truly look forward to exercising. Like I said, resembling. I'm not quite there but I raise my hands up in that crossing the finish line pose and I go do what I need to do and I feel like a million bucks afterward.
    food. I am happy to report that I still like food. I can taste almost anything and be quite satisfied. That is a miracle. I love to cook and one of my weird non-scale victories (NSVs) is being able to tie my apron double around my waist. I love that. All those years in all those kitchens with my big fat Winnie-the-Pooh belly in an ill-fitting apron or Chef's jacket. No more. Silly, but that just feels so good. I was very restrictive in my former life so I am careful to not be on a diet. I make good choices, which I can do because my appetite is dimmed and I know what good choices are. But I also let myself have a little bit of whatever I want, whether that's a square of chocolate or cheese (behold, the power of cheese). This is why I still have a little weight to lose but I'm okay with that. I do drink alcohol and we have a lot of dinner parties, go to restaurants, etc. Practically no one knows I am banded; I'm extremely private about that. What people do see, however, is how much I'm exercising and how good I feel. It was important for me to go a bit slowly because I wanted the weight loss to be incremental and I didn't want to have saggy skin.
    Well, that's about it. I am tremendously grateful to all of my Lapband Talk friends and now Bariatric Pal. You know who you are -- the encourageers. Virtual friends. This has been my first experience on a forum and it's been great. Best wishes to all of you wherever you are in the process. For new people, a few words: don't get too hung up on what kind of surgery you had; we have much more in common than not. Don't try to give or take advice from strangers on the internet. Have a good working relationship with your doctor and show up for all your appointments. Show up for yourself! I really had to put myself first to get the surgery and choose my own well-being over taking care of other people's needs first. I don't do that any more and, guess what, every one else benefits from that. Here's to our health!
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    naenaern777 reacted to livvsmum in 22 Months Post Op - 155 Pounds Lost - Before & After Pics :-)   
    So after 22 months, losing 155 pounds, reaching my "dream goal" weight of 125 pounds and healing from my Tummy Tuck and panniculectomy, I took some before/after pics that I feel really embody the new me. It's been such an amazing journey, and I can honestly say that the change has been from the inside out, thanks to some hard emotional work with my therapist, dealing with the "eating issues" that really were not about food at all.
    This journey has been absolutely amazing, and while the recovery from the TT was WAY harder than I expected, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I Think my journey is complete now for the most part. I am waiting on insurance approval for an arm lift, and I was told I would hear by the end of June, so that is the only other thing that could possible make me feel any better physically.
    And now that my TT is mostly healed (though i'll be sore for several more months) I'm back to running now, which emotionally makes me feel so much more grounded. It is my meditation.
    Anyway....I just thought I would post this here for anyone coming on the "success stories" board to see if the surgery is right for them or could help them. I can tell you that for me, it has provided me the opportunity to make some changes I wasn't able to make before and I'm way happy with the results!
    So here are my almost 2-year post op (post TT) before and after pics.

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    naenaern777 reacted to jess9395 in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Wanted to share my most recent pics. My surgeons office wanted to do an article and a new flyer for their new patient info and they asked me to do a photo shoot and tell my story! So I got some great pix!
    SW 271 CW 135
    Body fat 67% current 18%
    Size 20/22 to 2/4

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    naenaern777 reacted to angelamarie374 in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    hey everyone! i had my surgery september 22, 2014. my starting weight was 322. i've lost 130 pounds since i last weighed myself, which i think was a couple weeks ago. the last time i was under 200 pounds was about 6 years ago. i now weigh in at 188!!! i cant believe im in onederland!! i feel great!

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    naenaern777 reacted to livvsmum in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    Here are a couple of mine as I'm coming up on my 2 year surgiversary this week. My highest weight in these pictures was 278.4 and my "after picture" weight here is 128. It's been an amazing 2 years and I'm happy to say that I have reached maintenance now. :-) I have lots more pictures and info on my journey in my blog (linked in my signature) if you are interested.

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    naenaern777 reacted to back2barb78 in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    Now almost 2 years post and 2 months post lower body lift its time to update on this page again!!
    I'll have to put some old ones up too

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    naenaern777 reacted to KindaFamiliar in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    I posted this pic in another thread but I thought I'd add it here too...
    It's a progress pic and just a head shot...
    The first is taken in December, which was just about my heaviest...
    I was then sleeved at the end of Feb
    The second pic was taken last week, six months post-op..
    65kg (143lbs) lighter and just over halfway to 'goal'...

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    naenaern777 reacted to trulyamazingtoo in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    Went under on Feb 19th

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    naenaern777 reacted to bellabloom in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    I started at 240 and now weigh 123. I'm 5'6 and 34 years old.

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    naenaern777 reacted to livvsmum in 2 Year Surgiversary Pics   
    Sorry for the cross-posting. I put this in the general forum then thought, wait a minute! This is a success story...lol. So here I am too.
    Today marks 2 years since my surgery. I never, ever would have thought I would be in the 120s when I started this journey. It has- and I have- surpassed my wildest expectations.
    I remember vividly the exact day I decided I had to do whatever it took to lose weight & be healthy. I was at Hershey Park with my then-6th grader daughter on a class field trip. I love parks, and since I didn't have the littles, I was excited to ride the roller coasters with my daughter. So we came to the first one, I squeeeeezed myself into the seat & to get the lap bar down the attendant had to step on it to push it past my huge stomach. I was mortified and my daughter felt terrible for me. I was nearly in tears; in my minds eye, I was no where near that big. I didn't ride another ride the rest of the day & swore at that point I would not let my weight hold me back from experiencing life with my family one more day. It HAD TO change.
    Don't you worry. Since then I've OWNED that park!! In fact, the next time I went back was not only to ride every freaking roller coaster in that park, but also to run a 1/2 marathon through the park just over a year later. Take THAT!!! Lol.
    Anyway, these 2 years have been amazing. I've learned that my body is capable of so much more than I gave it credit for. I've learned I absolute can accomplish even the most seemingly unreachable goals. I've learned that I could not achieve long-term success without overcoming my eating disorder. I've learned that I deserve good things.
    So, it's definitely NOT about the numbers, but I feel like I would be leaving out something someone following this might really want to know if I didn't include them so.... I started my journey at 278.4 pounds & 2 years later I am at 128 pounds. That's a loss of 150 pounds :-). What an amazing journey it's been!!! I even rocked my first bikini ever this year! Ha!
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    naenaern777 reacted to Leepers in It's Been A While   
    Hi everyone! It's been quite a long time since I've posted in this forum. I see some old familiar faces still posting and commenting.
    Just to catch up, I was banded December of 2013. Highest weight 295. I reached my goal of 165 in February of 2015. I've been mostly maintaining since then. I've gained about 5 pounds recently and it's something I need to work on. Lifetime success is not letting it get out of control, right?
    Since my band, I discovered a love of fitness and running. I ran a half marathon last April on the day before my 42nd birthday. This August,I completed a Sprint Triathlon!
    Just want to say, I love my band and I am loving having my life back.
    I hope everyone is doing well.
    To all the newbies, find a plan and STICK WITH IT! The band is only a tool, you must make some changes.

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    naenaern777 reacted to gowalking in Banders #7   
    Hello and good morning my friends. Welcome to Banders #7. So, I guess I'll start it off by saying how grateful I am today and every day for the new lease on life that I have. I walked to the office today from the train station. That was something I couldn't do before the surgery. I always say how light I feel and I realized it's not a state of mind, but a physical reality. We are weighed down by the excess weight and all that goes with it. When we don't rumble and jumble as we walk, our steps are lighter. I was listening to my ipod and started to dance a little as I was walking. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but who cares? When one is thin, even looking ridiculous seems OK.
    I am grateful for my for my beautiful grandson who I was able to tuck into my lap last Saturday morning so we could play while Mommy and Daddy got to sleep in a bit. I'm grateful that I fit anywhere and everywhere. No more worrying if I will break a chair, or be able to navigate a booth at the restaurant, or walk down a narrow aisle without having to suck it all in just to get past someone/something.
    I'm grateful for my health. I take alot of pills, but many of them are supplements and not prescription for chronic ailments. I'm grateful that I can walk again...that I can swim, bike, climb, and yes....enjoy sex. I am surprised at how flexible I can be now that I'm thin.
    I'm grateful that I earn enough money that I can indulge my new found love of shopping. I really think I'm one of the best dressed ladies in the office these days...and I know I've upped the game for others. I am definitely seeing more dresses than I did a year ago.
    I'm grateful to Alex for having this site available...and I'm grateful to all the folks on it who are part of my success. I know I would not have been as successful as I have been if not for all of you. I talk about things here that I don't talk to anyone else about. You all know the struggles of being fat, and immobile, and feeling like a failure regardless of what we've accomplished..and I know now how much we 'hidden' people have accomplished. It's helping me to not turn that self hatred towards others still struggling with obesity. It also reminds me that I will always struggle with obesity. Under this thin person still lurks the fat girl. She is the one who whispers in my ear all the time that I'm not worthy of the good things out there and I should just order a pizza and eat the whole thing. She and I clash daily and it's why I still go every Tuesday to the therapist who listens and helps me to navigate this new world I inhabit.
    Well...I think I've posted enough for today. Feel free to comment on the above, or share your stories, or say hi, or just lurk. Enjoy your day today...enjoy the upcoming holiday, and looking forward to a wonderfully robust Banders #7 thread.
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    naenaern777 reacted to Debbie3sons in Banders #7   
    I'm glad that Gowalking (Liz ) started Banders #7 & for so much more as you all know sometimes I will post & Sometimes I don't but I always have to see what's going on just to make sure & hit like if it's something I may relate to , I am so glad just to be able to move & Love that my oldest said I was skinny but I am not skinny by far like I said I will never be skinny maybe a bit smaller in size than I was 3 years ago , but at least my health is better than it was before , I can't believe how much damage I was doing to my body & health before banding , sometimes I think it's catching up to me , then I realize it's just a minor set back but I am a happy person & VERY HAPPY I GOT BANDED
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    naenaern777 reacted to Julie norton in Banders #7   
    I am grateful for a truly healthy life that has gone on for years.????
    I'm thankful for this board of fun cyber friends that seem to know what to say when life seems hard.
    I'm happy to be 60 with no weight issues( except between my ears)
    And feel settled into the next chapter of my life. (Learning to live alone after a long marriage and widowhood has its challenges)
    Onward I go. I'm looking forward to Hawaii soon. Dreamy place for me!
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    naenaern777 reacted to JustWatchMe in Banders #7   
    So glad to be part of this group. Two thirds to goal and sitting here for quite awhile, but I know it can be done by reading posts from all of you. Thanks for being here.