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    54 Year old Brit living in St. Louis MO area of USA since 1996. I struggled with weight gain and joint issues for the past 13+ years, decided in New Yeaer 2012 that this was the year I was going to fix myself.
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  1. Happy 53rd Birthday Tru**Brit!

  2. Tru**Brit

    Highest Protein

    I was also told your body can only absorb 20-30 grams of protein an hour.
  3. Tru**Brit

    How Many Calories Are You Taking In?

    I discussed this with my surgeon yesterday at my one week post-surgery follow up (he gave me the OK to start mushy food, thank God). He recommended working up to 1000 for the time being but my food / calorie intake should be monitored and adjusted as we work through the different food stages and see how my body reacts weightloss wise. On the liquid diet I have been getting to around 500 calories a day and it left me feeling really weak, headachy even tho I was hitting 60-80 g of Protein a day. I definitely need more carbs. I am planning out my food a day or two in advance and have an account with "My Fitness Pal" website which allows you to enter your food and it gives you all the totals of calories, carbs, fats, protein etc. - it's another great tool to use to keep track of things. I will be adding things like sweet potato, campbells condensed cream Soups made with skim milk, etc. I am eating 1/4 cup of 4% cottage cheese and figure once I am eating regular foods I can adjust to the lower fat versions when other foods contribute more calories and carbs. I would be careful of eating too few calories because you may pay with malnutrition effects on your body (hair loss etc.) if you starve yourself. Its a major learning curve, isn't it...?
  4. Tru**Brit

    Walking Shoes

    Check out Brooks Addiction Walking shoes - again, expensive but give great support and have been my feet's permanent companions during my recent 6 month physical therapy to fix nt achilles tendonitis and fallen arches. Read up online reviews for shoes to help feet pain!
  5. Tru**Brit

    Liquid Diet Pre And Post Surgery

    I had a one week liquid diet pre-surgery and it was carefully explained to me, that it would shrink my liver which would make the laprascopic surgery easier to do without a giant flapping liver sitting on top of the stomach. Mine consisted of broth, certain Protein shakes, sugar free Jello, and I needed to intake 60 grams of protein a day. I was dreading it to be honest and was sure I wouldn't be able to stick to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The protein makes you feel full and takes the edge off your hunger (4-5 a day at regular intervals will help with hunger and meet your protein goals). Add the hot broth and jello and I wasn't frantically hungry. I also understood that I wanted the safest surgery possible, and if I had to stick to a liquid diet to make it so, then I was going to do so. I researched the various protein diets before I started - I had 6 months to prepare for this surgery undergoing a medically supervised few months to qualify for insurance paying for the surgery. I found the proti diet fruit Protein drinks were good - I don't care much for shakes of any description. However, the Atkins Protein Shakes were just about tolerable, and I found another one sold at Walgreens called FRS Blackberry Acai shakes that were very high in protein and low in fat and carbs that made me feel full and energized, awesome things. If you sign up for this journey, get your head in it first - if you cheat you are only cheating yourself and what is the point? Its just for a week or two and its for a reason. Think about the long term and what you will gain out of this minor minor sacrifice...! Your health and happiness is worth it, right? Do lots of research before you embark on the journey and be prepared with a stock of protein drinks you can stand, lots of stock, jello, and your attitude all ready to go. Good luck! Rachel
  6. Tru**Brit

    Lapband Versus Dieting

    I too was having some physical problems that never seemed to be healed enough for me to exercise and try and do something about my weight. I have had ongoing joint pains resulting from extreme sports as a teen and injuries from way back when. Not being able to exercise I piled on the weight and went from 140 to 260 in a period of 15 years. My moment of enlightenment came later last year - I had knee replacement surgery in January 2011, and I thought that would be a fix. When it came to August and I was well enough to walk a decent distance and join a gym, I started on a diet and exercise program. That's when I got extreme achilles tendonitis and the pain in both legs was excruciating. I ended up in Physical Therapy for 6 months because over the years my tendons had developed a lot of scar tissue, my arches in my feet had fallen and generally speaking I was a physical mess from the knees down. That's when I realized that I would not be able to conquor my weight without additional help - I couldn't exercise because of my weight, and coudln't lose weight because of my recurring injuries. So this decision for lap band surgery was made to kick start the weight loss process, and as I said I have embarked on this journey with a lot of physical therapy and preparation to be physically able to move more. I have no intention of being 60 and in a wheelchair. I have a 13 year old daughter that needs me around and to do things with her - I owe her and I especially owe myself a better life, and that's why I made the decision to have lapband surgery. I have always been very active and I fully intend to get my life back, it just needs effort from me, and the assistance of the lap band to control portion intake. I feel I am lucky in that I don't have much issue with emotional over eating - I like steak and potatoes and can eat way too much at one time. That will change from this point on! Good luck with your decision - only you can know if you want this and if it's a tool that will work with you! Rachel
  7. Tru**Brit

    New Guy In The Group !!!

    Good Luck! I just had my surgery Monday and am having few problems and just some soreness around my naval area where I have two incisions. Otherwise, feeling good now the surgery is over. Its going to be so worth it, a new life, a new outlook, better health... it's all good and worth just a few days of discomfort, this is a great tool to help us with portion control and the decision on what to put into our bodies from this point forward, Keep us informed on how you are doing! Rachel
  8. Tru**Brit

    Day 1 And 2 Post Op

    Try a heating pad also, I find that is soothing for my sore spots. Rachel
  9. Tru**Brit

    Wow...it's Really Working!

    Fantastic news and great job on your part. Attitude is everything - after all, why would you put yourself through all this and then cheat yourself... makes no sense to me. I am also going to embrace this tool and I understand that it WILL take effort on my part, it's not a magic wand, it just give me the opportunity to control portions and re-educate myself in what my body needs to feel its best and put the brakes on or reverse preventable health issues that have been creeping up on me due to the weight. I owe myself and my daughter much more than the path I was on, declinining into severe obesity and lack of energy and enthusiasm to get off the sofa. Surgery was Monday, I am already feeling much better and enthusiastic for next steps. All the best! Rachel
  10. Tru**Brit

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    Had mine on Monday - pretty easy but I am very tender in the naval area where I have two small incisions. Things at the hospital were fine, other than the endless checking of personal information. Staff were wonderful as were my surgeons. I took a small fan, my own pillow which made me more comfortable but either way I was glad to get out of that hospital bed! I was very surprised how much Fluid I could drink - even in the afternoon following surgery - I sipped my way through a whole Isopure Protein drink and some hot chicken broth with no problem. I didn't have too much problem with gas in my shoulders, but some intestinal gas once I started intaking fluid, but GasX worked for me and I am still taking it 3-4 times a day. Good luck to everyone, I am glad mine is over and the next stage has begun - I am resting at home until Monday when it's back to the surgeon and starting my soft food stage plus going back to work. Am off to start my food journal now and will check in online next few days to see how you are all doing! Best, Rachel
  11. Hello everyone, here we are 2 days post surgery - yesterday was rough to say the least, mostly because I had a migrane headache, possibly from anesthetic, and was zonked out most of the day on migrane meds. Tough, but today is much much better. I had a fairly easy surgery day on Monday, surgery at 7.30am and I was released and sent home at 6pm. I have two small incisions in my naval that are pretty tender and one at the base of my rib cage on the right hand side that doesn't hurt at all. I am very surprised at how much I can drink - thought it would be minimal but I can drink a Protein drink or cup of broth with no problem. Planning on resting, keeping up with my fluid/protein intake and starting my food journal (plus maybe some wishful thinking window shopping) over the next few days. So glad its over and the second part of this journey has begun. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I am excited that the worst and most risky part is over. I feel energized with optimism about the changes that are now going to take place in my life. Will check back in over next few days! Thanks so much for everyone's good wishes, it certainly helped!! Rachel
  12. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes! Will check in later in the week! HURRAH, here I go...! Rachel
  13. Tru**Brit

    Need Food

    I was dreading my one week pre-op liquid only diet and was surprised I managed to cope with it, although here we are on day 7 and I am feeling a bit tired and ready for it to be done. On day 3 I started having quite severe hunger pangs and had to have a talk with myself - tell myself that I was the one who signed up for this - it took me 6 months to get to this point, and why would I have ever bothered to waste my own and everybody else's time if I was going to cheat myself and not do what it took to get through the tough spots pre and post surgery. This is SO GOING TO BE WORTH IT! I tested different Protein drinks and found some I quite like (some took me a day or two to get to like) but even if they are horrible, they will curb your hunger. Warm broth also soothed my tummy and I would drink a BIG mug full. Get your head around it, fire in your belly (ha ha) and get ready to be slim, healthy and active - all the rewards for these few weeks of sacrifice! Good luck! Rachel
  14. Just a quick hello to introduce myself! My name is Rachel and I am a 52 year old mother of 1 teenage daughter. Decided in January 2012 that I needed to take drastic action to prevent further health issues and suddenly, here we are... 1 day before lap band surgery. Insurance approval and all the visits seemed to take forever, but now it's here and I am totally ready! Have been following the 1 week liquid only diet since last Monday (glad that's almost over... although I lost a hefty 8lbs this week). My liver should be the size of a walnut, jeesh... Hope to make everyone's acquaintance in due course. For now, off to browse the forums, but wish me luck tomorrow and watch my space... Rachel

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