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  1. Hi. When I post something, it used to go right to my subscribed threads. Then I could follow conversations. Now, it doesn't. And it's frustrating. I don't use my pc that much anymore and I am frustrated. . Help
  2. I totally feel ya. I probably needed to loose about 130-150 lbs. and since I've lost quite a bit, now people are saying "you're are next to nothing now ". Little do they know I still have about 60lbs to go. It almost seems to me , some people do not want you to be successful. It would mean that you are strong, or possibly stronger than them. And no one wants anyone stronger than themselves. It would mean that they might be weak. Sometimes I watch people eat and what they eat, and now it makes me cringe. Because I used to eat like that and I can't anymore. And when they eat garbage, they want people to eat crap with them. They don't want to be alone eating bad foods. Sit back and watch one day, it's weird. Anyhow, I hate when people give me their judgements. They don't know what they are talking about. Only we know what is good for us.
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    Ipad App Tip

    Well, I don't think it is. When I post it doesn't go to my subscribed area. I am having difficulty following threads.
  4. Hi, in about 2 more days, i will be 1 year out a bandster. I know this has nothing to do with serving our country. But it does have a lot to do with serving ourselves. Our struggles, the ups and downs. Daily struggles, which anyone who doesn't have a weight issue, has no idea, what we go through. So, high five to all us, who have decided to accept the band, accept that we needed help to become more healthy. Continue to be strong, and stay strong. This is our own personal war which we fight for life. (please, do not be offended that i used Vet's Day to shout out to us all. That was not my intent. As for myself, I am a US Veteran and thought we should also recognize ourselves, today and everyday. Good luck everyone today and in the future.)
  5. Before anytime I posted they would show up in my subscribed threads. Now when I post, they aren't there. So if a person posts something, I can't find it. Kinda frustrating. Thought you'd want to know Thanks
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    Yeah , I've been finding it too. I'm sure if I went on the computer it might be ok, but I'm usually on my phone.
  7. I thought of another one today while i was out and about. And I'm thinking all would be able to relate. Being able to use the regular size restroom ! I used to use the handicapped one because the regular one was such a tight squeeze, and I could barely get out when finished, especially if the stall door opened towards the toilet. Out of habit, I go towards the handicapped one because I keep forgetting I'm not that girl anymore!
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    What To Drink After Vsg

    Oh ok. See, now I can't stand anything else but water now. Besides, drinking anything else you waste your calories. But that's just me.
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    Profile Help

    Maybe go to your profile and edit. Or something patient information. Something like that.
  10. Shazam

    What To Drink After Vsg

    Good old fashioned water is the best.
  11. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    I think I finally had another good one! Today I went down one more size. That's not it, but I still like it. My belly roll is finally smaller than my boobs! Yay!!! I'm liking that one more than the smaller jeans!!!
  12. We more or less eat gluten free and carb free now. And instead of the server trying to push the bread, I usually say something like we are allergic to bread or gluten. Servers avoid that like the plague and they are usually very nice about it too.
  13. Shazam

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I can finally fit into a size 18 jeans, and real jeans, not the stretchy ones!!!! I got to pull out a pair of designer ones i had been saving forever. And I'm wearing them right now! I'm so excited. It makes me want to go shopping!! Yay.
  14. Shazam

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, kohls is overpriced. But sales are good, and when you can earn their dollars to spend at a later date, then it's really worth it. I just rather purchase at places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx or Ross's.
  15. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    I have another one! About 4 yrs ago or so I was diagnosed with asthma which was because I was overweight. And if I caught a cold or sinus infection, my asthma would kick in. Well, since I've lost weight, I'm not saying I'm cured, but this is the first time in a very very long time when I had a sinus infection, it doesn't hurt to breathe! My asthma didn't activate! For me this is HUGE! And actually, it was one of the things which pushed me towards getting the band. Being on so many different medications, and not being able to breathe really scared me. I feel almost like a normal sick person! Hahaha. If my head wasn't killing me right now, I'd probably go and celebrate by running or something. I'm so happy about this! Anyhoo, thanks for listening.
  16. That is awesome!!!! You go girl!!!
  17. Shazam

    I messed up

    have no fear....! you can do this. if you can, dispose of the candy. give it away, throw it away. you don't need it. empty calories. think about this, for what you can eat for 2 full size candy bars, which will make you not loose, nor keep you full. you can eat an omelet, with some fruit, which will keep you full for hours. and more than likely have calories to spare. i will admit, i did indeed indulge. hey we're human. but you know what, the next day, i didn't and haven't since. it's just easier for me, if i don't go there. mainly, because it's like entering a deep dark vortex of evilness, and i have trouble finding the door to come out. so, i just try to avoid it. it's easier for me to avoid it, than have one or two bites, because then it becomes candy bar after candy bar. almost as if an alien entered my body and took over. trust me, it isn't a pretty site! hahaha. on a more serious note, find what works for you. i know, i want this and for me to get there, i have to avoid some things like the plague. i hope this helps. and good luck. YOU CAN DO IT!!
  18. Good luck and best wishes. Most of all, welcome to your new life!!
  19. Shazam


    hi, i know where you're coming from. but remember, you didnt gain weight overnight. even with the band, it's slow. the sleeve or bypass people do loose weight faster. but really, you want to loose weight slowly. approx 1-2 lbs a week. during this time, you should also be slowly changing your eating habits. which, i doubt sleeve or bypass patients actually do. i know a hand full of sleeve & bypass patients, and they didn't change their habits. and actually, i also know some band patients who haven't changed their habits. see, YOU have to change too. when the doc says no pop, that is exactly what it means. all the things they tell you to do, you have to do. it will come off. just slowly. and exercise is essential, if not key. sometimes you may hit a plateau. my NUT told me when i hit a plateau, to try Protein shakes for 4 days. nothing else but Protein Shakes. it worked. mind you, do not do it everyday. we are suppose to eat smaller amounts, and healthier. fish and chicken fill you more than beef does, plus you aren't as hungry later either. me personally, i cannot even tell you when the last time i've had pop. probably about 1 1/2 yrs now. and not going there again. i only drink Water. i've had one burger, since last october. and probably wont have another one. it just wasn't satisfying as i thought it would be. the longer, i stay away from the bad foods, i actually do not want them anymore. though, do have my vices, like chocolate, and when i have it, i don't loose. so i try to stay away from it. the band lifestyle is work. hard work. it has tons of positive benefits along with that work along with being thinner. for me, its meant i am no longer on blood pressure medication, no longer on cholesterol medication, i am feeling 100% better. my goal for my 50th birthday was to get off medication and look better. my 50th birthday was last month, and i reached that goal. as for the looking good part, people say i do. though, i see i still need to loose more. but, i'm nearly halfway there. and i honestly do feel better. i'm not out of breath anymore - which is HUGE! i don't know if this helps. but hopefully it does. remember it is a slow process. but it's rewards are HUGE!! good luck, and don't give up. everyday, is a struggle for me. but it's within reach. plus, you have this website as support. you post, and someone replies. there are many thoughtful, caring and passionate people here who either have gone through what you have, or are going through it too. we are all in it together.
  20. Sorry to hear, but glad you went to the doc
  21. Shazam

    Wendys chili

    I had heard Wendy's was band friendly! I will have to try it! Thnx!!
  22. Shazam

    Im just gonna say it

    Bluegirly!!! You rock! Happy to hear you found a new fun workout!!! Woot woot!!
  23. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    Well tonight I thought of another one!!! I take a class at night, and it's on the second floor. I will admit I've always taken the elevator because I used to be winded. Well tonight I thought, I in better shape...why not take the stairs. And I did. And I wasn't out of breath!! I have no idea why I waited so long. Maybe just out of habit. I'm going to take the stairs from now on. Let me tell ya, that felt fantastic!!!! Yay.
  24. So when will this change occur??
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    Miss having friends

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