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  1. So i started my journey in April and flew right threw everything and met my surgeon on May 30 and she said i can get the gastric bypass not the sleeve which i had wanted after that i chickened out and decided against it till about 3 weeks ago. so i called my doc and told her i wanted it again i have a endoscopy on Wednesday and then she will tell me from there if i am okay for surgery on Oct 9... the problem is i have no insurance and was gonna get medicaid and in my state you have to be incapacitated for 30 days minunm to qualify if your married etc and you only get for the days your incapacitated so they call today and tell me they are denying me cause i need to apply for insurance 10 days before my surgery WHAT 10 days before that means apply meet with someone then they have to tell me i need to meet a spend down then they will open then it needs to be prior authorized all in 10 days i think not what the hell i am so frustrated right now

  2. I started this the 1st week of april and got to fly through it all i am done with all my appt and classes now i get to meet the surgeon in 6 days Monday to be exact only down fall is if she gives the go ahead i am at a stall cause i need to come up with $1,500 and didnt know this till 2 weeks ago big bummer but keeping my fingers crossed

  3. Neverheard of this till now luckily i dont want to live long enough to be ina nursing home etc i work in one and its just sad ill be happy if i make it to 65-70 my question is though what about those of us that are destined to die young 30's or 40's does that mean we will die now just kinda confusing i mean i know if there is complications but jeez.

    Hope you feel better soon

  4. Nope your right I haven't been there yet but let's see I know someone who died from it, my friend just had it on May 6 and has been in and out of the hospital since from either bleeding,dehydration or something, I have a aunt who gained all her weight back and I have a friend who is a year out and is doing great. So I have not yet went through it myself but its all around me. On another note I did have a hysterectomy in April and lived and I know someone that just died of complications from that. all surgeries have complications but this one is elective electricians is why we have classes etc to make sure your okay with all the risks.

  5. I have not had the surgery yet but my thought is that going into this surgery we are all told the complications,risks,death etc so why are some people shocked if it happens to them or their friends. I am petrified that something could go wrong and I have 4 kids under 9 at home but going into this I know what could happen and will not be shocked if it does happen that is the point of all the classes isn't it

  6. bariatric surgery is not covered after talking to a few people they said it was now since yesterday they are saying it is not i am so frusterated i was supposed to meet with the surgeon next month i finish all my pre req on the 29th i feel so sad and discouraged my credit is not great so i dont think i coul get coverage i either need 5,700 up front or 1700 if i can get the the hospital free care but either way i have no money aside grrrr so frusterated

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