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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from Shrinking Don in Where is everyone from?   
    Indianapolis, IN had surgery revision from band to rny eight weeks ago at St. Francis
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to mom2lucky (suznc) in Protein Shakes?   
    I don't have any shake recipes but if you want to try single servings of various brands including the Syntrax Nectar, go to Nashua Nutrition's online store. Their single serve samples are $1.95 each. Ironically, the brand I ended up liking is one they don't sell. Chike & Unjury also sell singles so you can try before investing in a tub. Also what I liked preop was not always what I liked as a postop.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to gurliepunk12543 in painting nails   
    Yay first time i did my toe nails with out being out of breathe, stretching, or having my husband do it. The little things make me so happy he looked at me said hey thats my job, but i am proud of u babe and its not all over ur toes lol
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to Solveig Larsen in Chairs   
    Last time I had my nails done I was so afraid to break the little plastic chair I had to sit on.....
    Today ,4 months and 46 pounds gone,I did not worry about that little silly chair at all!
    Lol,big hug to u all!
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to PrincessErin in Help! Being revised from band to RNY on Monday. I don't know what to expect!   
    Thank you so much for your replies! I am about an hour away from my surgery. I'm so nervous because I will either wake up with RNY or without it! It really depends on the damage my band has done. I'm sad to see my band go, but relieved as well. I just hope they can do the RNY ar this time!
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to myjoshcait in December 2012 Post Op Group   
    MI2 we got ourselves to this point for many reasons and the focus for every single one of us is better health, and I believe the surgery is just a tool to get there and I believe as long as we follow the rules, we have to keep positive or even this most drastic of steps is doomed to fail. I'm nearly eight weeks out now, as you are and I'm still mainly fluids, some thicker but struggling with purée and mashed foods. Some days it does my head in but I have to believe that out of this will come more improvements to my life, not just the smaller size but the reenergization of
    My health and well being. We will get there in the end. I'd dearly love to have just a bite of a burger, but not for now, perhaps later...... We have to keep helping one another in these forums.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to gurliepunk12543 in honeymoon   
    I got married july 21st, and my hubby and i pushed our honey moon to april 1st bc of wls was sept. Can i tell u how excited i am right now 80lbs lighter since surgery. I will b able 2 do all the rides and fit on the plane with out a extender. At first i thought i am not small enough for rides. My friends are like look in a mirror, girl ur a 18 now not a 26 anymore and i have 50 more days 2 loose more weight. Sorry had 2 share i am sooo excited
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to copmom in Well today feels like a good day   
    15 days postop today feels like a good day
    Eat egg whites for the first time for Breakfast
    1/2 c def coffee
    Hope everybody is doing great while on the mead
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from ladyspl in Friday Weigh-In!   
    Good morning
    Highest ever 6/11 197
    Surgery Date 12/5/2012 166
    Today just over two months out 2/8/13 144.6
    And blood sugars staying below way below 200 on 1/4 of insulin
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to Debbiebydesign in waiting to be prepped   
    Doing well. Very sore, but better than I thought I'd be. I am NPO (nothing by mouth) but I can swab my mouth with ice Water. Just the little bit of water I swallowed there told me there were big changes in my stomach. I had a little nausea this AM, so I got zofran and it's gone. I was walked very briefly, and after I sat I felt better. Catheter working better now that I am up. I hope things keep going this well.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to crstalww in Friday Weigh-In!   
    Starting weigh 277
    Surgery November 6 268
    November 9 weight 262
    November 16, weight 254
    Nov 23 weight 249
    Nov 30 245
    Dec 7 243
    Dec 14 2012 weight 237
    Dec 21 2012 weight 235
    Dec 28,2012 weight 229
    Jan 4 2013 weight 226
    Jan 11 2013 weight 222
    Jan 18 2013 weight 220
    Jan 25 2013 weight 219
    Feb 1 2013 weigh 217
    Feb 8,2013 weight 208
    Weekly loss 9 lbs
    Total weight loss 69
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to Tammy1975 in Friday Weigh-In!   
    282 date of surgery 10/30/12
    Today weight 221
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to ladyspl in Friday Weigh-In!   
    HW 234
    DOS 11-15-12
    SW 234
    CW 186.6
    Now, my scale said 188 on wednesday, and today it says 186.6. I'm logging 186.6 because it's friday, but am doubting the number. Guess I still cannot believe the scale is going down rather than up! This would mean that I am only 2.6lbs away from a 50lb loss! My 3 month check up is on the 22nd, I would love to see my surgeon with 50 less pounds!
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from abbybeep in getting down comparing   
    seriously, you hit it heather. It does sound so HS or even junior high. Chin up girl you have more class in your little finger then she does in her whole body
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from Natasha K in "slow she goes"   
    I agree. My loses are slow also. But I am fine with that. I don't have as much to lose as some so I figured it would be this way. I am getting better blood sugar numbers on a lot less insulin and that is what is truly important to me right now. So when the scale doesn't move I think of my meter and that helps.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to khailey1230 in 1 day post-op   
    Feeling better and it's been one day already I hope this is a sign that everything will go smoothly.
    Starting Weight 252
    Surgery Date Weight 246
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to bolivister in How Long Was Your Hospital Stay?   
    I just had mine on Thursday morning and was out Saturday morning. Two nights I think minimum but don't push it if you need to stay longer.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to padlrd in To all the praying people out there.   
    Reminder everything happens for a reason that sometime we ask why but maybe this is gods way of helping you get through this and he will provide for you because you believe in his higher power just keep praying and we will to and you will get thru this BEAUSE you have the MOST Powerful person watching over your family
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from one4ozzie in December 2012 Post Op Group   
    My heartbreaks for you Gen. It is your turn for a break. Praying that one comes you way. All I can say is I hope things start getting better and staying that way. Hugs to you.
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    Vicki Loichinger got a reaction from slowtogo in Ex husband getting married & I can't stuff my face   
    go get a massage, do any of the other things suggested. You are worth way more than sabotaging yourself with food. You could send her a THank you card and see if she gets it, lol Not trying to make to light of this cause i know it is stressful no matter what. But you can get through it. I know you can.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to bariatric op number 4 in Pain rushed into hospital...   
    Well, I'm felling much better than I was, still incredibly tired, and agitated but my eating is back to normal but still have no hunger at all and If left to my brain to rule my body rather than my common sense, I wouldn't eat At all, I don't enjoy food at All now. I have always been jealous of people that eat to live rather than live to eat... I got what I wished for, I just need to learn to live with it now. This journey has been tough and I'm sure it will continue to be so, but even with all the things that have happened, I'm still glad I've done it! X
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to ranee17 in trouble in paradise   
    During this journey you will absolutely need him to give you 110% support. I'm 8 weeks out and if I hadnt had my husbands support, I'm not sure i could have handled living in the same house as him especially the first few weeks. Its imparative that he jump on your weightloss journey train. I say if he cant be there for you during this very important time maybe its time to cut ties. reguardless stay strong in what you are doing and know that you are making the best move for yourself!! it'll all be worth it in the end for sure!! dont ever let someone bring you down about your choice for a better, happier and HEalthier you!!
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to copmom in Have to have a endoscope to check lapband damage   
    I posted guess you didn't see it endoscope went will
    Had surgery now one week postoperative having
    No problems
    Three hr surgery two day stay you will have a foley Cather and I came home with a drain tube on my left side just had it taken out on Monday it was 3feet long lost 18 lbs doing fine I have one incision that is three inches and six other incisions but doing fine taking it slow
    Good luck to the ones needing surgery
    Hope everyone postoperative is doing fine
    Any other concerns just ask me
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to skinnyjess2013 in Where is everyone from?   
    Terre haute, Indiana. Surgery will be in Carmel at St. Vincent.
    Jessica. can't wait to start this journey.
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    Vicki Loichinger reacted to kisersassy in tomorrow morning   
    By tomorrow morning I will be at 70 pounds lost forever. I am in a weight loss frenzy right now since my month stall. Losing a pound a day!!! WEEEE!!!!

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