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  1. mama angela

    Getting Banded In April

    In Caldwell Feb 06 2014 with Dr Cornwall
  2. mama angela

    One more day before fill

    I'm a horrible sleeper...always have been. I have a CPAP machine now...for the year and a half...that helps in that when I do sleep...i'm still breathing..hahha. I hope that as I lose weight I'll be a better sleeper. Right now it takes me a couple of hours before bed time to start trying to unwind...and then that doesn't always work... I hear ya...I'm working on..."enjoying and being in the present". I need to learn to eat small amounts...get used to it...eat healthy...and be happy about that.
  3. mama angela

    One more day before fill

    readhdgal...sounds like you are on track!!!! I had my surgery Feb 6th...so I'm almost 9 weeks out...my doc won't do a fill until next week. He really wanted to wait 12 weeks...but I begged.... So, I lost 14 lbs since surgery...in the first 3 weeks...since then I bounce between 8-14 lbs down...ughhh. So, I have been riding my bike and walking...and I am counting calories again...and leaving off the stuff I know I shouldn't have. I'm trying to keep calories under 1200. I probably should go lower...but we will see.
  4. mama angela

    Ten Month Results

    awesome job!!! A lot of people here have done great...congrats to you all!! I will be there some day!! hahah late night Snacks...ughhh.. how about air popped popcorn? or take plain no fat greek yogurt and mix ranch dressing (dry mix) ...dip carrots or celery in that.
  5. mama angela

    Post op and Hungry

    Thanks for the information!!! That helps!
  6. mama angela

    Post op and Hungry

    I had my surgery Feb 6th...a week ago today! Hungry....yes...I've been drinking all my Water...2 Protein shakes a day...I can have sf Jello, pudding, popsicles, applesauce now and cream Soups. I seem to do best sticking with the Protein Shakes and soups...when I get the sf stuff I end up really hungry....Next week I get cottage cheese and scrambled eggs!!!!
  7. mama angela

    banded 1 week - foods...

    Thanks...I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow night...I'm going to look for some egg drop soup...that sounds good... I think that will help... ahhaha...my parents moved us up here when I was in high school...in the 70's...Karcher Mall was it!!! There were no other malls around then! hahha...it's sad now. I moved back to the area about 14 years ago.
  8. mama angela

    banded 1 week - foods...

    Thanks 2muchfun! I live in Caldwell...so not far either location! The sweets make me feel yucky...off?? something...just not good. Yesterday I did my Protein shake for Breakfast (100 calories, 0 carbs, 25 gr of protein)...then did tomato Soup for lunch...then had a sf Jello...then another Protein Shake and one more cup of soup. Felt really good.... Next tuesday I get to add cottage cheese and then eggs!!!
  9. Hello...one week ago today I was banded!!! I have some questions on foods...right now I'm allowed: broth, cream Soups, ff lite milk or soy milk, sf Jello, puddings and popsicles, lite or ff yogurts, oatmeal, cream of wheat...v-8 and Protein shakes. My doc would like me to try to get 60 gr of protein a day and 64 oz of Water - which I am. I notice when i eat the sf jello, pudding, yogurts...I'm starving....but if I do more just soups...then I feel better.. I have type 2 diabetis..so I wonder if the sf stuff messes with me? Or is it just in my head because I prefer salty over sweets? Anyways...so far so good. I'm walking only about 10-20 minutes a day...I came back to work on Monday... But I've only lost 2 lbs...on such low calories. I'm trying to be okay with that. (and not panic and eat less..hahha..than the what 600 calories?)... I know this is supposed to be a healing time.
  10. I was banded on Thursday the 6th....yes..gas and constipation. Someone told me to get the gas x chewable tablets...I have some...helped a little. I have had to take Sena to get things moving...that has helped...I'm hoping to use my psyillium powder tonight. I haven't been able to take pain meds...with nothing but broth or sf Jello on my stomach...those would really cause a problem. I am walking 10 minutes a day on my treadmill...probably should do more...
  11. mama angela


    I was banded on Thursday the 6th...I took Senna on saturday...that seemed to help.I was up 8 lbs from thursday...and I'd only had Water, broth and sf Jello...this morning I'm down that 8 lbs + another lb. Starving though! Today I get to add Protein powders and soups with no chunks....so I think I'm going to run to the store and get some more soups...I have 3 on hand...and I go back to work tomorrow...and I want to get some sf popsicles...I can have those...just didn't buy any...but at this point I think anything helps.
  12. What is Cardiac clearance? I finish my 6 months on Nov 21st...so I am hoping to be able to have surgery in December. I've already done the psych eval..
  13. So, I called my surgeon's office. My hernia isn't big enough that they would need to do surgery on. I'm trying to not be a baby about this....I'm going to restart the whole 6 months. I have got to start losing weight now though...I can not wait any longer...I am miserable and hat being in my own skin. My knees and legs ache and I have no energy. So, I need to lose probably 150lbs...so even if I lose 50 in 6 months...I'd still be 100 over weight. I think my insurance will try and deny it then too. If so, I will see about taking a loan out to pay for it.
  14. mama angela

    upset...insurance denied

    so, I met with my doctor to start with and told her I wanted the lap band. She referred me to the"WLS diet program", where I met with the nurse, nutrionist and physcial therapist. The nurse kept my doc informed of my progress. The insurance is saying that I should have met with my doc each one of those months so they are not counting it as a "dr supervised" diet.
  15. mama angela

    upset...insurance denied

    I have BCBS. I'm not impressed...with how they are handling this. I could understand if I was not very much overweight...but I'm 150 pounds overweight..and have been for years... So, my nurse at work here wants me to restart the program - go meet with the doctor, nutrionist and physical therapist...she said if I lose weight and don't need the lap band that that is great - that is the goal. I panic at that thought...because I know I can (or i did 3 years ago)...I lost 50 lbs...it's under that that I can not seem to get.

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