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  1. DeniseG

    what the heck is a "food high?"

    I know exactly what you are saying. I use to have it pre-band all the time. Now, with the band, it is really hard to achieve it. Unless I eat Ice Cream or chocolate. I try to stay away from those things now.
  2. DeniseG

    Adult Question....

    My husband and I waited a month if I remember correctly for intercourse. We both had our surgery the same day. We just were cautious. Now, I am not saying we waited that long for other things lol
  3. DeniseG

    Tummy Tuck / Boob Job

    I think (you should notice it in some of the pictures) its the one where there is an incision line below the nipple and around part of the nipple like a key hole. I could be wrong.
  4. DeniseG

    Picture Page

    Thanks Paula, My hubbie Chris started I think 259? now he is down to 193. He wears a size med and about a 34 in Jeans. He says he is about 10 pounds from his goal. One thing he hates he has alot of extra skin in his belly area. I think he looks great myself Picture of me was in June and I was about 233, now I am 224. It's hard to find pictures of me, because I am the picture taker. No sharks, but, I did see dolphins.
  5. DeniseG

    Tummy Tuck / Boob Job

    On that Dr 90210 show, they had a woman that had a boob job before kids. She wanted to have it redone afterwards. The doctor commented on her sagging. Although they blur out the nipple.......I must say they looked fine to me. I found a good site on Boob jobs if anyone wants to check it out. I must say, the pictures are very graphic. If you don't want to see naked boobies pre and post surgery, you may not want to check it out, but, it gives a good picture of the type of scarring you might have.breast surgery
  6. DeniseG

    Do you eat breakfast???

    I eat breakfast, but, it is about 3 hours after waking up. High protein Cereal usually
  7. DeniseG

    Picture Page

    Me, enjoying the beaches of Destin, Fl in June 2005 Hubby, who also has lapband but, he doesn't participate on the board. He likes to keep his band a secret.
  8. DeniseG

    There must be something in the air...

    That hairstyle is very attractive. Judging from your picture, it looks like you have a heart shaped face. The flip at the bottom is a good look for you because it makes your face seem fuller at the flip. Chin length bobs would be good with whispy bangs, if you get a short do, don't make it top heavy (extra poof at the top and real short on your neck) this is not recommended for people with heart shapes. If you get a short do, it is best to have a longer nape around the neck with possible whispy bangs. Here is a good link if you don't think you have a heartshaped faceface shape
  9. DeniseG

    Downhill from here?

    Alex, that is so true. When you watched Dr. 90120 one of the things they say when someone is getting plastic surgery......she doesn't have that much fat so, we are taking fat from such and such area and injecting it under her skin blah blah blah Anyway, what is they say when you are overweight? "She maybe overweight, but, she has a beautiful face" No wonder, we have that excess fat under our skin. When it goes away, well our skin loses its firmness and becomes saggy for the most part. I guess we can't expect that what happens to our stomachs would be any different then our faces. Also notice how many celebrity women look older than they actually are. Many of them are way too skinny. Maybe that is why they look older faster.
  10. DeniseG

    pizza? gotta know

    I can have pizza if it is thin extra crispy. Max 2 pieces. I like the Square ones I forgot the brand name but it is in a green box. Red Baron's is good too. Only thing I have a problem with on pizza Pepperoni, and Peppers (bell) I have a problem with them by themselves anyway. I don't like mushrooms anyway but, I avoid them like the plague with my band. One slipped through once by mistake and I thought I was going to die.
  11. I had some little tapey things that held them together although, there were some stitches as well. Because a few weeks later my nurse took them out. Pain. I never had surgery (besides oral) before so, I couldn't compare it to anything. The first couple days I thought I was going to die!! I would have killed for a menstrual cramp lol. I stayed medicated. The main problem for me more than the pain was not being able to get up and down on my own. I don't like to be out of control. When you are close to 300 pounds you don't have much upper body strength so when someone tells you to put your weight on your arms or legs instead it is really hard. Expect to sleep in a recliner the first night. If you get any sleep at all Of course, everyone is different.
  12. DeniseG

    Lap Band on THE VIEW

    I missed the show, and it is in the background everyday at work (of course I hadn't been on this board in a few weeks to find out) My guess Starr had Gastric bypass surgery. A)she has lost her weight extremely fast. My guess over a hundred pounds in less than a year--can't do that with the band very often and would be shocked if she did it on diet and excercise alone. B.) They did a show recently about plastic surgery for people who had lost a lot of weight and she seemed hesitant but, finally brought up the fact she was concerned about scarring due to African Americans having a high rate of keloid scars (those were her words, although, I am about as white as you can get lol and I have them too) She seemed like she was relating or knew what the Gastric bypass people were referring to.
  13. DeniseG

    dieter's say bands are cheating

    j. lynn---I like that about the epideral!!! I'll use that if anyone ever says that to me Staramorcita.......couldn't agree with you more. I think the thing that ticks me off the most...some one like Renee Zellwegger gets praised because she can put on 30 pounds and take it off for Bridget Jones diary. Heaven knows there have got to be actors/actresses out there who are a size 14 already who have been waiting to be accepted and who could have easily played the part without having to gain wait...yet, it is more dedication for a size 0 person to play the part instead. Man that makes me so mad!!!!
  14. DeniseG

    How much longer will you live? (Banded)

    Hamu, you make a very good point. I rarely see any seniors over size 1x. or Over 200 pounds. Usually they are in a wheelchair or on oxegon. I am glad that I have taken on my weight at 35. I wish I had been in my 20's but, my weight really didn't spiral out of control until 30. Even if I was a senior who was MO. The thought of my quality of life sounded dismal.
  15. DeniseG

    My husband needs the band too...

    You are never going to change your husband's mind, so you might as well get over that. It will have to be his idea. Best thing to do after surgery. Start losing weight and take care of yourself. Be active with your kids. When He starts to see how hot you look and how he feels left out because you and your kids are leaving him out of the fun stuff he could be participating in if he had lost the weight too?............he will have second thoughts probably. His holding out is more than likely a control issue. Sad that that is the issue he wishes to be in control of......but, I think many of us have been there. Don't worry about your husband at this time......Worry about your own health. After all only you can control that.
  16. DeniseG

    Yummy water

    I like it too, I wish it wasn't so dad blame expensive. I started drinking filtered tap Water....I think it helps me lose weight more.....it is definitely cheaper (free) lol Be careful when drinking bottled flavored water. Some of them have carbonation in them. They don't always label them very well letting you know that either.
  17. DeniseG

    Are you Full

    Everyone is different of course. My fullness is not what it use to feel like after eating say........Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't had that full feeling since the band. It is totally different for me. That feeling of full was deep in my gut. This feeling is at the top of my stomach. Now, if I have eaten too much.......that is a totally different feeling. I get the feeling of, if I eat one more bite I am going to have a throw up session. But, again, it is not in my gut, it is right where my band opening is. It is a feeling of pressure. Almost like trying to swim underwater with a life perserver on, you can't do it no matter how hard you try. You want the food to move through the band.....but, it wants to float on the top. You can feel it sitting there until the pressure opens and the food goes through. Which does make you feel full, but, in a different way. Some days, it feels like that pressure. Sometimes when it is super intense, it is almost like really bad heartburn.
  18. DeniseG

    dieter's say bands are cheating

    I agree with la madam's post. Don't let it get you down. If anything the lapband is the hard way out when it comes to Adkins or low carb diets because of having to be careful with so many foods going or not going down. Especially meat.
  19. DeniseG

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Wow, you guys have neat jobs!!! Don't knock being a stay at home mom. If I had kids, I would quit the first day!!! Nita, do you have a website of your work?? I work as a deejay for a radio station. I am also the Program director, music director, and any other hat that fits that day. It may sound like fun, but, pay sucks!!! I have been doing it now for 12 years and getting burned out. I would like to get into Website Design.
  20. DeniseG

    Food Journal Thread

    I totally agree with La Madam's assessment. Processed and junk food will go down even if you are at your tightest in almost normal quantities. Believe me....Been there done that. Gained 30 pounds after I had lost 50 pounds. If your like me, you hate the thought of PBing and when you are extremely hungry you will reach for whatever goes down which tend to be milkshakes, chocolate etc. Get an adjustment that will be tight enough to eat meats in small quantities and veggies. Stick to Proteins that fill you up. Eat something healthy every couple hours. It will keep you from stopping by the KFC or wherever. Maybe this will be a motivator to fight against the fastfood. My cholestrol was 250. I watched that documentary about the guy who only ate at McDonalds for a month for every meal...when they did his statistics, his vitals were in the alarming zones. At that time, I decided to see if my vitals would get better without any fast food. For 2 months I didn't eat any fastfood. my Cholestrol went from 250 to 175. My doctor could not believe I did that without medication. Just those numbers have motivated me not to eat at those places.
  21. DeniseG

    Food Journal Thread

    Apple, I have had the band almost 2 years and I still can't eat deviled eggs. I have a major problem with eggs, but, everyone is completely different. Some can eat them when they can have regular food about week 4. Nykee, did you mean eat healthy food, or eat alot of food? I ask myself that about the people who can now eat healthy food lol that was my main problem before the band. Unfortunately I think many people don't eat as healthy with the band but, they can only eat unhealthy for the most part (no bread for ex)in smaller portions except when it comes to junk food. Which never seems to get stuck lol
  22. wow la madam........congrats to you!!! You must be tall to be 174 and in a size 10. I am about 5'7 and when I was 160 I was a 12.
  23. DeniseG

    What do you wish you had known?

    I wish someone told me you could still gain weight with the band. I was always under the assumption that you wouldn't be able to eat enough to gain anything back. I gained 30 pounds!!! I have since lost 32 but, that was really through Nutrisystem. Band alone doesn't work for me. I need someone to tell me what to eat. Less food, less metabolism and weight gain for me.
  24. DeniseG

    can you feel your port?

    My port has become more noticeable with weightloss. Yours will probably too depending on where it is located
  25. DeniseG

    Coughing/strangling at night

    My husband only had 20 pounds to go on his weightloss when his band slipped because he wouldn't get his loosened and had the same symptoms that you had. You may gain a few pounds, but, so what, it is a whole lot better then having to do what he did...have to redo the surgery.

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