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  1. jennrus

    Stupid Candy!

    Ok ladies. Dust ourselves off and puck ourselves up. Tomorrow we are back on the wagon.
  2. What I want is some peanut butter cups and Ben and Jerrys. I wont. I'm full anyway from dinner. But I'm just sayin'.
  3. I settled on a chocolate tootsie roll pop. I have also done vitamin and calcium in a pinch. Lol.,
  4. So this me down 49 lbs from January. Sleeved Aug 8th. Now at 169. Size 16, 14 or 12. Depending on brand. The pink shirt pic was around 218 lbs. One of very few pics at my heaviest. [ATTACH]5922[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5923[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5924[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5922[/ATTACH]
  5. Since joining the challenge I broke a stall! Now only 9 lbs to go by Thanksgiving. Bam.
  6. I had tucked this away in my closet and havent fit into it since 1992. Tada!
  7. Party in the bathroom after a month long stall! Kicked up protein and increased water. Woo hoo!
  8. jennrus

    Broke The Stall!

    I had a day where I intentionally increased calories to as many as possible then shocked my body by doing protein shakes and meat only. It was enough to break stall. Also increased water and exercise.
  9. jennrus

    August 6Th Sleevers?

    I am 5' 1". Went from size 20 to a 12 now. Actually like the gym especially with a book on cd!
  10. jennrus

    August 6Th Sleevers?

    Awesome. I know what you mean about being full. I can eat a little more now which worries me a bit but I am extremely glad I did this. Starting to get a little sag in my tummy. Hope it will tighten with the gym.
  11. I find the large and medium are better than sizes right now. You can get more time in them if they have elastic. Just a tip.
  12. Have to get new gym clothes. Woo hoo!!!!
  13. Until goal I shop exclusively at Goodwill. Lol
  14. Until goal I shop exclusively at Goodwill. Lol
  15. Thrift store and Goodwill. Awesome.
  16. jennrus

    Anyone Else Cranky?

    I was cranky and depressed. Feel they should tell you so you dont think you are going crazy.
  17. I am a blood donor and had surgery 8/6. Wonder how long I have to wait to donate again.
  18. We are so close! Lets do this!
  19. I've been stalled for three weeks so a challenge is just what I need! I am 172 now. I will be 160 at Thanksgiving! Game on! Start weight before surgery was 218. I'm 5' 1".
  20. jennrus

    Body Wraps?

    Anyone had one? Did it do anything? Three months out and considering one.
  21. Three months and 46 lbs down and stalled at 172 lbs. Been here for two weeks. Stepped up exercise and cut back calories. Just have to ride it out I guess. Wonder how long.
  22. jennrus


    I dropped a size too! What a crazy journey we are on. Let me know when your scale moves again.
  23. jennrus

    Body Wraps?

    Three times a week! Frig that. Thought they sort of detoxed your skin and made fresh.

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