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    I was thinking maybe your doctor was making you wear a support. Kinda like the ones for your back and I thought how uncomfortable.
  2. A hint for powder which I haven't seen mentioned is to mix it with warm water and then chill it. Seems to blend much better.
  3. BeeKipp Thanks for the summary. I'm struggling to find one that doesn't taste awful.
  4. Gallbladder? Hope you figure it out!!
  5. blondegal_

    Where Is Your Port Placement?

    I wonder if I can request.... I think I want it to left as I right side dominate.
  6. blondegal_


    Congrats! How early do you have to be there? 6:15am for me on the 19th.
  7. blondegal_

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    Jms413- I'm on the 19th also! Anyone else?
  8. Did you get a fill at surgery time? A lot of doctors don't fill until a month after surgery. No fill = no restriction. To ease your mind, call you dr on Monday. And good luck!
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    Most multivitamins are very much the same. So just get one that you like to take everyday. Breaking up a tablet one is fine as they are usually just coated for your stomach. If you need extra vitamin D (I'm pale and sunburn easily so I need extra as I avoid sun exposure) get one that is gel form not tablet. Also should take with food as vitamin d is fat soluble. If vitamin b complex is being taken get the liquid kind that you put under your tongue. B complex is water soluble. Be careful of ODing on iron. Usually what's in the multivitamin is enough. And there's a certain way to take the calcium so that it absorbs better but I can't think of it at the moment. Hope this info helps. :-)
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    Sweetspot- haven't met with dietician and have no more appts before surgery. I'll call on Monday. Just found this site and I do think it will be very helpful.
  11. blondegal_

    December Bandwagon Supporters

    Surgery scheduled for Dec 19th. Paying for it myself. Been saving for three years so I'm dedicated to getting this done. Lap band with plication by Dr. Carter (Arlington, TX). As I read more and more food grosses me out more and more. Well large amounts of unhealthy food that is. Feeling like I need more info though. Protein shakes were recommended but I didn't get any details. Is everyone required to do a pre-op diet? Thanks in advance to those that answer!

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