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Family Journey journey through the road of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery. The beginning, The Middle & The Never Ending Journey. My wife and I met on Yahoo Personals back in 2007 at that time we were the lightest we had known each other in our relationship. I’ve included a pic of us early on in our relationship below. As years went on we would both gain even more weight and struggle with diet after diet. It wasn’t until last year this time in fact that I decided on Weight Loss Surgery. My reason was simple I had always been big although my weight would be a bother to me and I knew I needed to do something about it I would always find excuses on sabotaging diet after diet. In Jan of 2017 I was 581lbs. Much larger than where I was when I met my wife at 423lbs. It was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I was also suffering with leg ulcers on both legs and a severely sprained ankle. I was completely non mobile at this point and helpless. But seeing that my body was deteriorating and although I could make excuses for my weight knowing that my body was braking down on me like that I was scared. Something I’d hand’t been before. As for Amy, my wife. She has also struggled with her weight. Trying diet after diet with no real success some weight loss here and there but was never able to keep it sustainable. not having really any complication with the exception of Sleep Apnea, she was relatively healthy but her weight was bothersome to her. She also wanted change. We have two beautiful girls. Shelby 7 and Alivia 4. They’re our world and the main reason we had to find a way. In Jan my wife had taken me to the hostipal for the wounds on my legs and the pain I was in, I couldn’t take it any longer while there getting the wounds clean and speaking with Doctors it was mentioned to me that I should really look into the hospitals bariatric program. I had always been skeptical of weight loss surgery. I had my own reasons. I felt that you should be able to do this yourself and that you should alter your body. It was never meant for that. The more and more I researched the more I found that it was just a tool and if used right could possibly save my life. at 581lbs and where I was heading was not where I nor my family wanted me to be. I was a ticking time bomb. I stayed up day and night researching and for about a month and started eating right cutting out sugars and grains. My wife was also trying to do the same. My wife was also getting involved in the process and researching with me. I decided that I wanted to meet with someone. I sent an email to the program director at my hospital to get more info and she responded back that there was a seminar the following Monday. Amy & I decided to both attend. I left that meeting knowing that I was going to do this. Amy I think felt the same but was still on the fence. As the process continued and we both submitted out info for insurance and was approved upon first letter. We both decided that we were going to do this. The surgeon did not want to operate on me being that I was over 500lbs. I had done a little work myself at that point in March as when I joined the program I was at 535lbs from 581 but they told me I needed to be below 500 as to not be a higher risk of issues. Amy had a little weight to lose as well. Amy wanted me to go first for the surgery. However, it wouldn’t work out that way and that’s perfectly fine. It fueled me to really make a push to and I set a goal for myself that I wanted to lose 100lbs before my surgery. Amy’s surgery was in September and mine would be scheduled for October. Back to back month. A True team in this we were both ready. Amy’s surgery went perfect and she had really done well. We both have in this. When I stepped on the scale on surgery day I was 475lbs I had went over the 100lbs mark and passed my goal. Smiles from ear to ear. My surgery went perfect as well. Amy had Gastric Sleeve and I had Gastric Bypass so we really get to play on both flavors of the surgery which is a benefit when speaking with individuals as we can really give them our story from both sides and advice/guidance. To date Amy and I have lost a combined 242lbs since January of last year really just over a years time. Amy has lost 70.3 194.8 down from 260.5 and I’ve lost 171.6 409 down from 581lbs and now can officially say I’m the lightest I’ve been in our relationship and still going. We’re truly blessed and this has been the best decision we’ve made. Knowing the statistics when it comes to marriages and weight loss surgery ending in divorce we’re so happy that we went through and are going through this together. It has built a stronger relationship between us and a different perspective on how we educate the girls as well. We continue to learn each and every day and try to stay involved in social media and also blog on youtube our journey.   Our YouTube Channel 

Age: 41
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Starting Weight: 581 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery: 475 lbs
Current Weight: 405 lbs
Goal Weight: 265 lbs
Weight Lost: 176 lbs
BMI: 58
Surgery: Gastric Bypass
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 03/16/2017
Surgery Date: 10/17/2017
Hospital Stay: 1 Day
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 1st Letter Approval
TooBIG.net's Bariatric Surgeon
Detroit, Michigan 48202