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  1. Des0520

    21 Day Challenge Foods

    Foods I have consumed while on the 21 Day Challenge by My Fit Foods.
  2. Des0520

    Day 7 Of My 21 Day Challenge

    Today had some super yummy foods and a snack that I have since had taken out of my challenge plan. We weren't up for another free meal and had a dinner date with some friends, so we loaded up our little meals in a cooler and headed over. I find it funny that as picky as I am I'm still going strong on this challenge and my husband isn't. He was the one that wanted to do this challenge and he is struggling big time. I had to talk him out of stopping at Wendy's on the way home for a frosty. I find it so funny. Breakfast - Cran Apple Oats :wub: Still yummy. It's almost like a comfort food for me. Snack 1 - Hummus Bowl I still don't like this and have had it removed from my meal plan. Lunch - Char-grilled Crazy Chicken This was just ok. It kind of had a strange aftertaste and I'm not sure how much I actually like it. It had 120 cal, 3g fat, 13.5 carbs, and 10.5g protein for half of a small. Snack 2 - Dark Chocolate Peanut Bar :wub: This is another flavor of the oatmega bars and it was just as yummy as all the others. It had 190 cal, 6g fat, 23 carbs, and 14g protein. Dinner - Fit Nation Nuggets :wub: I wasn't sure what to expect. They give you some mustard dip stuff and I didn't know how that would go but it was awesome. The mustard gave a tang to the sweetness of the breading around the chicken, almost like you dipped it in honey mustard. Definitely a meal I'd eat again. Half a small has 125 cal, 4.5g fat, 10.5 carbs, and 9.5g protein. I had a protein shake after dinner because I was starting to get a headache which is sometimes normal when I haven't had enough protein. I did struggle with getting in all my water which is why I lost so little I'm sure. Daily Totals: Calories - 925 Fat - 27.5 Carbs - 87.5 Protein - 76.5 Water - 60 oz Weight Lost to date - 11.6 lbs
  3. Des0520

    Day 6 Of My 21 Day Challenge

    Day 6 had some good food and some not so good food. This is becoming easier and easier for me. Breakfast - HTown :wub: This was supper yummy! I'm loving every breakfast so far. The only compliant I kinda have is the cinnamon they put on everything was on the potatoes, but it was light. This breakfast had 145cal, 6g fat, 8 carbs, and 11.5 g protein for half of a small. Snack 1 - Edamame :wub: Still love this! Lunch - Turkey Loaf So thankful that I do not have to eat this again for the rest of the challenge! Snack 2 - Trail Mix :wub: Another yummy snack. Dinner - Ninja Tenders :wub: Just as yummy the second time around. I didn't drink a protein shake on this day because I didn't stay up too late. Daily Totals: Calories - 920 Fat - 45 Carbs - 65.5 Protein - 62 Water - 80 Weight Lost - 11.8 lbs
  4. Des0520

    Day 5 Of The 21 Day Challenge

    Another semi ok day. I did not like a couple of things I had to eat and I am not looking forward to eating the other half of them again. I lost track of my weight and what I lost on what days, so I am just going to start with giving the total weight I am down from here on out. As I'm typing this I'm 15 min from a snack and my mouth is watering lol (it's a good one today). Breakfast - Cran Apple Oats :wub: This was super yummy and a nice change from eating eggs. Adding walnuts to oatmeal is one of my favorite things to do. I usually add in cranberries, but never with apple. I thought they all worked well together. I am looking forward to eating this again. It has 190 cal, 6g fat, 31.5 carbs, and 6.5g protein. I know the carbs seem high, but I don't eat oatmeal often so I'm not worried. Snack 1 - Fit Cookie :wub: Another cookie. I still love these! Lunch - Turkey Meatloaf Yuck and double Yuck. This was not good. The turkey was powerfully flavored, but not in a good way and the mashed sweet potatoes had too much cinnamon in them. I do not want to eat this again that's for sure, but I have to tomorrow. It has 125 cal, 4g fat, 15.5 carbs, and 7.5g protein. Snack 2 - Healthy Hummus Bowl Well I've never really tried hummus before and I now know that I do not like it. All in all it wasn't bad, I had veggies to eat on, but they should make it peanut butter instead of hummus. It has 180 cal, 7g fat, 6 carbs, and 12g protein. Dinner - Ninja Tenderloin :wub: So yummy. The steak was tender and well seasoned and melt in your mouth good. I really liked this one. It had 190 cal, 7g fat, 5 carbs, and 26g protein. I did add in a protein shake because we were up really late. Please remember that I eat half of a small meal for my main meals and a regular snack (they are usually pretty small and I can't split them). Daily Totals: Calories - 955 Fat - 31 Carbs - 79 Protein - 86g Water - 80oz Weight Lost to Date - 9.4 lbs
  5. Des0520

    Day 4 Of My 21 Day Challenge

    Day 4 wasn't a bad day. I got to try a couple of new snacks, but the meals I've had before. I don't find myself craving anything and my nails are actually growing faster. I guess I'm getting more out of my food than what daily vitamin doses provide. I don't have much to say about day 4, but will have tons to say about day 5. I didn't feel crummy after having a meal out either, but I didn't lose as much. Breakfast - Breakfast Tacos. :wub: Still yummy as ever! Snack 1 - Trailmix. :wub: Loved this, but not sure of the NUT values. I know they are nuts and high in fat and all that but still. For a small it had 210 Cal, 12g Fat, 24 Carbs, 5g Protein. Lunch - Turkey Pasta I have determined that I do not like this at all. It's just too spiced (not hot, just too many). I will be having it removed from the rest of my challenge. Snack 2 - Oatmega Mocha Bar :wub: This was so freaking good. I'm glad they only give you one at a time or I'd try and live off of them. Puts all other bars to shame. It has 190 Cal, 6g Fat, 23 Carbs, and 14g Protein. Dinner - Chicken and Veggies :wub: Still loved this. The pesto is what makes it yummy! I did have a protein shake after dinner because I realize that I need that extra protein boost no matter what. Daily totals: Calories - 975 Fat - 39.5g Carbs - 83 Protein - 75.5g Water - 80 oz Weight - 0.6 lbs
  6. Des0520

    Day 3 Of My 21 Day Challenge

    It was a good one. Unfortunately not all of them are.
  7. Des0520

    What Do You Tell People?

    I just say I have a thumb stomach. If they don't get it I hold up my fist one one hand and say this is yours, then hold up my thumb from my other hand and say this is mine. I love the stumped looks. Eventually they get it. I don't mind telling anyone about my surgery though, I've talked to many people I know that are considering it and so I'm open and honest with them. I'm not ashamed of it and I know there is a stigma attached, but I know the reasons that lead to me having it and what I did before hand to lose it on my own. So if people want to judge that's on them and Karma will find them.
  8. Des0520

    Breakfast Ideas

    I like to make oatmeal (the old fashioned kind, not quick oats) and put in some walnuts, apple (if my husband had it), some dried cranberries, cinnamon, and agave nectar to sweeten it. To get my protein in that I mix in some unflavored protein powder.
  9. Des0520

    Day 3 Of My 21 Day Challenge

    Day 3 proved to be even easier. Because I split my meals, I only had one new thing I tried today and it was a snack. Food pickup for the next 4 days is tonight and I will have different foods coming in with those meals. And most of them I am looking forward to. I worry about the calories, fat, and carbs so I asked my NUT and she said that she really likes the way I've been eating. She says that the fat and carbs are all naturally occurring in the foods and is better than if I was eating processed foods with those amounts. She did warn me about my protein intake and encourage me to drink a shake in the evening. Personally I am thinking of changing my lunch to one of the low carb meals just to cut out some of the carbs I am eating. I'm really enjoying not having to cook or think about what to make for dinner. Almost daily my husband and I would argue over what sounded good to eat and now we don't have those little stupid arguments. I have been doing cardio on a stationary bicycle because my knee is still bugging me. I'm missing the elliptical right now lol. Day 3 also proved to be awesome because I was down a total of 5.8lbs (I weigh myself in the morning so I count that as being lost in the first 2 days). This is still awesome and hopefully means I am out of my stall! :wub: Because I have eaten most of the meals before I am going to list them out but not include the nut info. The new meal will have my NUT info with it. Breakfast - Mix n Mash (still love it!) Snack 1 - Edamame This snack was very tasty. I've had edamame before and loved it and realized just how much I really do enjoy it. I could take or leave the sauce. It was nice, but not necessary. The edamame comes in only one size and has 250 Calories, 16g Fat, 13 Carbs, and 12g Protein. Lunch - Lemon Turkey (not really a fan, round 1 I wasn't sure, round 2 I'm pretty sure it's a no) Snack 2 - Chicken Fruit Bowl (still struggling with this one. I love the fruit but not the chicken) Dinner - We used our free meal tonight to do a birthday dinner with friends. I am not sure what the NUT value of my meal is because I cannot find it anywhere. It was a mexican food place, but I ate a grilled chicken breast dinner (no, not the whole thing). I was able to avoid the margaritas and stuck with water for the day. Day's totals: (does not include dinner) Calories - 650 Fat - 29.5g Carbs - 47.5 Protein - 47.5g Water - 100 oz Weight - down 5.8
  10. Des0520


    I'm still thinking about it lol. I figured there were other readers out there that might enjoy it. My husband told me to find a book club lol.
  11. I priced mine too, but happened to catch it on sale at bed, bath, and beyond and got about $60 off in the end. So for me catching the sale and having to coupon made it cheaper than walmart or target. I use my Ninja for everything, ice crushing (it makes snow if you run it long enough), blending, juicing, and food processing.
  12. Des0520

    Average Amount Of Protein In A Snack

    Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to cut out the artificial sweeteners so I'm trying to get more Protein out of my food vs having to drink a shake or eat a bar. I've found that edamame and some chicken with fruit are proving to be some great Snacks with a decent amount of protein. @OTR - that is a great tip for how to make sure I'm getting enough protein. @CoolBreeze - Are you only able to eat veggies? I mostly eat chicken and fish and limit my red meat and pork greatly. Edamame is a veggie that has some good protein in it and is pretty tasty. What kinds of food are you allowed to eat?
  13. I'm 20 months out and figuring out that I'm not hitting the amount of protein on a snack that I would like to. I've been eating 3 small meals and 2 snacks a day, trying to average a min of 10 g protein each time. I am just curious what the avg amount of protein everyone shoots for in a snack that isn't a protein bar or a protein shake.
  14. Des0520


  15. Des0520

    Wls To Cure Infertility?

    @Jessica - the high risk is probably why. I don't have any children and have never been pregnant. PCOS is diagnosed through various test. From what I've read there is no one specific method used by all doctors. For me it was my history of missed periods, extra hair growth, and constant weight gain that caused my doctor to order a lot of blood work. Once that was complete he sent me to get sonograms based on the unbalance of my hormones. The sono nailed the diagnosis in because I have all of these tiny cysts all over my ovaries. So the cysts combined with the hormone levels is what finalized my diagnosis. Once diagnosed, I had more test, biopsies, and then was put on medications.

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