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  1. Shazam

    Finally In The 50Lbs Lost Category :-)

    Awesome job to all!! It is such a wonderful feeling.
  2. Shazam

    Happy Birthday Carolinagirl!

    Happy birthday CarolinaGirl! I just found this thread. Hope it was great.
  3. Shazam

    Sick Of Compliments And Comments

    Omg! How true! There are two people I know that would so fit this. And one of them is actually banded. Come to find out, it's really them who are the jerks! I'm done with people like that. I've been walking out of the room, or excuse myself to the restroom. I'm just done with silliness like that.
  4. Shazam


    Yup! Totally agree! I want to be around as long as possible for my kids!
  5. Shazam

    Out On The Table

    I said sometimes. I'm good. Just kinda wish I was done. But I'm good. I'm getting there. . Thanks.
  6. Shazam

    Nsv ....!

    Thanks. I guess that's why I can't find anything.
  7. I'm going to start a new NSV thread since I can't find the one I used to post on. Anyhoo...! I had a beautiful coat in the closet for at least 15 years or more. I just tried it on, it fits!! I'm so excited that I might have to christen it with my hubs!
  8. Hen you post while using the app it hangs and then says there's a connection error. It actually does post, but seems like it's hanging. It's happened a few times today.
  9. Most of the people I know just said they are having a procedure. It doesn't seem like people question that too much. And if they do. Hernia is a good answer.
  10. Shazam

    Out On The Table

    5.0Junkie, this is a good thread. And you're right a lot of people have formed their opinion on one surgery or another. My thoughts are, listen to your doctor and pick the best for you. While one surgery might be good for one person, a different surgery would be better for someone else. Neither is wrong, bad, or better than another. All of them assist you to loose unwanted weight, which basically is all of our goals. Of course, there are pros and cons to each type, that's where the doctor helps you out. Hopefully, you have a doc with. Whom you are able to put your trust in. For myself, I choose the band. Loosing weight in its own self is safe with 1-2 lbs a week. Which, that's what you basically get with the band. For me personally, I felt it was a safe choice. Sometimes I wish I would have gone with the sleeve because I'd be finished by now. But I'm getting there. I'm like halfway there. I've averaged about 1-2 lbs, I'm off all medications, I feel fantastic, and I'm happy. I don't have any regrets with my choice. I'm able to do so many things I thought I couldn't do anymore. And for that I'm very grateful. I wish I was finished, but that day will be here soon. And I can't wait.
  11. Shazam

    Major Nsv...at Least For Me It Is!

    That's a hard one to go through! You have high powers! That's freaking awesome! Pizza is a tough one for me too!! I know where you're coming from.
  12. Shazam

    Problems Posting ...?

    I think it's gone! Yay. Those lil techie peeps been working magic!! Thanks!!!
  13. Shazam

    Flirting ...?

    Oh I'm definitely not interested. It's just weird for me, after 25 yrs, I'm done! Haha. It's very very weird.
  14. Shazam

    Flirting ...?

    Yes, I kinda do enjoy it. It's just odd for me. Because, well it has been very long, but I also know if I hadn't lost any weight they wouldn't have gave me a second thought. I guess I'm feeling kinda sad how people treat each other - simply by looks. Not by personality, not by intelligence or not even by morals. Just how they appear. Some of the most "pretty" people have horrible morals and values. You know what I mean. You're treated so different when you're obese. And now that I'm getting closer to a different side,, I can see both sides. I just don't want to be that horrible person.
  15. Shazam


    I set my goal a little high so I can think about this. I want to thin, period. For me and mostly for my health. And the more I think about it. I want my goal lowered. That's why we had this done. Right? Those extra 18 lbs isn't much when you think about it. But it's much when you want to be done. I guess you need to decide what you really want. Yes it might mean you have to diet a bit longer. But it would be so worth it in the end. Just a thought. It's so easy to give up. But it's harder to stick to the end, it's reward is something that is priceless
  16. Shazam

    Problems Posting ...?

    Wait, it's when replying to a thread.
  17. Kitchen Aid immersion blender. Love it !!!
  18. Kitchen Aid immersion blender. Love it !!!
  19. Shazam


    Today I was at work, chewing the fat with some coworkers. This one girl took out a massive Hershey bar. As soon as I saw it, I was thinking "oh wow, that looks so yummy!" But my brain was like, "nope, don't do it". I kinda wanted a piece, and finally decided - no! While this thought process was going on in my head. All of a sudden she asks everyone at the table, "would you care for a piece?" While holding out the candy. When she got to me, she goes, "no shazam, you're not getting any!" And moved on. After this had happened, I m thinking, what if I wanted a piece. Either way, it just seemed rude.
  20. Shazam


    I'm so tempted!!!
  21. Shazam


    Um, I think I love you! Haha. That's a great idea, I just don't know if I have the nerve!!
  22. Shazam


    Thanks! I'd love to plot revenge, but I found it's best to do nothing. I'm better than that. It just does amaze me that individuals are so rude. Like when you're going out to lunch with your coworkers, what is that all about. For me, I'd stop going with them. It's been people like that my whole life that have hurt me. Now that I know who I am, I am trying not to surround myself with them. At work, there are two different girls whom I thought were friends. One of them is banded, and she doesn't follow a proper diet. And it's no surprise that she met goal, and has gained weight back. Anyhoo, lately since I've lost more and more weight, I've been getting nasty comments. And they both know I had WLS! It's gotten so bad that I'm done! In fact, I just defriended them from my Facebook. I would never have done that in the past. But I like your thinking though!!! I'd love to do something like that!!!
  23. Shazam


    Gowalking, I used to think she was nice. Now I simply avoid her, more so now after that. Yes , I thought it was nasty and so did others.
  24. Shazam

    Iphone App

    Actually, I think it's working. Hopefully!

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