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  1. I have been so good about following everything to a T as far as diet but on Friday I was having a camp fire with friends and one glass of wine couldn't hurt right? Well it went down so well I had another and another and then after filling up the 4th glass, one sip and I was so drunk and so sick I thought I was going to die. My poor husband wanted to take me to the hospital. With no food to throw up I was dry heaving for a good hour. Scared him terribly and would have scared me at the time had I not been so out of it. Once I came to I was horified at what I had done and have spent the last 2 days gently trying to rebuild myself and praying I haven't done any serious damage. My stomach is still upset and I'm still shaky. Working to make sure I go way over on my fluid intake. Stupid, stupid, stupid. DON'T DO IT! Not sure I will ever drink again. Ever. So now I've lost comfort of food (by my own choice and I'm dealing with that) and comfort of "letting my hair down" every now and then. I really need to find another way to let loose. Man, I sound pathetic.
  2. jennrus

    The Absolute Best Protein Shake

    Awesome. Thanks!
  3. jennrus

    I'm Back!

    Thata girl! I need to walk more than I do. I've gotten up to about 3 days a week.
  4. jennrus

    Wow Im Down To 395!

    Way to go! Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing!
  5. jennrus

    The Absolute Best Protein Shake

    Where do you get Torani in grocery stores?
  6. jennrus

    New Level Of Frustration....

    Absolutely do Yoga!
  7. jennrus

    Soft Foods!

    A few Tablespoons should have you doing a full check. Make sure you operate under the "fork down" system. Put your fork down after every bite. This will help the food settle and allow you time to check in with yourself. Also, don't eat where you are distracted - like in front of the tv. Make sure you are eating where you are focused on eating. If that makes sense. I find my stomach tells me pretty loud when it is full. I burp.
  8. Get tuna in the pouch not the can. It's easier to make mushy and better serving size.
  9. I am having a hard time. Missing my friend food. Even with the pre diet i could cheat every now and then. Not any more. Feel like i lost my security blanket. So much more mentally unstable than i expected. Dammit.
  10. My surgeon is very large. I want to ask him why he hasn't had surgery. Isn't that odd?
  11. jennrus

    What Happened To Me?

    Started knitting. Learned it on youtube. Not as effective as beer and cigarettes but does take the edge off.
  12. jennrus

    Dizzy A Lot

    No change in meds but will check blood pressure.
  13. Think Im getting enough water but dizzy when I stand up. What is up with that?
  14. This term was not used in my classes.
  15. jennrus

    What Happened To Me?

    Thank God I'm not alone. Someone suggested knitting but I don't know how. Considering it tho.
  16. Felt really yucky last night. My stomach ached and today super tired, a little dizzy and feel like I'm starving physically but not hungry. Very strange sensation. Just can't eat. Headache and really, really irritable. Just want to chow down to feel better but can't. Unsure what to do. Been drinking and then try waiting 30 mnts to eat and get distracted then drink more so have to wait another 30 mnts then repeat all day. Ahhhhh... frustrated today. 30 lbs down and not one person has said anything. Feel over all discouraged today. Hmph.
  17. Well, at least you didn't make me feel stupid.
  18. jennrus


    I had two drains. One out before i came home and the other taken out on my 10 day follow up. He does it with every patient.
  19. That makes sense to me. If it goes right through it would sort of be unable to be absorbed by the body right?
  20. That makes sense to me. If it go
  21. I am 3.5 weeks out and layoffs at work have me stressed. I cant eat,drink or smoke so I am getting snippy. What will my new vice be?
  22. Been having diarrhea for days but yesterday and today are really bad. Had one cocktail last night and been really bad for last 24 hours. Been 6 times today. Can't be much left and I'm getting worried. Is it alcohol? Is this dumping?
  23. Past few hours have been brutal. Afraid to leave the house.

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