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  1. stept04

    Psin in shoulder

    Have you tried a heating pad to get some relief? It works real well. ~~~Stephanie
  2. I was able to get life insurance through USAA even with my weight although it was a bit high ( I have other conditions as well). They said if I lost weight due to the lap-band then it could lower my premium. ~~~Stephanie
  3. stept04

    Back pain

    I get some back pain when I get stuck. It is in the center of my back. Kind of a sharp pain. ~~~Stephanie
  4. stept04

    C-pap machine

    They told me to bring my c-pap machine for after surgery, but they did not end up using it.LOL But to answer your question it is suppose to help. I'd take it just in case. They told me if I did not use mine they would have to charge me to use one of theirs. I don't know. But I took it. ~~~Stephanie
  5. stept04

    need breakfast ideas

    I love to eat yogurt with granola in it for breakfast. I also sometimes have some mixed fruit with some string cheese. Or oatmeal with an egg and cheese on the side. ~~~Stephanie
  6. stept04

    Tech question

    Thanks but those are post and topics I was trying to find the status updates. I did not see anything for that under content. ~~~Stephanie
  7. I go to Bariatric Solutions and I believe they do fills without insurance and I know they have an office in Dallas. I go to the office in Decatur. They have a bus that goes around and does fill all over the metroplex. They use fluoroscope with there fills. Which I like. They are really nice and good too. Good luck True Results may do it as well ~~~Stephanie
  8. How to you follow all the status updates? I know how to follow it except for when Alex does the birthday wishes. Say I put a new status update on and then Alex comes in and does the birthday wishes and then someone comments on my status how do I find my status to check on the comment, without having to go through all the birthday wishes. Is it possible to do? ~~~Stephanie
  9. stept04

    Feeling discouraged

    It took me till my 3rd fill to feel any restriction I have 7.8 cc's in a 10 cc band. I had very slow weight loss until my 3rd fill. I have lost five pounds this week since having my fill. I have to admit I also added some extra exercise but not a lot. I can feel the restriction and I am eating less now without being hungry. So I know the band is doing it's job now. It will happen for you too just hang in there. ~~~Stephanie
  10. stept04

    Lying About LapBand

    I did not have a problem with telling people I knew that I was having WLS, but I was unprepared for what would happen next. After telling everyone I knew I was not prepared for the fallout, which was everyone's expectations after the surgery. Every time I saw someone they looked me up and down and were constantly assessing my weight loss by some standard they had and when I did not meet it you could see it on there face. Then I ended up feeling like I needed to explain the difference between by-pass the sleeve and lap-band. I ended up having to go into a long spill about how lap-band works with the fills and all. Exhasting. Plus people would always say stuff about me having surgery in front of complete strangers that happened to be around. I got all kinds of different looks. If I could do it over I would not say anything unless someone asked. ~~~Stephanie
  11. stept04


    Here is two for you to try. I believe you can get samples on the website. One is Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement shake the second is Syntrax nectar the fuzzy navel is good but they have a lot of them that are not milk based, The website is BariatricAdvantage.com. Good luck ~~~Stephanie
  12. stept04

    Am I too tight or just swollen?

    I got my fill and I was getting stuck pretty easy but within a week the swelling went down and I loosened up, So I was just swollen for the first week..If it has been over a week I would think it was an accident or your too tight if it keeps happening. chicken has done me in a few times it can be tricky. ~~~Stephanie
  13. stept04

    Starting my journey

    They may have just forgotten to list it. So I'd call like the above mentioned. ~~~Stephanie
  14. stept04

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday and blessing you with many more( Birthdays and pounds LOL). ~~~Stephanie
  15. stept04

    24 and getting banded!!

    You go girl. I was 47 when I got banded I wish I could have my life back but I'll have to settle for half my life back. So if you have this opportunity now at your age, what a great gift to be able to give yourself, A lot of us did not have this opportunity at your age, You'll be giving your family a great gift too. I was unable to do things with my family because of the weight and I can never get that back, I hated being embarrassed to be out in public I spent my life in the house hardly ever going anywhere I even missed my daughters graduation which I'll never be able to get over the shame of. I also lost my best friend because I was unable to go to her husbands retirement. She never forgave me. So take this chance and run with it, literally LOL, and never be embarrassed again. Good luck ~~~Stephanie.

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