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  1. Shazam

    Foods you can't eat

    I agree with all mentioned above. I can do dark meat of chicken. But the white meat of chicken or a pork roast kills me. Also, it's always good to really chew everything. When I don't do that, it gets really bad. One time I was throwing up go a half an hour. I didn't chew, and it was what I ate. Slow down too. When I let myself get too hungry it happens then too.
  2. Personally, I wouldn't eat before I go to bed. Refrain with eating with your hubs. You just opening a door you don't want to open again.
  3. Shazam

    hi & thank you all....!!

    Hi lady vs, yes the environment is odd. I mean these are people who has WLS surgery! And yesterday I had a coworker sit down with me, and we are talking and she must have said "but you look so different" so many times it was uncomfortable. Finally another woman at the table tried to stop her and say "she looks great". Of course, she kept going on. So with no support from the Banded or the Sleeved, I've got that going on. As I struggle with this journey, I'm really finding out who my friends are and who aren't even more so than ever. And sometimes it really sucks. Even enough to the point I just want to dip my head in a Barrel of ice cream. Obviously, I won't. But I will admit I cheated yesterday. I didn't go overboard, either. Yesterday, in a whole was very difficult for me. And I'm kinda mad that I gave in. But it's done and I'm going to try to pick myself up and try again.
  4. Shazam

    What is your flight protocol?

    I just flew, no biggie. It was fine.
  5. Shazam

    Obamacare may deny WLS?

    Not surprised at all. But everyone wanted a "change" and now we are getting it. Personally I don't want any government entity making life and death decisions. Guaranteed it's only going to get worse.
  6. Shazam

    Too much?

    My doc told me you loose the most just after surgery and then it's about 1-2 lbs a week. And that is what you want.
  7. Shazam

    Surgery today

    Good luck to your new life!!!
  8. Shazam

    hi & thank you all....!!

    LeeB I've seriously considered it. But what's been very nice, I've been getting all sorts of compliments now, nearly daily. And it has been in front of these people. Which also is a bonus, Because I can tell they are mad at me. But they really should be mad at themselves. Oh well. I just checked the scale and it moved again. Yay!!!
  9. Shazam

    hi & thank you all....!!

    Thanks all, serious. I will sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds. I sometimes wonder if I hold myself back, when I've slipped and cheated. But I can't beat myself over the head for being human. The only thing I can do is continue. Before if I cheated , that was the gateway for giving up. After being banded, if I have cheated, I stand up and start over right after that. On the same day. I'm not saying that it's okay to cheat either. As I go on, it actually gets easier. Like right now my hubs is making homemade good ol fashion popcorn, with melted butter..... Omg!!! Bit you know what, this chick isn't breaking tonight!!! Woot woot . I just need to remember to exercise no matter what. And I'm ok now, maybe in an hour or tomorrow I won't be. I kinda feel like an addict.
  10. Shazam

    Treadmill or elliptical?

    I like the treadmill because I can control more. On the elliptical I don't feel as though I can. I can walk, jog or run. Fast or slow it seems like I have control and I like that.
  11. Shazam

    someone motivate me

    I felt as though I needed motivation too. But as the person stated, start out small and build up. Exercise is essential for loosing weight.
  12. Oh and no it doesn't hurt. I was nervous at first. It's better than getting blood drawn. Honest. Just weird at first. But after you get it, I was like "that was easy" !! And it's so easy after that. And I hate needles.
  13. Well yes you should have a fill for a number of reasons. And one is as you get smaller, you have a possibility to become prone to slipping of the band. At least that is what my doc told me
  14. Shazam


    Congrats to you nsv !! Awesome. Every time I get a nsv, it always surprises me, and catches me off guard. And I don't know about anyone else, I continue to think, I should never had let it get to where I was. But, on the flip side, I think id appreciate my journey even more for all what I've gone through. So I'm ok.
  15. Congrats and welcome to your new life!! I've not completed my journey, but I'm nearly half way there. And you summed up my feelings pretty well.
  16. Shazam


    Awesome!! I kinda went through the same. I also could have possibly gone one size even smaller but it was a tight squeeze. The clothes in the smaller sizes are more fun too. Congrats
  17. Everyone is different. But I have found that I thought I was in the green zone and then I would still need a fill. But it's good you're feeling it. Congrats
  18. Give it time, you had surgery. It took me like 16 days or so to feel normal again. Fast forward nearly a year and 50lbs less, I'm awesome!!!
  19. Shazam

    Am I the only one?

    I think it seems like you might need a fill. It took like 5-6 fills for me to feel restriction.
  20. Shazam

    Lost 90lbs with 20 more to go

    Yesterday, I just had someone ask me this. And actually, I do know she meant well, and was nice. But I still don't think it's anyone's business. I replied with simply, " more than I have to admit, and I'm still loosing". She did say I look great too! And that's how I will respond with any more inquiries.
  21. Shazam

    On my own? Or WLS?

    First time in my life I'm able to stay motivated. I feel like I have a new life. No regrets. About a week ago, I walked way over 4 miles, there was no way I could do that before being banded..!!!
  22. Shazam

    Bra sizes

    I'm not at goal yet, but I have gone down a size..!! It always seems that's the first place to go...!
  23. Shazam

    Feed a cold....

    Mucinex comes in pill form...!!!!!!!!
  24. Shazam

    New Pants Size!!!!

    these are my new highs!!! going shopping, and buying smaller!!!!!!!

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