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  1. The 'right way' for me. Clearly, I thought the band was the 'right way', but it wasn't... for me. Please don't be quick to get offended over words, I'm not that type of person. Thanks.
  2. Yeah true.. to be honesy, the surgeon told me my body just plain rejected the hardware and that I'm that 1-5% of people whose body just doesn't take wel to the band. I've always said, I'm one in a million.. and not in a good way! lol nahh, but it's time to buckle down and do this the right way!
  3. Today I am having my band removed. I won't get into too much detail but will be posting about all this later. You can follow my story and hear about all the events leading up to this on my website at: www.TheRealAugustina.com. Please pray all goes well. I'll be in touch. Much love!
  4. Augustina

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Girllll... That's been my biggest challenge is drinking too little and eating too little protein. I'm just too full most of the time. I try to keep the cap off my water bottle so I constantly remind myself to sip all day long. You'll get there tho.
  5. That was the day the journey and new life truly began! As of 2/13/13, I'm down 30lbs... this has definitely been a bumpy and windey road for me... but I'm trying to remain strong! Anyone else a band twin with me??
  6. Augustina

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    I gained a pound too... it's Water weight! You can fluctuate around 5lbs, don't worry. Are you weighing yourself everyday? I know it's tempting, but can be destructive, at least that's what I've found. I can guarantee you're not consuming enough to gain 1.5 lbs... Keep at it girl, you go this!
  7. Augustina

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Hello errrbody! Finallly, I'm postin on this thread. I was banded on 1/14/13 in Worcester, MA, at St. Vincent's Medical Center by Dr. Michael Potter (TMI?) hahaha and tomorrow marks 1 full month post op. So far I am down 30lbs! I've had lots of struggles thus far and am not recooping like a lot of you folks (lucky duckies!), but I'm trying to remain strong! Congrats to all of you on your new journey! Friend me so we can chitty chat! Much <3
  8. I've had a rough recovery, so am not yet at the gym... but my surgery was on 1/14/13. Almost a month later, and down 30lbs. Congratz to all of you! Keep goin' strongggg! :-D
  9. Turns out my doc has ordered an Upper GI for me... but that won't be done until a week from now on 2/20 and I don't meet with him until a week after the fact on 2/27. I don't think they see this as being serious.... do I have a choice but to go to the ER? I'm not entirely sure... I just know that I burp a lot, haven't been able to consume too much Water and have been nauseous most of the day... wondering if I'm not dehydrated. And now i feel like I have a frog in my throat. The doc wants me off my multi-vit and to start taking my prilosec again... thinks it might be acid reflux, but I don't feel any relief. I think I'm going to stop off at Urgent Care tomorrow, not sure they'll be able to help me... perhaps a trip to the ER is best? I just don't want to over-react. Thoughts??
  10. You all are the best! I don't believe it's pregnancy since I've had normal cycles the past 2 months.. but then again there's those shows like 'I never knew I was pregnant', so I suppose you can never be too safe. I do think it might be the tylenol. I just called my doc to have then prescribe me something, but they know the situation at hand. And I'll meet with him on Wednesday, so I'll see how tomorrow morning goes with the nausea and no taking of tylenol. I'm praying the band didn't slip or that there's no infection or no flu or anything crazy. Thank you all for your support and suggestions! Much love!
  11. Hi all, This site has been nothing but a blessing to me, so thank you all for reading and commenting! I have another mtg w/ my surgeon on Wednesday (in 2 days), but this morning and two mornings prior I've had to vomit. The past few mornings I've been extremely nauseous and not sure why. It's hard to get the 64 oz of Water & 50-60 grams of Protein on a regular day, much less a day where I'm nauseous! The last two times I vomitted were a 5-10 hours after taking some sort of tylenol (liquid or chewable). Not sure if that's the trend, but anyone else feel this? I called my doc to see if they could prescribe me some nausea meds... anyone know of a good one that works (small pill or liquid preferred)? I also burp alot and have been facing the burps alll the time ever since day 1 post op. Anyone? Suggestions?? Thank you!
  12. Augustina

    So, here goes! pics

    Keep it up mama! Lookin gooood
  13. Hi there, I'm Augustina and am new to this forum. I just got banded this past Monday, Jan 14th. Currently, my biggest issue is the three letter word, gas. I've tried chewable gas-x and I've burped a few times, but I still feel the chest discomfort. It varies from feeling like I have something heavy on my chest or a frog in my esophagus. I'm not sure if this is gas (pretty sure it is tho... once I burp, I feel some relief) or if I'm full. With this I've been getting nausea and because I feel nauseous/can't breathe, it's hsrd to drink all my Protein shakes and the required Water needed. Any suggestions or familiar feelings?? I feel so alone in this, so any feedback is truly appreciated. Thanks sooo much!

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