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  1. DeniseG

    Outside LBT

    Clara, I go to Yahoo Chat, Political lobby. Usually 5 or 4. 4 because it's fun to debate with people who disagree with everything you say lol. 5, when I am PMSing and need more people to agree with my point of view lol Tinkerbell, I guess you will figure.............I CAN'T STAND SEAN HANNITY!!!!!! He doesn't have one original thought in his brain........IMO of course.
  2. DeniseG


    The Shining..........love that movie. I guess I had love/tragedy on the brain when I posted lol. Shining is my favorite horror movie. I love anything by Alfred Hitchcock, and Stanley Kubrick
  3. I tried to search the archives for this problem before posting. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. As many of you know, my husband and I were banded back in Aug '03. My husband's band slipped and he had it fixed in Nov '04. Anyway. He has a hard time getting liquids down. He has extreme mucous. He is not congested or anything like that. he just got an adjustment (he had the problem before the adjustment)and now that he is on liquids for the next few days, he can't get anything down due to this. Tonight he has gotten up and thrown up this watery type substance several times (equivalent to a 32oz cup)yet, he hasn't had any Water at all. I am worried he will dehydrate before day 5 when he can have solids, or worse, he will mess up his band again. I have never had this problem with my band. Anyone have any idea how to cut this mucous? or have a similar problem? Just for the record, loosening the band won't help. He had this problem when he was very loose and tight.
  4. DeniseG

    Mucous(sp)??? what's with that?

    Believe me, I tried to tell him not to get a fill. But, he was able to eat huge plates of lasagna (not that he should have been eating that, but, that is beside the point.) His mucous is not like what most of us know as the slime when we PB. It is as if he drank a huge glass of water, it is weird. But, even if he won't call the doctor today, I am going to call for him
  5. DeniseG

    Need Help

    I know BCBS of TN as of last year didn't pay for it. The weird thing, you can get a tummy tuck and boob job lol with their insurance, but, not the Lapband
  6. DeniseG

    Fast Food List?

    teresa, yes, I was banded in 2003. Jack you brought up a good point. Isn't it amazing that you can actually notice weird products when you have to eat little bites and chew thoroughly? That was something that made me stop going too. I remember one time I got a milk shake and obviously they didn't mix the product well, I ended up throwing up globs of goo. It was gross. If I had it pre-band, I wouldn't have even noticed it.
  7. DeniseG


    Somewhere in Time (My all time fave) Love Story Greencard Gone with the Wind Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights Ice Castles (okay, I know it's cheesy, but I love it) Looking at my list, I guess I am into tragic romances lol
  8. DeniseG

    Outside LBT

    The best me, I assume you mean Red-Con. (oops Republican) Blue Dem lol I usually go Blue, but, lately, neither party represents me too much anymore. I am finding myself to be a libertarian. Which is really contradictory to the way I vote. I just don't want my gov't involved in my morals or my money lol don't get me started........lol You didn't tick me off..........it takes a lot for someone to do that when politics is your hobby since most of my friends are Republicans.
  9. DeniseG

    Fast Food List?

    My husband had lapband. But, he doesn't like to be on computer, and isn't the chat type unfortunately. As far as fast food. Was a fast food junkie!!! but, now, it is a waste of time and definitely money........nothing ticks me off more than paying 5.00 on food and not be able to eat it because it won't go down. When I do buy fast food........Captain D's I just got 1-2 pieces of battered dip fish. It was fairly cheap, and no matter the adjustment, I can always eat it. Don't bother with burgers because can't have bun, can't eat lettuce after it gets soggy, I have a problem with onions. Hamburger meat if it is high in fat, I have a problem with that.......etc The only other thing I get on occasion when I crave chicken. Steak and shake Chicken salad. It is one of the few ways I can eat breaded chicken. As far as pizza goes........alot of struggle there, but, if someone is buying. thin crust Dominoes pizza. Although pepperoni is my favorite, and pepperoni will not go down. I can rarely eat anything from the pork family. I miss bacon and ham sometimes. I think it is the fat. Fat will not go down for me. Everyone is different though
  10. DeniseG

    Anyone else watch Lost?

    I love it. Watched it since day one and am addicted, I have to admit I am tired of the reruns though. It seems they have two new and then re-runs. Oh well.
  11. DeniseG

    I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carmel diva I am glad you had surgery and were released same day. I was starting to think I was the only one lol. Relax at home, and don't overdo it. Make sure to follow your doctor's directions.
  12. DeniseG

    Food questions...

    hopefull, unfortunately you can't do to much about it. If you want to throw it up (which for possible slippage is not a good idea) the best thing for me is to drink something. If you do though, make sure you have something to throw up in fast!!!!! (Like microseconds). If it is not to severe it is best for you to just play the waiting game.
  13. DeniseG

    Outside LBT

    Obviously my hobbies aren't excercise, or I wouldn't have needed the lapband in the first place lol. I do admit I am online alot. I enjoy political chat, plus, I am taking some online courses too.
  14. DeniseG


    I forgot to mention too. Sometimes when the broom didn't help (well, actually before I figured it out,) I would slide my butt from the couch to the floor. Then, get on my knees (crawl position) and walk my way up by bracing myself on furniture (like a baby would do learning how to walk)
  15. DeniseG


    I remember feeling the pain would never end!!! but, I had surgery on a Thursday and was back to work on Tuesday. I felt almost back to normal by about a week. I should have waited until then to go back to work, but, financially I felt I couldn't wait. The reason it hurts getting up and down so much is you are using the stomach muscles that were just operated through, plus, your port was just attached in the area. If you have a high armed couch that you can sleep in and put your weight on it instead of your stomach, or do like I did. keep a broom with you or cane if you have one, and put your weight on it when you get up. I found a broom was my best friend for about 3-4 days I hope I have been helpful Denise
  16. Nykee, FYI too, If you feel a heartburnish feeling in your chest, or all of a sudden a weird sensation in your chest that means something is going down slow. STOP eating at that time. If you continue eating with this feeling, you will more than likely have to throw whatever it is up, and it will not be a pleasant experience. Even though it is uncomfortable (the heartburn like feeling--to me it's like taking a pill and it getting stuck---but stronger) usually it passes after at least 10 minutes, but, sometimes it takes longer/shorter. Eventually most of the time, it will go down. I have had times where it lasted over an hour and I finally gave up because I just couldn't handle it and threw it up, but, I try, when I have to throw up to use my throat reflexes and not my stomach muscles to do it. I know you haven't started eating solids, but, I wanted to give you a heads up. I wish I had known about this board when I had surgery, it would have really helped. The first time I had this happen to me, I thought I was having a heart attack.
  17. DeniseG

    How many days in the hospital

    I had my surgery and left the hospital within about 4 hours or waking up. Maybe less, I can't exactly remember it was over a year and a half ago. I woke up, they gave me juice. Took my vitals, made me do a couple laps around the recovery room and sent me home.
  18. DeniseG

    I'm addicted to the Food Network!

    I agree with Betty's favorite shows as my favorite too. I like Semi-homeade too, but, they have too much filter on the host that it makes what she's cooking blurry and I get a headache lol (I even e-mailed them about this lol) My poor husband after his band correction watched it 24 hours a day. What a masachist(sp) He was on liquids at that time. The only host I don't like is the guy on Boiling water...he's cute, but, he mumbles and has catch words he uses all the time. It is annoying. Plus the food he prepares are a little advanced for "How to boil Water" IMO
  19. DeniseG

    yo-yo restriction

    I use to have the opposite problem. I would start a fill okay, and then it would get tighter as the weeks progressed. My doctor said sometimes the band will get a kink in it which can cause the band to not be exact at fill time. Usually it seems the tighteness of the band loosens after losing about 15-20 pounds, so, I don't know if that is why you feel less restriction.
  20. Nykee, welcome to the world of post lapband lol You will burp gurgle and do all kinds of new things PB stands for Productive Burping. Different people describe it differently. To me, it means: When things start feeling stuck, a productive burp, usually causes whatever was stuck to finally(sp) go down. Or worse case scenario, a productive burp can lead to a throw up--it depends on how fast or big the bite was. It is Not a throw up, but, a liquidy burp. I remember having them to some degree before band, but, you will definitely be able to tell a difference.
  21. DeniseG

    Does your HUSBAND/ WIFE know your weight????

    My weight was a secret from both my husband and me before surgery. (Maybe if I had gotten on the scale a little more often maybe I wouldn't have blown up to 282) He and I both have the band, so, once I started losing I told him what my start weight was. Me 282 him 248. So as you can see he was smaller, and is still smaller than me by about 35-40 pounds. Of course, I am bigger than him too. I am about 5'8 he is 5'6 and I have bigger features including feet which of course those feet have to weigh at least 5 pounds extra lol
  22. DeniseG

    Lapband Advice and Encouragement

    "The only real problem is now figuring out what I want to do for an occupation now. I feel like I am trapped because I have been so specialized for so long and not sure how to make a career change after 18+ years. Anyways the counselor was telling how if you do something every day that you do not like or totally hate, it can be just as stressfull on you as a high pressure situation. After thinking about it for a while, I agree. The unhappiness effects my stress levels, my desire to lose weight, my family and every other part of my life. I guess this is just part of life's journey and figuring out your path in life changes with the choices you make day to day." Wadeb, I was so glad I saw your post. I am so there.........I know exactly what you are talking about. I know much of my stress eating is my job too. I have had my career for the last 11 years. It is what I wanted to do since 9. I am now finding that I am severely burned out, and wanting to do something new. The only problem.......I don't know what I would enjoy doing. I moved from one goal to the next in my present field, but, I am now the Station manager, so I can't go any further up the ladder, then to own the business. I would love to go back to level 1, which is the part of the job I love but, I can't afford to go back to level 1. Plus the fact, Level 1 with today's technology is going away with the manufacturing jobs in this country. I am only 35 (well next month) I have accomplished my work goals, yet, I still have at least 30 more years in the working field to go, unless I am lucky enough to win the lottery. I want so badly to have the excitement I once had when trying to work on my past career goal with a new one.
  23. DeniseG

    The TRUTH about your DL...

    Tennessee they don't ask for weight. I guess they figure why bother, who tells the truth anyway. I had mine renewed recently, not because of weightloss, but, because I am 10 years older than the picture (It was a great picture, I didn't want to give it up,) but, there was a huge difference in looks from 25-35 lol. I was in denial l guess. Just like I was about my weight before surgery.
  24. I would have liked to have seen it, but, I don't have real player, and didn't want to give them my credit card numbers. Actually, maybe it is best I didn't see it
  25. It definitely is great when a husband and wife get banded together. My husband and I were banded an hour apart from each other. So basically, we have been able to have a constant support team. He knows what it feels like to have something get stuck, and we both can share frustrations together. Even though you and your husband have the surgery, don't be suprised if you experience a total different experience. Especially with what will/won't go down. Also, try not to compare your weighloss totals. They could vary greatly. Good luck with your surgery in March!!

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