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    I am a Military Wife ,Mom of 3 and a Nurse.I am from Cali!
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  1. Kalimomof3

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Goodness, been in my new place for 12 days now and the scale is fluctuating between 144-145 happy days are here again!
  2. Kalimomof3


    My sister today told me "you look marvelous but what happened to your boobs?" And then she said "Why are you trying to lose 18-23 more pounds are you going for A cup titties?" To this I replied "well it looks like I am going to end up buying some anyways does it really matter how small they get?" Lol mind you they aren't that small yet I am a D (small D?)but compared to my previous FF that is tiny I guess but I am 5'2.5 . My main issue with them is that they look so deflated and droopy My lower abdomen has a sagging pouch from weightloss and pregnancies ...Mommy makeover is in my future but if I have to tackle one at a time my Boobs will be first:)
  3. I had a few issues 1 month post op and was in the hospital not able to eat for about 3 weeks. My docs took care of me and avoided reoperation.I would 100% do it again this surgery has changed my life. No more BP meds and I can sleep c-pap free,no achy feet,knees,back unless I really do something to cause it. I really empathize with the OP and anyone who has experienced severe complications like these. The fact remains that the risks while present are low and these folks represent that 1% . I wish nothing but the best for the OP and anyone else going through a horrific experience with the sleeve. The sleeve still saves more lives than it takes.
  4. Thanks! as for working out a lot.... No I still hate exercise ...I aim for 30 mins a day 5-6 days a week but sometimes it is 60mins 3days a week . I have an Elliptical and do calisthenics .I am a lot more active in general now though . I am making a myself a promise that once my kids are back at school I will get my butt over the gym daily and take some classes bc those seem better to me:)
  5. I started my pre ip diet at 226 my highest weight was 234...I had my surgery on 11/07/12 today I am 148 and I have a bit of loose skin but it isn't terrible I will post pics...I am also 33yrs old I am short though only 5'2.5 The swimsuit photos are from about 1.5 month ago and I was about 5lbs heavier than my 8 month photo which is where I am now .Swimsuit not cutest pics but included pics so you could see skin etc...
  6. Kalimomof3

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    I am right there with you Almam...We have been in a hotel waiting for our house to be ready for over 2 weeks I have had a hard time sticking to only "good" eating . The scale is staying between 148-149 at least I have not gained :/
  7. I am in a stall and have been since July 12 so nearly 4 weeks...I am 13 lbs from surgeon's goal and 23 lbs from my personal goal. I am 9 months out today and down 70 lbs since surgery I am just plugging along. This is not my first stall but is one of my longest I stalled for a while at month 3 too.I know my weightloss is going to be even slower approaching goals . I can't wait till my scale stops bouncing between 148-149 though lol
  8. Kalimomof3

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    13 more to go till surgeon's goal hope I be there by 11/07/13 and 23 more till my personal goal Enjoying my summer wearing shorts and bathing suits whenever I want and not being embarrassed
  9. Kalimomof3

    Before and After Pics

    Progress ...I'd like to lose 23 more but 13 more andI will be at surgeon's goal.Hope to be there by 11/07/13....
  10. Kalimomof3

    Before and After Pics

    Don't be embarrassed you have made great progress .You look amazing !!!

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