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  1. Bless your heart. I can't even imagine what you are going through. I wish there was another lapband surgeon you could go to. I don't know if that would change anything, but, I know it would ease my conscience about having it done again. My husband's band slipped and he had to have the surgery done again. It took alot longer because of the scar tissue. I know for me personally, I told him if anything happened and I had to have the surgery again, I would just tell them to take it out. Weightloss or no weightloss
  2. DeniseG

    Why are YOU Fat?

    I am so glad someone brought that up. I was an adopted child and I grew up with a family where everyone was small (Short and thin). I was tall and big. When I met my birthmom and sisters, cousins etc. Some were big. All were tall but one. I am built like my birthmom who is stocky. I wouldn't say we are big boned, but, we both have that Norweigan woman look. So I think genetics plays a big part in it vs nurture. I grew up with family members who were on me about it, so you would think I would stay small in weight like them but, I guess it did the opposite. Of course the only good thing about my genes vs theres-------they have no butts lol and my weight is very proportionate (sp) to my body. I am heavy all over. They gain weight in the middle. I wonder for those of us who were born heavy. (I weighed close to 11 pounds when I was born. ) if our parents may have had diabetes and didn't know it. The parents who were heavy. They say those with type 2 diabetes usually have big babies.
  3. DeniseG

    Diet Cokes?

    I wish I could have splenda in things, but, even if I eat a dime size piece of chocolate. I will be in the bathroom all night with "you know what"
  4. DeniseG

    Names! Names! Names!

    I am Goldenrod Valley or Oceana Jolly
  5. DeniseG

    OMG An old pic of me!!!!

    I can always tell when I have gained alot of weight because I have a stain of something in between my big boobs lol That area is just a stain magnet
  6. DeniseG

    Why are YOU Fat?

    Whippledaddy, I can so relate to your story. I didn't suffer abuse, but, the part where you talk about eating at night, secret eating has always been a huge problem for me, and the night time. I too always enjoyed a party by myself. I guess the only person I was hiding or fooling was me. How can you hide the fact you are over eating when you gain 100 pounds in 5 years. Delarla, I so identify with you in many posts. I am definitely a closet snacker though. It's an addiction. Sometimes I just miss that numbness you feel after eating in excess. I rarely ever drank, but, I noticed when I was tighter I use to drink White Russians just about every night, it gave me that numbness I felt that I missed. (1 or 2 drinks) When I realized that, it started to worry me. I definitely didn't want to replace one addiction for another. Plus, I was gaining weight. I haven't had one in about 3 months. I don't miss them though, so, I guess that is a good sign. When I try to think of one time when I didn't worry about my weight........I can't even think of a time. It is hard to believe I have spent 35 years dwelling on it.
  7. DeniseG

    Why are YOU Fat?

    Penni, my husband has the same problem He grew up real poor, and always worried when his next meal would come. He always ate fast, and rushed to get seconds as if there weren't going to be any. (Rarely was there enough for seconds). I have the problem of not being able to leave a plate with something on it. Of course that comes from scoldings as a child. The second problem I have, is always thinking I can have a dessert if I eat my food. My husband says I eat like a kid. Never learning how to eat grown up foods (vegetables, fruits etc.) I eat/ate foods high in sugar and preservatives. I never realized that until recently. Usually I eat when I am extremely stressed. Even when I am not hungry
  8. DeniseG

    Sabotaging all the good work

    I am too. Don't let the posts fool you. We all have our bad days. If we could lose weight with diet and excercise alone, we wouldn't have needed the band in the first place. I had one of those days myself. I had been a good girl for 3 weeks. Today, I had a bad day. I know it is stress and worry. I have a major inspection that I have been put in charge of in which I have no experience. I have been hungry for bad food all day.
  9. DeniseG

    Diet Cokes?

    I forgot, once I was at Long John Silvers/A & W (they are in same building) and I wasn't thinking and ordered a Rootbeer float. after the first sip, I was so mad at myself, I ordered it out of habit, without thinking I wouldn't be able to drink it. I had to let the ice cream completely flatten out the root beer, but, it was terrible.
  10. DeniseG

    Having H2O Problems

    Is your water real cold? Sometimes real cold water is a problem for me. I usually drink it cold to room temp. For me, I have one of those 32oz jugs.that I sip on in the morning after breakfast but most of it I drink between lunch and dinner (1/4 before lunch). I must drink it before I can have my yogurt between 4:30 and 5:00p I fill it up again, then I have to drink the second one before I can have my snack at 10:00p If I don't have my 2nd 32oz before my snack, I can't have one. (okay it is kindergartenish, but, I love my yogurt and snack)
  11. DeniseG

    What irritates you?

    What is really bad at a restaurant too, is when you get something stuck. Your eyes are watering and you start looking funny to the other customers and waitress. Then they start looking at you like "Maybe we shouldn't eat here, I wonder what she ordered?" My husband usually says over and over again.....are you okay? are you going to be sick. Passerbys here it and wonder what is going on. Then, you go to the bathroom hoping that no one hears you. Usually, those are the times the bathroom is packed. (FFR's-always look for bathrooms before ordering and make sure it is not a single only). The worst thing--when a perfect stranger lectures you on how she use to have a friend that had Bulemia........yes, that actually happened.
  12. DeniseG

    what would you do??? OT

    Princess, that was an awesome suggestion!
  13. DeniseG

    Favorite Grandparent Memories

    Surely you don't think I am one of those crazy cat ladies? lol I have one of my own, and my neighbor's cat lives at my house. Long story
  14. DeniseG

    What irritates you?

    Joanie, I hope I haven't posted anything that comes across as the "lapband police" I don't think I have seen your posts. I could be wrong. I will say, sometimes I have to take a break from the forum when I get frustrated. I would really hate to go off on someone lol. Usually the frustration starts when someone new to the board or band asks a question before reading the board's past postings first. I want to say "How many times dadnabit do people have to post not to do something before you realize you are not suppose to do that with the band!!!!" Or they have a problem that has been addressed 100x on the board already. Some people have more patience then me I guess. I try to search past boards before posting new topics. But, I will say, I am not going to lecture someone on how much weight they have/have not lost, or how much/little to excercise. I have enough problems on my own as far as that goes.
  15. DeniseG

    what would you do??? OT

    I too say 'tacky tacky" and agree with kimilicious (sp) "if you needed money would you ask these people?"
  16. DeniseG

    How soon did you eat Jello?

    I am kind of like Alexandra on jello. Use to like it until my husband told me what it actually was lol I did have some liquidy like at the beginning of week 2
  17. DeniseG

    Favorite Grandparent Memories

    Bubb, that was a great story. I had a similar experience with my Grandmother on my mom's side. Not to the extent that you had. When she died I wasn't there I lived about 300 miles away. I knew, before anyone told me, that she died because I felt her presense, and so did my cat. There are many times when I know she is around me because I will smell "Jergens" lotion the way it use to smell, or I will smell "White Shoulder's" She doesn't come around as much as she use to. Her husband, my Grandfather passed almost 2 years ago, so I guess he keeps her company now. Occasionally, I will feel his presence when I have car problems. he was a stickler for me to get my oil changed or tires changed. (I feel his presence as I write this lol) The spirit that stays with me the most though is my favorite cat that passed. Every night when I go to bed, I feel him jump up on the bed with me......I know you are probably going "Do do, do do" (twilight zone song)but, seriously, when I am in the bed alone, I will feel little footsteps at the foot of my bed where he use to sleep. I will look to see if my other cats are on the bed, and they are not. I too miss my Maw-Maw's southern cooking. No one has ever been able to make her gravy or fried chicken. She use to bird watch and I would love to join her by feeding the birds each morning when we visited. She could watch them for hours. She use to always have "fruit stripe" gum for us and Hi-C in the can.
  18. I mean with all do respect but, there are probably 100 posts on these boards that say not to do that. I hope you will take the time to learn why.
  19. DeniseG

    Laser Hair Removel

    PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary syndrome. Here is a good link, if you would like to find out more. http://www.4woman.gov/faq/pcos.htm
  20. DeniseG

    Laser Hair Removel

    I have a funny story to tell. It is embaressing though. I am real fair skinned and have some darker hairs on my stomach area. The week of my surgery, I was embarresed for my surgeon to see them so, I decided to wax there. I didn't realize how hot the wax was, the wax dripped and I burned myself in the "treasure trail" area lol, it ended up scabbing. Which was worse than the hair. The day of surgery my doctor asked what happened? It did look bad. I don't remember what I said, but, it was definately not the truth. He almost didn't do the surgery because of possible infection. Thank goodness he took a chance. That would have been devastating!!!
  21. DeniseG

    What irritates you?

    I hate that restaurant drinks thing I hate it when the waitress asks you 100 times, are you sure you don't want anything to drink? I usually order Water (if it's free) just to shut them up
  22. DeniseG

    Filled at Surgery?

    Even if you didn't have fat on your organs, which is suprising really, if your BMI was in the range they request, but, that is great. Usually they don't put the fill in at surgery because the band when first placed is just establishing itself on your stomach, and there will be swelling on its own. Not to forget to mention that you can't eat solids during the first 4 weeks anyway. The Week you get the fill the doctor needs to check you out anyway to make sure there are no problems
  23. DeniseG

    Food Journal Thread

    Monday Breakfast: Cranberry granola bar Calcium bar supplement Lunch: Chicken Caccitore (sp) it was one of those chef Boyardee microwave size things Grilled Squash and zucchini with shredded cheddar cheese (2 pieces of each) Lite Yogurt _______________________________________________________________ 32oz water Dinner: Lettuce w/Cheese and lite ranch dressing piece of lowfat Cheese pizza _________________________ 32oz water lowfat garlic pretzels-10pieces
  24. DeniseG

    Laser Hair Removel

    I normally would be extremely private when it came to this kind of stuff, but, I too suffer from PCOS so, I know what you are saying. I have been plucking it out for at least 10 years. It grows back slowly, but, it seems there is a new one in a different place all the time on my chin. I would love to have permanent hair removal, but, I don't think I could take it growing out before I had it done. I might have to be the only non muslim who wore a burka lol
  25. DeniseG

    What About No Noises?

    my body makes noises when the food goes through the band sometimes. Not as much now that my band is pretty loose, but, people use to look at me funny sometimes as my food was leaving my pouch. it was a gurgle noise different from when your stomach growls and different than gas. I know what you mean about burping. that can be embaressing sometimes. I have gotten so use to doing that, that sometimes I forget it isn't polite in public lol

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