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  1. Benefiber powder. One tablespoon works wonders. No after taste, I get the generic kind at walmart.
  2. Hi. I believe I just figured out why we can't see our banded friends. Just not completely sure. So you know I am using the Ap. What I think is going on, I used to always go under Current to see new threads. It seems the Sleeves are there, not sure about Bypasses. But the Banders aren't there. To find the Banders threads, you have to go to the band section and post there. It used to be if you went to Current it would show any new threads. Not 100% on this, but that's what it appears to be. And I bet, that's what many are doing, which would cause frustration. I know it is me. After the new site came up, I kinda felt like I couldn't find my banded friends. Thanks for fixing everything. It does seem like other things I've mentioned are fixed. Thanks!
  3. Shazam

    Flirting ...?

    As anyone who has lost any weight received flirting yet? Today, I just experienced it for the first time, in what seems like forever. I guess I'm not sure how to deal with it. I've been married now for over 25yrs. This is foreign territory for me.
  4. Shazam

    So Disappointed :(

    Everyone is right. Don't sweat the small stuff. Stand up, brush yourself off, and start over. You can do it. We've been there, and we move on. You're ok.
  5. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    This might be a weird NSV, but I still consider it one. I broke out in hives, (haha the hives aren't the NSV) and had to go to the doctors. While there, they wanted me to put a gown on. As the nurse said this, I dreaded it. Those paper gowns rip and don't fit. I'm complied, and to my surprise it fit!! It's been years! I can't even remember when one of those stupid things actually fit me. Even though, I was miserable with the Hives, it made my day. And sadly, the doctors still don't know what is causing this nasty hive thing. But I'm managing. I will get through this.
  6. Shazam

    Issue With Meat

    I have found eating fish is easy, it's moist and flakes apart nicely. Plus, it's tasty.
  7. Shazam

    Issue With Meat

    Yes, getting stuck with chicken or turkey is common. Any dry meat/protein. I try to take smaller bites, use gravy if possible. And chew more. It does take a bit to adjust. After getting a stuck episode, you learn kinda quick. And I usually try. It to go back to the same mistake. I try to remember, smaller bites, and chew Hope this helps.
  8. What are your plans to stay in control? Could you share some good tips. I think I'm going to try to bring something to share that is something I can eat.
  9. I have pizza, but try not to have the crust. I'm still on a more protein based diet. I feel as though I've cheated because it taste so yummy but I didn't.
  10. Shazam

    New Perspective

    Yes, in many ways I've changed too. I'm not as strong as some here, but as every day passes, I do feel as though I've morphed into someone more balanced. It's as though, I'm kinda more in control and not being controlled by food anymore. Though, sometimes I crave some bad things still, or put the same amount of food on my plate. But I don't clean my plate off anymore. I bring home tons of leftovers, and I don't feel stuffed or need to be rolled out of the restaurant anymore. My choices are healthier. I feel like I have a burden taken off of my shoulders and have been given a new chance. As days and weeks passes, I seem stronger. Sometimes, I'm wishy washy, but a stronger wishy washy. I can't wait until the day when the mushy me is gone.
  11. Shazam


    Inches is the best weight loss NSV there is. Congrats! I'm very happy for you. !
  12. Shazam


    Lots of excellent feedback. Thanks everyone.!!!!! I think I will have the dark meat of the turkey, and a veggie side. I don't want to get stuck. Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope your day is stress free and fun.
  13. Shazam

    This New Site

    They are working on fixing it.
  14. Shazam

    Under "current" ?

    I'm using I think iOS. iPhone. Thnks
  15. Shazam

    Under "current" ?

    I didn't see the thread near this regarding Current. better late than never.
  16. Shazam

    Miss Current For Just Lapband!

    I didn't see this post when I just posted my post about Current.
  17. Shazam


    I'm getting kinda nervous, but I think I can handle the holiday. I hope. I also hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving too.
  18. Shazam


    Water it and watch it grow? Sorry , I never did anything with tofu.
  19. Shazam


    I just saw my doc yesterday. He said to focus on the turkey & veggies. And try to stay away from the bad loaded carbs. Which I will try my best to do. But the others are right too, listen to the band. I'm finding that a little easier now. I am also finding, I kinda don't want most carbs ...like potatoes or stuffing. I just gonna do my best.
  20. Shazam


    I try to eat more high in protein, and dry low carbs. I'm sure I might nibble on some treat. But I'm going to try to keep it just that a nibble. I usually can find something in that category, but sometime it's hard to.
  21. Shazam

    I Cheated :(

    You can do it! Be strong. It does get easier.
  22. Shazam

    Help Needed! Im So Uncomfortable

    Yup colace! When anything doesn't work. I've learned with trial and error I need like Benefiber every day, otherwise colace. It's the nature of the beast.
  23. Shazam

    Funny Story

    This made me smile too...!!!! Thanx!
  24. Shazam

    Stuck Today.....first Time

    Yes getting stuck is the worst of this process. It reminds me that I need to slow down and chew. Especially, when out. I once had an episode it was so bad I had to ask the waitress to pack up my lunch and leave. I was alone, thank god. I think she must have thought it was viral or something. It was the worst episode I've had. So now, I really try to cut smaller pieces and chew better. I will say, if this is the one thing I'm complaining about, I'm doing okay. I'm not on meds anymore and I feel 100% better !!
  25. Shazam

    Things That Weigh.........

    Me - I just lost an elephant's penis! Omfg! Hahaha. Wild. Interesting and informative thread. O.o

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