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  1. By the way, this was NOT covered in any meetings or support groups prior to surgery at the clinic I go to.
  2. Good to know I'm not alone. I will certainly not ever trust a fart again. Well said.
  3. jennrus

    Three Weeks Out...

    I like how you explained it as your relationship to food. I find myself feeling loss of a relationship and sadness and I haven't had surgery yet! I keep thinking about events where food was the center and how I will no longer enjoy those events. I'm trying to give myself talks about the things I will be able to do instead. It's definately tough. Thank you for such an honest and personal share.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. I guess this is the only part that didn't come up anywhere else. Tricky for sure. I just told my team at work that I was taking 2 weeks personal leave. I will decide after if I want to explain more. One person pried but the rest just let it be. My manager knows I'm having surgery but not what kind. I simply told her I was having surgery and they tell me it will take 2 weeks to recover. God knows what they must think.
  5. I found I wasn't hungry today. Very strange after being so hungry. What are you all feeding the rest of the family through this?
  6. Thank you. You too! My husband and parents are great but my best friend who is a nurse is angry with me and another friend said she didn't think I needed it because as she put, "I'm not that big." I decided I don't want their opinion or anyone else's so will keep it to myself. Problem is I don't know what to tell them as to why I will be out for two weeks.
  7. jennrus

    The Dreaded Liquid Diet!

    Protein shakes! One scoop with milk and ice in your magic bullet. Also hot chocolate, yogurt and cream of wheat are on my allowed list. Good luck!
  8. jennrus

    Words Of Encouragement Needed Please

    I liked the analogy of kissing food goodbye. Once my surgery date was set I had a week before my liquid diet started and I ate all kinds of things to say goodbye. It was strange having my "last supper" and it was of a bean burger and crowns. Not sure why. I really wanted to go out to dinner and have a steak but no one around to go with and no money so go figure. I'm thinking you're normal.
  9. jennrus

    Photo On 7 25 12 At 6.26 PM #4

    Love the way you did these. Such a good comparison. Way to go girl!
  10. jennrus

    Ideas For Full Liquid Stage...

    Today was day 1 of liquid diet prior to surgery and I kept forgetting I couldn't pop food in my mouth! I can have pudding but the protein shakes made with milk and ice are what fill me up. 9 days to go! The nutritionist I work with said Greek Yogurt, pudding and the cream of wheat were good to satisfy so I have plenty in stock. Hot chocolate is also on my list.

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