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  1. BlueTattoo

    Gastric Sleeve

    Post op Gastric Sleeve
  2. BlueTattoo


    After pictures
  3. BlueTattoo

    MOODY! !

    Yes! I feel like a bitch on wheels one minute and a crying damsel in distress the next minute. My hormones don't know wtf is going on with me.... but as long as I don't like grow a mustache or beard I'll be fine. lol My husband has been feeling the brunt of my hormonal changes, though part of it he's brought on himself.
  4. BlueTattoo

    Counter Addictions Anyone?

    well i started my preop diet early, i've been working on it since october. I gave up chocolate, alcohol, and cigarettes. Though I've only been banded 2 weeks. I know that I have 2 new addictions. When stressed i used to eat. . IT was my comfort. Now that I've been losing weight my new addiction is sex. and the other one is checking myself in the mirror. I feel kinda vain though for looking in the mirror so much.
  5. BlueTattoo

    Acronyms - Lets Make A List...

    Nut = Nutritionist
  6. BlueTattoo

    Headed Down The Wls Path...again.

    well i'm 2 weeks out and I feel great! I'm on soft foods now! Yay for real food and not just protein drinks! I go in today to get my staples removed! Can't wait bc these darn things are itchy!!! i went back to work 9 days after surgery. I handled it well untl someone hugged me a little too hard. *they didnt know i had surgery* so that put be in pain for a while but nothing a few pain pills couldn't fix! I'm already down 27 lbs from pre-op to current. So far no major complications! I just wish I did this sooner!!
  7. BlueTattoo

    Dfw Plastic Docs

    my doctor for my Gastric sleeve was Dr. Clayton Frenzel. I talked to a few patients that not only had the gastric sleeve but also had their tummy tuck and breast lifts with him. I plan on using him when I hit my goal weight. His office also tries to work with your insurance to get them to cover most of the cost for the excess skin removal. http://www.mycompletetransformation.com/dr-clayton-frenzel.html
  8. I work as a Poker dealer, while I do sit down, I move my abdomen quite a bit. I went back to work 9 days after surgery. yesterday was my first day back. I only had mild pain when I got home but I think it's because I drank my protein drink too fast.
  9. LOL I'm just going by what my 3 Nuts told me
  10. depends on how much protein you are getting from your meals vs your protein drink. I've always found that before surgery, protein drinks gave me a feeling of fullness more than real food did. I figured it was because of the higher amounts of protein.
  11. BlueTattoo

    Are Protein Shakes Necessary?

    Protein shakes are a good way to get your protein in if you are falling short. It's hard to get in 60g-80g protein when you have a super small tummy after surgery. A friend of mine drinks 1 protein drink in the morning Premier Protein (30g protein) and gets the rest of her protein in from regular meals. You don't want to live off protein drinks. But sometimes you do need help in making the quota of however much protein your doctor wants you to get.
  12. are you waiting 30 minutes after eating before you drinking anything?
  13. Isopure us 20 oz of clear drink that has 40 grams of Protein. no carbs, 160 calroies, no sugar. it taste like grape koolaide.. * i have grape frost* I'm drinking these during my clear liquid stage. and when i can go to full liquids, i'm going back to my Protein drinks. there are a lot of protein drinks i can't stand, but i've found that Premium Protein (has 30 grams of protein) are good and low carb low sugar, and the EAS protein drinks. also I found a powdered Peanut Butter called PB2! It's a life saver! It completely changes the taste of protein drinks and actually makes them tolerable! Look it up! ********** Take in mind that your body can only absorb around 25 g of protein per setting!!!! so split up your protein drinks accordingly.
  14. BlueTattoo

    7 Weeks Out.

    i just can't wait to see onederland again! good job , you are right on track. It takes time

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