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  1. greenrn

    Bcbs Alabama Insurance

    I am having the same problems with BC/BS. Kansas is my primary and Oklahoma is my secondary. To think I used to be jealous of people who had this coverage. LOL
  2. greenrn

    I'm Here!

    This is the first day of the rest of your new life. Congratulations !!!
  3. greenrn

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Lol As soon as I figure out how to add you. If u know how please add me I am still greenrn
  4. greenrn

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I am using it to track my food, water, & exercise. I will add u as a friend.
  5. U have worked so long and so hard for this. sometimes I have similar to the same feelings u r having now I am a religious person and believe this feeling is The Lord thereto protect me from harm.
  6. I have just started my journey toward my surgery. My other two family members have had the Gastric Bypass surgery. I have been trying to get my insurances to pay for my surgery for about 1 year, but they say my company has an exemption for the surgery.
  7. greenrn

    Pre-Op...31Lbs Lost!

    Congratulations. WTG!!!!
  8. greenrn

    Why Dud U Choose Vgs

    When I started this program 3 weeks ago I weighed 281. I use "My Fitness Pal" to record everything. And I plan to join a local "Weight Watchers" group this coming Thursday. Next Monday I have my 2nd appointment at the " Help Program". I am very excited and very nervous. Also at my first visit I was told that the surgeries available to me are the lap band and VGS if the choice is mine to make then I will definitely choose VGS.
  9. greenrn

    Why Dud U Choose Vgs

    Thank You everyone for your replies. My husbands insurance company say they will not do the surgery for obesity. I do see posts where BC/BS is paying for some surgeries, thank goodness. I recently found that the Native American Cherokee Tribe will help pay for my surgery. I joined a program called the "Help Program" with the Cherokee Tribe. At my first appointment I learned I have to loose 30 lbs, join a weight reduction group, start a daily exercise program, record my food, water, & exercise on a daily basis. I am 58 y/o female, 5'4", & weigh 267.
  10. greenrn


    Hi everyone, I am a 58 y/o woman, 5'3", 281 lbs, and a 50 BMI. Right now I have good BC/BS Insurance both as a primary and as a secondary, and I have been trying for about 8 months to get their support for my surgery without success. Now I have found that one of the native American tribes is willing to pay for my surgery. Their rules are: 1 join and attend a weight loss group 2. Exercise daily and keep a journal 3. Attend all appointments with the physician who will refer me to the surgeon 4. Keep a daily journal of the foods I eat 5. Loose 30 pounds There is a weight watchers group in the small rural town wherein live, I plan to join them. I have been walking 30 min on the weekend and riding the stationary bike 15 min twice a day at work. My next appointment is October 21st. I have been keeping a journal of my food using " my fitness pal.com". I have learned a lot about the number of calories I eat at this site. My goal is to loose the 30 pounds in 2 months. I know this all looks good but it is only my first week and I need friends to guide me and hold me accountable.
  11. greenrn

    Soooooooo Hungry

    Hi, I see u made your goals for your surgery. I am a 58 y/o, 5'3", 281 pound woman. I am a candidate for either the belt or the sleeve. The rules I must meet are: 1. Loose 30 pounds 2. Join a weight loss group 3. Attend all appointments I have been using my fitness pal to count my calories I want to loose the 30 pounds over a 2 month period I find myself most days eating more than my recomended 1250 calories And I am hungry , any suggestions

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