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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from droppingitlikeitshot75 in Newbie   
    I am waiting for approval to have the band removed and then rny. Waiting for insurance approval now, I have gained and lost the same 30 to 40 pounds since the band seven years ago. Never got below the 40 pound loss. Now I am at my highest. The one thing the band never helped improved even when losing about 30 pounds was any of my health issues, diabetes, sleep apnea , asthma, copd, High Blood Pressure and generalized pain and inflamation from insulin. My prayer is that the RNY will address some of these. I just want to be able to walk and stand without pain and to BREATH.
    Hoping and Praying for you also.
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from cjoyce in I Am Being So Bad Today!   
    that made me chuckle.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to DLCoggin in Worried   
    If you have a shake or powder that you like and that is low in sugar, I'd stick with it but maybe try drinking only two or three ounces at a time. Wait an hour and if it stays down, then drink another two or three ounces. Or use the same idea with Protein Bars if that works better for you. That may eliminate the dumping. There are certainly high Protein food options but at four weeks out, you may find it difficult to eat enough to meet your daily protein requirement. Another option is to put a scoop of unflavored Protein Powder in a small bowl and then add a pinch to whatever you eat during the day. You can add it to almost anything and with just a pinch you probably won't notice the taste. By the end of the day, you've added 20+ grams of protein to your diet. Protein is important for a lot of very good reasons. Stay determined and keep experimenting until you find what works best for you. You'll be glad you did!!
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to DLCoggin in After Surgery When Do You Need To Start Exercising   
    Walking is a terrific way to get active and you probably started in the hospital within hours after your surgery. By all means take a walk in the neighborhood! Start slow and take it easy. At a week out you're likely still pretty tender. Remember it's a journey, not a marathon. Set a goal of walking at least four times a week and slowly increase the distance/time with each walk as you get stronger. Remember too that you can walk in the neighborhood, a local park, on a treadmill, the mall - almost anywhere and anytime. There is absolutely not the slightest doubt in my mind that walking increased my weight loss, reduced the time to lose it and once it becomes a habit, it's a lot of fun. I look forward to it!!
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to DLCoggin in Really?!?!   
    I'm thinking your exceptional pre-op weight loss (GREAT job!!) followed by the surgery is a LOT of changes for your body. It just needs a little time to catch up with the new program. We all know how tough it is but be patient. Give your body a chance to find its own way in its own time. It absolutely will. Just keep doing exactly what you're doing and your metabolism will adjust to the "new program" and the weight will start falling off before you know it. I think in our desire to Celebrate our success we often underestimate how profound the physiological changes that are taking place really are. You're gonna love the new you!!
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from kat_ok_03 in Got My Date 10/11/12 !   
    smiling real big for you right now.
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from berniec in Hospital Stay And Anxiety Issues   
    Being very upfront to those caring for you is very important. They will glad to know and glad to help. Also if someone you trust, like your Mom, or good friend can stay with you that might help. Get this set up before hand
    and have some idea of how you will communicate to your "person" that things are overwhelming you. There is no
    reason for you to have to deal alone with this or be more anxious then necessary. So don't be afraid to talk to
    people about your situation and have an advocate for yourself. Just your being aware that there might be triggers and thinking ahead will help you a great deal. Sending you positive thoughts.
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from Big Lou in 3 Days To Go !   
    Wishing you the very very best. Hope the next couple of days are not to nerve wrecking. Will be thinking of you and sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from Isla in My Surgery For 9/12 Was Unsucessful...i'm Sad.   
    I am so glad you are ok but I know you are disappointed beyond belief not to have had the surgery. I pray
    something can me done and you can get the surgery if it can be safe for you. My thoughts and heartfelt understanding are with you this afternoon.
    Gentle Hugs
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from Bert_n_ernie in My Daughter Made Me Cry.   
    That is tough. I just don't know what to say. But vent away. And I know easier said then done, but try not
    to take it to heart or let it get to you too much. But even as I type that it sounds hollow. Big Gentle Hugs
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from elvislover in Thinking Of All The Post Ops Today   
    I was just reading through the threads and it seems so many had surgery this week, Praying for each of you
    and feeling joy for you cause i know how hard you have worked to get to this poing.
    Just wishing everyone the best
    waiting for approval of revision from lap band (2005) to RNY
    jumping through all the hoops

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