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  1. Happy 34th Birthday yourshoesareuntied!

  2. For me my weight loss sometimes happens in surprise chucks... Don't get on the scale every day or every week. I like to weigh every two weeks. I have times were it looks like I haven't lost anything in two weeks then two weeks later I get the fun kind of scale shock.
  3. yourshoesareuntied

    Surgery In 4 Days & Nervous About Gas!

    Gas pain was not a big problem for me, however there is nothing you can do pre-op to prevent it. It's leftover gas from the operation, it's pumped in to sorta inflate your abdominal cavity to allow the surgeon a little more room to work. The gas that gets left behind will normally move/rest up high on the diaphragm, that presses on the vagus nerve, when the vagus nerve is stimulated it tends to send a pain signal to your neck,shoulders,and upper back..like between your shoulder blades. Gas X strips will do nothing for this type of gas pain, the post-op gas will eventually be absorbed by the body. Gas X only helps with intestinal gas pain. Two completely different things.
  4. yourshoesareuntied

    Fragile After Op?

    My operation started at 7am, I was at home in my own bed by 12:00pm. I would wake up from time to time and sit at my kitchen table drink a little water or juice and then go back to bed. The second day I sat in the living room and watched a movie or two then another nap, then a short walk on my street.
  5. I'm 3 weeks post OP and I have about 3 weeks until my first fill. I'm curious if when the band is filled, will feel anything like the post op swelling did. Or is it a different type of feeling Thanks.
  6. yourshoesareuntied

    Non-Scale Goals

    Buy my shirts at Walmart, and not a big and tall store.
  7. 37 pounds down! I hope to be out of the 300 club soon...

  8. Is it close to the largest of the incision's.
  9. yourshoesareuntied

    Length Of Hospital Stay

    My surguery was at 0730 I was at home in my own bed by 1200. That's with sleep apnea, and my CPAP. My wife is a nurse and the doctor knows Im a more then a little non-compliant with the CPAP, my wife promised him it would be on my face. I couldn't have stayed any longer, the thing that hurt most in the recovery room was my tail bone.. I had to get off that sorry hospital bed.
  10. yourshoesareuntied

    Labor Day Weekend Bbq ...

    3 days post surguery I was at my parents 40th wedding anniversary, my doc has a 15 day post op full liquid diet... It sucked to sit there and watch and smell all the food. Everything worked out ok, I'm sick of the stupid shakes. I don't even try to make them taste good anymore, I just mix them as little as possible to keep the air down and get it down the hatch.. Congrats on your first BBQ!
  11. yourshoesareuntied

    Did You Have A Catheter During Your Surguery ?

    My surgery was yesterday, and no cath for me. The War Hammer was not tampered with.
  12. yourshoesareuntied

    Using the restroom

    Had my surgery yesterday, no cath for me.
  13. yourshoesareuntied

    August Roll Call

    My surguery started at 7:30 was home in bed by noon.
  14. yourshoesareuntied

    My Youtube Vlog

    At the moment I posted this it was still uploading, anyway here it is. The latest video post. Surgery tomorrow morning, so I off to bed. http://youtu.be/RnjlfMsEf1k
  15. yourshoesareuntied

    August Roll Call

    Tomorrow morning at 7:30am im getting banded, I lost 30lbs during the pre-op!! Yea me! Edit: One clarification: I started a version of the pre-op shortly after my appointment with my nutritionist, so in about 1.5 months. Also I didn't cheat once not ever, it wasn't always easy to walk away but I always did.

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