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  1. Thanks everyone, I feel wonderful.
  2. JhonnieB

    Lump under incision

    It may be built up fluid near you incision, I had that happen. Just let your doctor know. The fluid can easily be removed
  3. JhonnieB

    Down 75lbs

  4. I was 299 on the date of my surgery. Band date 1/23/13 Now 248, Total lost of 77lbs including pre diet weightloss
  5. Will be posting pictures soon!! Just wanted to share how excited I am!!!
  6. Its been sometime since I've been on LBT... I missed ya'll. You all helped me get through the challenging parts of this journey(Although, there has not been that many). I have had several stuck episodes, I had to learn how to eat again. I'm rarely ever hungry, more thirsty than anything. Food is no longer my bestfriend. so far I only have 3.5 cc in my band. Since the very beginning of this weightloss journey I have loss 57 pounds. I can't explain in words how wonderful I feel (before/current pictures coming soon). I still have NO clothes, I think my body is shrinking more than my actual weight is coming off, I started in a size 26, now I'm in a 20, but I still wear my 22's with a belt because I can't afford clothes right now, I do shop at the second hand stores every now and then. I basically dropped in to say that I'm still EXCITED the same way I was excitied before (I'm not getting paid to say this, I'm a normal person with a normal background). No, this has NOT been easy. I miss food (not saying that I can't eat, but I miss certain foods) I use to ABSOLUTELY LOVE BROCCILI, I would eat it almost every day.I broke down and cried after I got stuck eating it. After I got stuck I thought maybe I didnt chew enough so I tried again, SAME THING. I also miss bread and pasta, I tried pasta, it went down, but digesting it was CRAZY. I'm far from a success story, but I know this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love my new life!! Welcome to the family new bandsters Follow my journey on Instagram @Brynjs (weightloss, healthy living and other randomness)
  7. JhonnieB

    I am not liking this what so ever!

    I'm mad!! 2 weeks?? My surgeon said 6 weeks, and I'm in my 4th week. This is hard very hard lolol... counting the days 11cc Realize Band: Surgery 1/23/13<br />SW: 325lbs<br />CW:281<br />GW:200<br />1st fill- 3ccs- 2/22/13<br />
  8. JhonnieB

    Feb 22 a yr ago

    Congrats!!! 11cc Realize Band: Surgery 1/23/13<br />SW: 325lbs<br />CW:281<br />GW:200<br />1st fill- 3ccs- 2/22/13<br />
  9. I'm far from a success story, but I know the scale can be your bestfriend and your worse enemy, and that's based off my failed diet attempts in the past. I only weigh myself at doctors appts. I see post on the forum about others not losing weight, my dr recommended that I not own one because of the pressure. Our happiness should not lie on the numbers but on how well we feel. Just a friendly message to my fellow bandsters. It will be okay, take one day at a time. Occupy your time by doing other things. Its not a race Love you guys!! Have a great weekend
  10. My first fill was today banded on 1/23 my dr put me on clear liquids for 2 days, then mushie for 2 more.. then back to soft. He put in 3ccs
  11. How is the band working without any fills?
  12. I have only been banded for 4 weeks, but a 1/2 to a cup of food is fulfilling (TO ME) especially if you eat 6 small meals a day and drink plenty of Water.. I havent had any fills yet (first one is this Thursday). but when I started eating again I wanted to prepare myself for my band meal sizes. I have been eating 1/2 to a cup of food every meal and I'm satisfied. I FEEL wonderful!! my band is not even working yet and I feel like a different person. Its a amazing. When you have the mindset of change, there is no going back. I decided to change for my family and I'm SO glad I did. I havent weighed myself lately but my clothes are falling off. I started in a size 26 and now I'm wearing bagggggy 22s. I HAVE NO CLOTHES All of my bras stopped working too(lifting lol), and my shoes are even to big.I'm soo thankful.
  13. Today is my first day back to semi normal food!!! I'm so excited!! Yesterday I planned my meals for today like it was my last meal LOL Just wanted to share my excitement lol haha Breakfast: oatmeal w/ splenda Lunch: stick cheese, turkey sliced, and crackers. Dinner: Baked tilipia and broccoli-soft Snacks-1-2 Protein shakes throughout the day Lots of Water and my Vitamins More than likely my lunch will not include all that (I can't eat alot). I may have the stick cheese for a snack
  14. Banded 1/23/13 Totally weight loss is 40lbs since the very beginning. I go for my first post op appt today. I'm loving my band. I have so much energy now. I take steps rather than elevators LOL.. I'm beyond thankful!!!

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