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  1. Hi Camella, I am six months out and have been experiencing a lot of the same things. I think we have an internal battle that fights all the change. At first it's very exciting and new, then reality sinks in. You still have problems in your life, you still have issues you have to deal with. Anxiety is still there. Family and work still pulls on you, so on and so on. I am realizing though that I am developing better skills at dealing with life. I can't say I'm perfect yet, but I am getting better. To me that's a major positive. I will keep treading forward until I get it right. You hang in there, it will get better if you keep the faith and keep trying. Do whatever you have to in order to stay motivated. Cindy
  2. Cindy Martin

    May sleevers results so far!

    Lawrence-Thank you so much for posting. I't so strange how close I am to the way you think. Like you, I realize you have to find your own way of being healthy, both physically and emotionally. I will never diet again. I actually hate that word. This journey for me is to be positive and healthy as I can be without the self-hate mentality. Best of luck to you.
  3. Very inspirational. You are an example of what the sleeve can do. Great job.
  4. This is not a fun problem to have, but I am so glad I'm not alone. Thank you guys.
  5. I have lost 66% of my fat over goal, which is 180. I'm pretty happy with that. I have not lost in almost 2 months, but am very encouraged I will eventually lose the rest. I do walk every day and have now added dance music to my routines.
  6. I agree that everyone is different; you have to decide what is best for your body. Nut's and physicians have such a varied opinion of what we should eat it is so confusing. I believe everyone needs to find out what works for them and stick to it. I've read and heard NUT say you have to have carbs, and then I hear and read what keglenne said about carbs are cocaine, which I agree with completely on that one. I just know I can't live with them and lose weight. BTW: I have been in a stall for 7 weeks since I added carbs back in my life. That's proof enough for me. Anyhow, I will see in couple weeks how much I lose.
  7. When I eat more than about 20-25 carbs a day I crave food for hours. To be completely honest it is like a drug effect on me. I realize we have "head-hunger", I'm not disputing that. However, I know the difference. For the past month I have been experimenting trying to figure out if it's carb sensitivity or head hunger. The end results showed me when I do very low carb for 3-4 days I don't think about food all day. I can see chips, donuts, candy, and any kind of goodie and pass it up without difficulty. Now, when I start eating more carbs, like a half banana in my shake in the morning. I do fine the first hour, then start craving. I will have a whole wheat slice of bread at lunch, ok little more cravings. dinner, I will have a SF pudding, or 1/4 baked potato. OMG! out of control again. During low carb days I lose excess Water, and inches. I feel great. Higher carb days, like today, feel like crap. All I can think about is more food. I ate carbs all day and just felt out of control. This was a controlled experiment, so I could really tell the difference, even though it was amateur, it showed me how my body reacts. Tomorrow morning is a new day, low carb lifestyle day.
  8. I love my sleeve, (Peanut). He treats me awesome. A great helper is he. Carbs on the other hand, are my worst enemy, at least anything except green veggie carbs. I love the fact I have lost 95#s. I'm ecstatic my health has improved to the point I feel 10 years younger, and I'm not exaggerating. I started incorporating carbs back into my life about 2 months ago, as recommended by my physician. Healthy carbs of course, but still carbs. I have struggled ever since. I don't know why my body reacts to carbohydrates the way they do, but the impact is horrific. I am definitely not one of those lucky people who can eat what they want and walk away. I won't bore you with all the details of the last 2 months, but I will tell you I have had to come to grips with the fact I need to say goodbye forever, to carbs. I will continue to eat strawberries, no more than 3 at a time. All the green veggies I want, and that's it. I know this will put my weight loss back on track, just really sad it has to be this way in my life. I honestly felt once my diabetes went into remission my body would not crave them as much. WRONG!!! I would love to hear how carbs effect others on here. Please chime in. I want to start a group called "Living without carbs, Whaahahah!" lol Think anyone would join me?
  9. Cindy Martin

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    HW: 324 SW: 285 CW: 229 Total loss 95 lbs, since surgery ttl loss 56 lbs. I have been in a stall for 3 1/2 weeks. This is my first stall though. Has been discouraging, but I know it's a necessary evil. grrrrrrr
  10. Cindy Martin

    High A1c

    9.0.....now 5.3
  11. Cindy Martin

    Okay, post surgery peeps....

    Beef Jerky has saved me many a times.
  12. Cindy Martin

    Okay, post surgery peeps....

    Beef Jerky has saved me many a times.
  13. Cindy Martin

    May sleevers results so far!

    HW 324 SW 285 5.08.13 CW 229 TODAY AFTER FIRST 3 WEEK STALL
  14. Cindy Martin

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    HW 324 SW 285 CW 230====SLEEVED 5.8.13
  15. Cindy Martin


    I get the Gladiator with black cherry because it's lower sugar and carbs. The guy at Smoothie King told me the strawberry is a concentrate and it has added sugar so I did not opt for that.

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