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  1. nicolemm

    First fill

    He does use a local anesthetic but when he was poking around with the needle I felt very uncomfortable. It was also painful when a muscle was hit since the lidocaine doesn't get that deep but the needle did. It wasn't unbearable pain just pressure and now I'm sore and bruised. Also just really disappointed. He thinks it should go much more smoothly next week but now I'm Just on edge about it.
  2. Ok I was supposed to have my first fill today and i have to say it was a horrible experience. I was banded dec 12 and have lost 23 lbs so far. My surgeon attempted my first fill today and after 40 minutes of being jabbed with a needle he asked me to come back next Monday. He could find the port but just couldn't get into the right spot. He said I may still have some swelling which is why it was so difficult but it was uncomfortable and now I'm bruised and sore. Did anyone else have trouble with their first fill? This is the first time I've left the dr office crying. I was so disappointed!
  3. nicolemm

    Gas pains

    The heating pad literally saved me. I was banded on the 12th and I kept it on my lower stomach for two days straight, it really soothes the pain. Walking also. I live in New England so walking outside is hard but just a few times around my house was also a relief! Good luck!
  4. nicolemm

    Not hungry

    What day post op are you? I'm 8 days and am just starting to get an appetite. I haven't eaten over 500 calories since December 12th
  5. Thanks for the ideas! Pistachio powder sounds delicious! Where can I get that?
  6. Hi all - I'm 8 days banded and 14 lbs down! (20 including my 2-week 1000 cal diet) I just left my doctors for my postop and really am so happy with this decision. I'm feeling great! Anyway, I saw the other day someone posted about a Protein shake they make with banana, smooth Peanut Butter, some other ingredients and a scoop of unflavored protein. That sounded amazing and I'm wondering if you all can share some other good shake recipes, I'm not a huge fan of them but I know how important they are! Thanks!
  7. nicolemm


    Amy - that's exactly how I feel when I say I can feel the band...what an odd feeling!
  8. nicolemm

    Post op day 6

    I was banded on 12/12. Do you know why your doctor said no cream of Wheat? I'm just curious because I'm on full liquids until Thursday at least when I see him for post op and he didn't say no cream of wheat. I've been eating it very thin for a meal a day since Saturday because I am SO sick of soups!
  9. I am 6 days banded and I really feel great! The only thing is when I wake up in the morning and sometimes throughout the day I swear I can feel the band squeezing my stomach lol. Did anyone else experience anything like this? I assume its because my insides are still swollen and healing from surgery but sometimes it makes me a little nervous! I can swallow and get down food and everything.
  10. nicolemm


    This is great to know from all you fellow burpers! Lol I thought I was having some issue with my stomach!
  11. nicolemm


    Thanks! Glad to know someone else was burping all the time too!
  12. I was banded on 12/12 and I burp SO much! It doesn't feel like reflux and is so relieving every time I do. I notice it happens a lot after I eat also which I'm only on full liquids. I do have a little reflux and I take Prilosec every day but like I said, this doesn't feel like anything is coming back up, it just feels relieving... Is burping like this hurting my band? Did anyone else have this?
  13. nicolemm

    post op 3days

    I haven't weighed myself since Wednesday bc I know I'm bloated and swollen. I was going to wait until I felt less gassy and stuff. I actually haven't had pudding yet, it's on my snack list for tonight just to get a little something in for bed. The broccoli soup tonight was made in my vitamix so I wasn't worried about carbs or anything because I steamed some broccoli and added a tiny amount of sharp cheddar then skim milk and blended for 6 minutes. So I know exactly what went into it, unlike the canned soups. So far I haven't had a problem with anything I've tried, I just feel like I'm soo full from swelling that I'm not having much of an appetite at all
  14. I felt like my stomach was in my throat from Wednesday until this afternoon. It seems to have passed now
  15. nicolemm

    post op 3days

    3 days post op too and my doc ok'd SF puddings and cream Soups. Also cream of wheat (watery), Protein shakes and SF carnation instant breakfasts. I are some cream of broccoli Soup, puréed so it was completely smooth and ate less than half of a cup. I have my follow up on Thursday and he mentioned ok'ing mushy foods then. Good luck

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