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    OK so first blog ever hope you all enjoy. I have been on this journey since April and my insurance just approved me yesterday WOOT!!! Now I have my endoscopy and things tomorrow. Everything seems to be moving so fast and I am getting anxious and nervous but thanks to my hubby and friends from work and my sleeve buddy also a co worker who have supported me along with friends I know I will be ok. I am ready to start this new journey in my life and ready to do the things I have always wanted. Socially I am ok and really dont care what others think outside of my circle. This is something I want to do for my children and I know there will be ups and downs and lots of emotions. I know magic isnt going to happen overnight but I know with hard work and dedication I will be able to achieve my goal weight and keep it there. I just want to document my journey through photos so I can see the improvement. I have read tons and tons of material and know that im not gonna drop 100 lbs in 3 weeks or something crazy like that. I plan on setting realistic goals for myself and helping and achieving them all. Thank you all for reading this.
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    zenoosh reacted to desertmom for a blog entry, Weight Is Moving Again...heeeehaaaa!   
    212 pounds.Started the exercise thing a while ago and the weight just stalled.It almost made me stop again.However the jellyfish thing doesnt do it for me any longer so now I exercise...lol
    Whenever I drink a multivitamin I am thinking of food all day and extremely peckish!I hate that feeling so now I have gotten kiddie chewies and eat 2 in the morining,2 in the afternoon and 2 much later.That way the appetite is not affected so badly!
    This is not so easy.I am starting to understand more and more that certain factors will make us want more food.And I am not talking about head hunger.This feeling when I drink the vitamins are physical not doubt about that.
    The question is how to deal with that.I believe that snacking on carrot sticks and cucumber (blegh!) and frozen mixed veg (yummie,it is green giant mix of green peas,green beans,carrots and sweet corn...low in cals great taste when frozen!) will be ok eventually.
    Doing plastics,according to my dr,will reduce the amount of fat cells I have and will also help with the rate at which I will pick up weight in the future.He atill maintains if I did the plastics 7 years ago after losing 120 pounds,I would not have regained so much weight again.
    I cannot wait to be under 200.I stopped right at 200 (ok,was 198 for about 15 seconds) when I had the band,
    My friend is exercizing with a personal trainer.He said he would give us a "family package" and come to our house to train my daughter,my friend and me.I am thinking that kind of spoils the fun...should be at the gym!
    Will start trying kick boxing or body combat again in a while.Most important is to start pilates reformer again.Best toning one can ever,ever do!
    Ok, enjoy your food everyone!