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    SnowgirlnTX reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in Either paranoid or something isn?t right   
    Great blog AJ, I am right there with you, it is so easy to slip back into old habits once you reach goal. You can get comfortable with the way you eat, what you eat and how you eat. I have episodes like this off and on and they are usually around a time when I do not take the time to eat my meal like I am suppose to. Example, today, I had a coffee from starbucks, no breakfast, no morning snack, finally got lunch around noon, (I had been up since 5am and this was my first bite of solid food) I got some salmon, a sweet potato and some grilled veggies. Two bites into the meal, I started to feel that feeling in the back of my thoart, tight and difficult to swallow. I knew I wasn't full so I had to lay down my fork and set back in my chair and take a break. Did I fail to mention I was on a conference call, So I was not really paying attention to my meal at all. I was able to eat about half of the meal and finally gave up and threw it away. I did manage to eat a tablespoon of peanut butter and a small banana this afternoon, than I ate some almonds. So yes band basics should never be far from our thoughts and we should always follow the rules no matter how long we have been banded. Old habits are always there and just waiting to come to the surface. Like I always say, that little fat girl is just sitting inside me waiting for me to screw up and I need to work daily to keep her in check. I think I broke lots of rules today. Thanks for sharing.
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    SnowgirlnTX reacted to PattyGirl66 in I love Hummus!   
    This is really my favorite of all the flavored hummus! When i get lazy I buy Sabra, they make the best Red roasted pepper Hummus. I eat it daily!
    Thanks for posting this

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