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    Toys are fun..it's called self-soothing for adults. And it is not a reflection on the time u spend together
  2. JustJBK

    Annoying Crap That Your Partner Does!

    Sorry girls. I scored a good one. He loves laundry, cleans after I cook, does the litter box, and even scrubs the bathroom. It's a trade off. I do the bills!
  3. Excellent. Keep going. And give yourself a big hug!
  4. Yes. Had a major breakdown at lunch. I just wanted something to chew!!!! My dr said I must crush my meds. Well my meds for depression taste so bad crushed I quit taking them soooo I am totally off balance. Day 24 of liquids and still trucking!! .
  5. JustJBK

    Pain In Chest

    Yes. On day22 and still can't get a good grip on drinking amounts.
  6. What kind or brand of protein is everybody using. I can't do the Atkins anymore. Bought a raw protein but it is too grimy and pasty for my stomach. Well it actually doesn't get that far I throw up before I swallow.
  7. Congrats. I'm right behind u. This morning I'm am down 35 lbs. since pre-op diet to day 22 post-op.
  8. Ok. Well I made it 20 days and I am having another bout w nausea so in fighting dehydration again. I'm still on liquids till Nov 2nd. My stomach does not like anything. All the protein mixes I used earlier refuse to stay down. Tried a powder but my taste buds and stomach refused no matter how I disguised it. The band is causing me lots of pain. Guess its time to call the doctor. Of course my doctor is not as nice as some of yours are. Ok that's it I will stop whining ! Just wanted to share
  9. Anybody notice how clean ur teeth are while on the liquids?? Crazy. Liquids don't stick. Minot suppose to have mushy food till Nov2. Can I make it. I was banded on Oct2.
  10. JustJBK

    5 Days Post-Op

    Bought it at Target.
  11. JustJBK

    October 2012 Bandsters

    Until the minute they gave me the anesthesia I was nervous. And then after I thought WTH did I do. But now I'm 25lbs down on day 16. I still hate the band but I'm felling great about the operation.
  12. JustJBK

    5 Days Post-Op

    I don't think I really drank all eight bottles of water like my doc said. I just drank as much as I could...and each day I was able to increase. Lots of Popsicles. Bought myself a Ninja Pulse at target. Now everything can be a liquid. I'm on day 16 and must stay on liquids till Nov2.
  13. JustJBK

    Crushing Pills...

    My dr said I had to crush for five weeks. Some of my meds taste horrible so I cut them in half or fourths My time released I cut and take half now and the rest later in the day. Last week I got one of the little red Sudefeds stuck!!! Had to drink lots of water to dissolve it. Now I even cut those.

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