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  1. Victoria... at this time... I consider the complications with my surgery to be related to my having a revision from the Lapband to the sleeve. Until I learn more about this situation I will refrain from making further comment... especially since you have no history other than this one post. Thank you for understanding.
  2. I just heard of this as I don't frequent most of the sleeving forums. I tend to stick to a group on facebook and get all the support and information I need. I am deeply saddened and quite horrified to hear of this. I think it is important to discover the the truth for the sake of the patient... her family and for the sake of the surgeon involved. It is so important that bad outcomes for surgeons be shared as well as good ones so that people can make informed decisions and be the best advocate for their own health and wellbeing. This was my surgeon and I feel that I can't, in good faith, refer anyone to him until this matter is resolved. Of course... this whole situtation leads me to re-analyze the complications that accompanied my surgery. Many prayers for Rox's family ... what a terrible and tragic loss.
  3. nightingale2u

    Dr Acevez, Dr Ortiz or Dr Alvarez?

    I had a revision from the Lap Band to the Sleeve 4/1/13. Dr. Aceves and his staff were wonderful. I chose him due to his reputation, the hospital facility (You stay there the entire time...there is an ER and a fully functional ICU... I liked that), and his experience with revisions. I struggled with the price as well... did a re-fi on my house to pay for it. This was my life... I needed the best. Besides being a skilled surgeon...he is kind and caring. I am down 61 lbs since the start of my pre-op diet and 51 since surgery day. From size 24 to 14's and 12's. Oh... and the hospital is small but it is very clean and much more modern than I would have expected. I was walking constantly so I sure saw a lot of it! One thing to note... Mexicali is certainly not a tourist destination...lol.
  4. nightingale2u

    Any Wisconsin Sleevers?

    Hey Stef... Congrats on being sleeved and it looks like you are doing fantastic! I am down 48lbs from the start of my pre-op diet and 38 lbs since surgery on 4/1 and am ridiculously happy with that. I am in Appleton which is quite a distance from you but at least I am in WI!
  5. I chose Dr. Aceves for my revison as I had had the band in for 9 years and knew I needed a surgeon that could deal with a difficult situation. It was a difficult surgery and I am very glad I paid the extra money to have Dr. Aceves. Other surgeons also told me I may need two surgeries and I knew I had one shot and needed a surgeon with enough skill with revisions to do that. I also talked with Dr. Rumbaut and it was between the two doctors... I didn't feel safe with the situation in Monterrey and that was the deal breaker there for me. I was very impressed that Dr Rumbaut talked with me personally and he felt quite confident that he could do my revision in one surgery as well. Wishing you the best on your journey and stick to your guns with the surgery you want.
  6. nightingale2u

    April 1st ... no fooling!

    Sleeve Girl, Dr. Aceves is a very skilled and also a sweet and caring surgeon. I was well taken care of by his staff and Dr. Campos also comes to check in on patients several times a day. It's different... not like the US... but in some ways it is a lot better... a lot less red tape and more attentive care. Hospital Almater is a very nice hospital... very clean and more modern than I would have expected. Again... not like hospitals in the US but I didn't have that expectation. There is a special area for bariatric patients. You have a private room with your own bathroom and shower. There is a couch in the room if you bring a companion ( Bring one if you can... it is important to have that support). During the day there is always someone around that speaks English. Some of the nurses speak English... some don't. I was a revision from band to sleeve and my revision was complicated. My recovery has been slow but it's getting better. Don't expect it to be a walk in the park. Some people recover very quickly and others (like me) have a more complicated recovery. I can tell you that I always felt that I was in good hands and that my wellbeing was the top priority. I still have active contact with Dr. Aceves and his team at 2.5 weeks out and it is nice to have continuing care even though it is at a great distance. I have lost 18 lbs in 18 days which I am very happy with... it was not easy... it was not magic but I hold on to the realization that it will ultimately be worth it. Wishing you the very best with your surgery and do feel free to be very sassy with Dr. Campos... it will keep him on his toes. BTW... both Dr. Aceves and Dr. Campos speak English very well... as well as the rest of the surgical team. Let us know how everything goes! Darcy
  7. nightingale2u

    Cleaning Incisions

    It takes several days for the bloating and swelling to go down... I am day 12 and I am still a little bloated. My other incisions look amazing. I am a revision from the LapBand and the incisions with this surgery are almost invisible. The only one that is going to be visible is the drain site for me. What is ugly about your incisions? Sometimes there is a collection of bloody drainage under the tapes and it apears they look bad... but once the tapes fall off... they look fine.
  8. nightingale2u

    Cleaning Incisions

    I am cleaning mine with antibacterial soap... all of my steri-strips are off and my drain site is stlll very open. I have had to do wet to dry dressing on it for tissue that looked less than healthy. It has to heal from the inside out... so I am tending to it three times a day. It is getting smaller VEEEERY sowly! I can't believe how awesome all of my other incisions look though!
  9. nightingale2u

    Full liquids- an excerpt from my food diary

    Tameka... I can't wait to start full liquids Monday... 15 days of clears has been tough! Cream of Wheat sounds heavenly... sure wish we could have that... it's one of my favs!
  10. nightingale2u

    In the blink of an eye!

    It's been an tough week ... I'll really be glad to get through month one.
  11. I just had surgery with Dr. Aceves on 4/1 at the same time with Tameka. I can add a lot to the list other than noting that Hotel Lucerna is a ways from the hospital so it might be best if your hubby can stay with you in the room. My friend Gracie came with me and she said the couch was comfy... she also speaks spanish so that problem was solved too! Dr. Aceves is a wondeful surgeon and he is also very kind and caring... he will check on you often. When Dr. Aceves is not there...Dr. Campos will be popping in often as well. When I walked I kept mostly to the hospital... but I know Gracie went all over the place and never felt unsafe. Wishing you the best with your surgery... your date will be here before you know it!
  12. nightingale2u

    In the blink of an eye!

    Finally home My surgery was comlicated... lots of adhesions and the stomach wall was very thin where my lapband was placed. It was a fragile area and there did end up being a tear in the gastric mucosa. I honestly don't think any other surgeon would have been able to remove my band and sleeve me in one surgery other than Dr. Aceves. He was wonderful... sweet...kind and caring. I went pretty Cray Cray when I came back from recovery... apparently Morphine and anesthesia don't agree with me. I don't remember much of it... but apparently I was a little hard to handle and tried to bite Daniel the nurse. Sorry Daniel. I do recall reaching out to grab things that weren't there... and a foggy recolection of Dr. Campos giving me a lecture. ANyhoo... glad that didn't last long! I was supposed to stay two extra days but United airlines would not work with me on moving the day of departure without literally charging me an arm and a leg to do so... so had to leave against medical advice. They also made our trip home a bit of a nightmare. Still... I am home... Yay! Not having very much pain but will be glad to get my drain pulled in a couple of days. Amanda... I passed on your greetings and yes... Dr. Campos is a cutie and I think is is pretty aware of that...lol. He nicknamed me Darcy Pistolita... I am pretty stubborn and sassy... so I guess it fits! He checked on me often and the nurses were all sweet and attentive. I would send anyone... especially someone having a revision to Dr. Aceves... a person should recover in a hospital setting... not a hotel... and ... Hospital Almater was very nice, clean and up to date with technology. I met some really nice folks and felt well cared for... and I am terribly glad to be home!
  13. ..... the day I fly out to start my Mexicali/Dr. Aceves surgical adventure has arrived! My stomach is filled with butterflies that can't wait to be set free... and after surgery I bet they will be landing in an emesis basin. I am so excited and scared at the same ... and now I just want to get this party started! MzMeka... can't wait to meet you! Amanda Rae... thank you so much for sharing your journey... I don't feel like I am heading into the unknown. :wub: To everyone that shared information and support about Dr. Aceves and his team and just information on the Vertical Gastric Sleeve procedure... Thank You! Over and out... Darcy
  14. I'm having surgery April 1st with Dr. Aceves. I really do feel like I am getting the whole package with Dr. Aceves and his team! Yes... the money aspect was difficult...but having complications would also be financially devastating and I think that his level of skill will give me the best chance to come through without problems with my revision from band to sleeve. I'll look forward to hearing about your experience!
  15. nightingale2u

    Dr. Aceves, Mexicali, and Me!

    HoosierGirl... you forgot POOPING!

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