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    I had gastric sleeve October 1, 2012 in Bogota, Colombia by Dr. Ricardo Nassar.
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  1. SleeveandRNYchica

    Sleeve to Bypass weight loss

    I have lost 75lbs 10 months post sleeve to RNY revision.
  2. I am 70lbs down with my sleeve to RNY revision. I still suffer with heartburn so that is a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping between the revision and the hernia fix it would take care of it.
  3. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    Hi everyone! Glad to see you all are progressing well. I am still losing very slow. April I tracked 3.4lbs loss, same for June. I have 32lbs to get to my personal goal. I thought I would be further along, but honestly it doesn't disappoint me any more. I no longer have back and knee pain. My clothes are too big and I can walk with my kids and go to the pool without so much shame. I am getting there and will get to my personal goal. Drs goal has me losing and additional 20lbs but I don't even worry about that! I make good choices 85 percent of the time.
  4. SleeveandRNYchica

    Gastric Bypass Surgery Progress Pictures

    277 to 214. 39lbs to my personal goal.
  5. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    Hi everyone! It is so hard to believe we are almost 7 months post op! I am 39lbs away from my personal goal of 175! I am still working out only 2-3x a week. My schedule is just crazy! My goal is to lose 1.5lbs a week. I am just trying to be realistic at this point. My average has been 6-8lbs a month since month 3 and I. April I only lost 2lbs. That totally sucked but I am still pressing forward. Yes, it is so much easier to snack now, but I really try to watch it! I don't cut my carbs completely and enjoy fruit, triskets, pretzels and crackers from time to time. I just don't OVER endulge.
  6. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    Thank you! That is a great idea! I tell you this is an interesting process it is great to see how we are all doing 6 months out. I am thankful for this process! I am so much a social eater and I miss my wine! But I am hanging tough in that department. Thank you all for sharing your updates.
  7. I had sleeve to RNY revision on 10/21. I have lost 57lbs. My recovery was more difficult 2nd surgery, but I don't regret it for a minute. Love my bypass. I will be 6 months out on the 21st and hope to be 60+ lbs down
  8. SleeveandRNYchica

    Sleeve to bypass

    How are u feeling?
  9. SleeveandRNYchica

    Sleeve to bypass

    I had sleeve to bypass 10/21. Best decision ever!
  10. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    I don't dump either. The past few weeks have been rough and I need to hit my personal goal of 217 for my 6 month appt. that will put me at 60lbs lost in 6 months. Very slow in comparison to others so I try not to compare. I was disappoint I don't dump. But I took some NyQuil and landed in the emergency room and was out of work almost a week. I started personal training but still need to get more consistent with my weekly workouts. I am starting a new position and it will make my already long day longer. Hoping I can in corporate it into my lunch hour. I am not hungry but head hunger is horrible. I try to stay away from junk most of the time.
  11. SleeveandRNYchica

    Isopure ready-made protein drinks

    I like the lemon black tea I mix with water and it cuts the after taste. I also like the cocotine fruit punch.
  12. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    Thank you! You are doing great @60&goin4it. The activity does help. I started working out last week and I have personal training once a week. I am 48lbs to my goal of 100lbs lost my surgeons goal is an additional 22lbs. I am just trying not to look that far ahead. This week was tough and I landed in the ER. So just trying to stay hydrated because I have not met protein goals all week. I have been unable to eat. Hoping for a better week!
  13. SleeveandRNYchica

    Gastric Bypass Surgery Progress Pictures

    Sleeve to bypass revision 10/21 lbs down half way to my goal
  14. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    Hi! Hope everyone is doing well. I had bit of a setback this week and had to go back to liquids. I thought it was my gallbladder thank goodness it was nothing serious! I am 53lbs done and halfway to my goal.
  15. SleeveandRNYchica

    October List of Surgery's

    It's not as fast as I thought it would be, but being a revision patient I was told it would be slower. Plus I really can't complain about 40lbs in 12 weeks!

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