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  1. It's been 6 years for me. I never reached my goal (20 lbs away) but I am a size 10-12 and happy so who gives a F. I never regretted it. Lap band is not a weight loss tool but a maintenance too. So, if you have been able to lose weight in the past but keeping it off is the problem then this is the surgery for you. No matter how much you want to binge after, how many slices of pizza you want to put away, you just CAN'T after 1.
  2. MiniMi

    Stalled and frustrated

    Hello! Been off for a while. Banded in 2012. 23 lbs from goal and I've been the same weight for one year. This band really is the tool so you don't regain. Most everything else take hard work and dedication. Maintaining is a piece of cake and easy. I just wish I was maintained 23 lbs less. Who cares, I'm a rock star either way and I'll get there when I quick jerking around!
  3. MiniMi

    4 days post-op

    Here is some motivation to follow your plan: eating solids or even mushy too soon can cause a slip ( a nice way of saying rip your stitches out away from your stomach which most likely will cause internal bleeding) This isn't a diet it is a medical necessity. Stay healthy, stay happy, and call your dr if you can't go on any longer!
  4. MiniMi

    64lbs Lost! 3 Months Post Op

    It's all about sticking to the program and embracing the new lifestyle. You can't "hope" for these results, you have to go out and get them. GREAT job!
  5. MiniMi

    A New Day

    Hello everyone! So glad to have my bandiversary! Hurray! Also celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary. Tonight I went to see Bon jovi in concert. Man was it ever great! Super close to stage!
  6. MiniMi

    A New Day

    Hello! I'm still alive and well. Two thing... Anyone who ever says that wls is the easy way out is full of crap..my 90 day challenge is challenging. Second, this CPA exam is kicking my butt. Hard stuff. Studying hard and craving chocolate ( I hate sweets usually) Good thing there is wine in the world. Had a glass of old vine zin and now I'm off to bed. Sorry I haven't been up on you lives. Hope all is well. Miss hanging out. My one year bandanniversary is on next Sunday...can't believe it!
  7. MiniMi

    Hair loss!:-(

    Just don't use it in the shower so you don't rinse it down your back and end up growing hair elsewhere!
  8. MiniMi

    Hair loss!:-(

    I also experienced hair loss and was truly AFRAID at one point of becoming bald. I have always had really thin hair anyway but a good enough amount of it to be happy. I did all of the above posters suggestions and I started using WEN hair shampoo. None of these things stopped the loss but my hair became softer and fuller looking. Funny thing is I got soooooo many compliments on my hair during this time. I also wore bangs and had to change my hair style. This went on from month 4-9. My hair loss has all but stopped now and I have a halo of fuzzy new growth coming in all over. Just when I thought I was going bald the new growth kicked in.

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