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  1. Happy 47th Birthday Darkangel321!

  2. Darkangel321

    so excited!!!

    Fantastic! You should do before & after pics. You really look great. Congrats girl! Hope you share your program and disciplines.
  3. Darkangel321

    Lapband Failer Wanting To Start Again

    GOOD FOR YOU! Sorry for what you went through but very glad you finally found your way out of it. From experience, I know how hard it is to have the band without a fill. You are absolutely right...Your band is there to assist you achive your goal. Just taking the step to finally get the band in the first place was a huge achievement. Good luck on the rest of your journey. I have no doubt you will succeed.
  4. Darkangel321

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Many more people here than I initially found. Going to try and add you guys. Just in case, please add me: Darkangel321 And please, please, please share your food diary.
  5. You say you are having your second band...did you look into the Sleeve? If I could do it again I would do the sleeve instead, knowing what I know now. I thought I needed the choice of removal. That's why I chose the band over the sleeve. I hope your surgery goes well.
  6. I miss the burn of an ice cold Coke. I was also missing the flavors of my favorite ice cream sodas. I often have my favorite diet soda, flat, mixed with a vanilla protein shake. No way I can drink flat soda and I don't like plain vanilla protein shakes. Together they rock! I always have several open diet sodas in my fridge. I keep them open to make sure the carbonation is totally gone when i'm ready to use it.
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    I know this. And I know exactly what I should and should not eat. I've known that for well over 20yrs. I have a long and ugly story i'm not going to get into right now. You don't know the history. I know exactly what I need. If I didn't need HELP from the band I would not have gone through the surgery. I'm believe you have possibly had more than one fill in your band history and know what it's like to have restrictions and certain eating limitations afterwards. One small fill 10 weeks post op, for many reasons, does not work for me. Be careful when directing a response to someone here in all caps as it can be taken with a very negative connotation behind it. If you want to understand why someone believes they need a fill for whatever the reason, ASK.
  10. Darkangel321


    Well...I finally had my first fill 11/19/12, 3.2 cc. I got down to 216, then back up to 222. Since the fill I am 219.2. I don't really feel restriction yet. I will give it a week. If I don't feel it i'm going in for another fill. o__0
  11. Don't be embarrassed. Think of how many things in your life you were unable to do on your own...Consider the band the training wheels on your bicycles. Before the training wheels you would wobble and fall over and over again. Just couldn't get your balance. The training wheels are on now. They have to be tweeked while you are learning. The band is helping you permanently change your physical and emotional health. We all need help sometimes. It's refreshing that you are strong enough to admit you can't do it on your own. Together you and your band will meet your goals. Best wishes to you.