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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. ShellyBellyIowa

    Just sleeved 6 days ago

    Thanks! I will be patient and wait a few weeks to see how solids do;)
  2. ShellyBellyIowa

    Just sleeved 6 days ago

    I was getting worried that it meant I wouldn't have much restriction;(
  3. ShellyBellyIowa

    Just sleeved 6 days ago

    And it seems like I can drink more than 12 ounces. Isn't my stomach smaller than that???
  4. ShellyBellyIowa

    Finally sleeved;)

    I had the lapband for two years and just had it removed and the sleeve done 6 days ago. The lapband worked for me for 7 months until I got acid reflux and it had to be emptied and we could never get it full without reflux again. Then a few months ago it slipped so I decided to revise to the sleeve. So far I have no pain and no hunger;) hoping for a great journey with the sleeve;)
  5. ShellyBellyIowa

    Cost of fills...

    Mine are also 250 with Fluor.
  6. Just what Veronica said..... It is common for hair loss with surgery and weight loss. It lasts two to three months and then it is done and grows back;)
  7. ShellyBellyIowa

    Reached Original Weight Goal !!!!!

    Way to go!!!!!!
  8. ShellyBellyIowa

    New Here! Wondering If I Made A Mistake

    You will look back in a few months and love your decision and wish you'd have done it sooner;). It won't always be smooth sailing, but it will get better and be so worth it;)
  9. Very normal right after surgery. Give it some time and you will start to see te scale moving again;)
  10. ShellyBellyIowa

    Tight in the morning

    I am tight in the mornings so I stick to protein shakes or mushiness and get very full quickly. It is awesome and a great thing!
  11. ShellyBellyIowa

    IM so scared

    I started having some reflux and they took a little fluid out and it went away. My doc said the gallbladder can cause symptoms like this too.
  12. Way to go!!!!!!!!!! So proud of both of you!!!!!!!!!
  13. ShellyBellyIowa

    Going in for an unfill ; (

    I had a slight infill after being too full and it put me in the green zone!
  14. Well, with three months to go before our one year bandiversary, I am curious how everyone is doing??? I am down 70 pounds and want to lose 30 more before my one year! I am really ready o do this . Wish I would have gotten my band years ago!!

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