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  1. Get out! I am so thrilled qnd jealous at the same time. ????
  2. Hey! Vent away! That is what we are all here for... support ☺. Don't be hard on yourself. You are losing at your own pace. As long as you are following your plan and taking your vitamins, just press on. If you have questions reach out to your nut. I am losing at lot slower now too. I find the higher my protein the more I loose but of course that means higher calories too. I stay away from the scale so I don't drive myself nuts. That's what works for me, and you will find what works for you. Keep us posted.
  3. Can't wait until this is me ???? everyone looks so Amazing!
  4. mykdzmom

    Sitting in the hospital crying

    I just wanted to let you know that I read your story and I am thinking of you. Although I have not experienced complications myself, I attend a support group and a fellow member who attends has. It was tough for her, at times she was discouraged, but she made a full recovery. She also says that regardless of what she had been through, she still thinks her decision to have WLS was the best one of her life. I wish the same for you. ((Hugs)) keep us posted.
  5. mykdzmom

    You know you lost weight when

    You slip on your winter coat from last year and you can lap it over in front! Yay!!
  6. Thanks for the warning. I think I will skip that show. ???? Kristin had WLS? Where have I been? I am 3 months out and wore my winter coat from last year for the first time yesterday. I could lap it over in the front. It was so comfy. I don't think I will get a new one just yet, but enjoy this feeling for now. So glad I had this surgery.
  7. mykdzmom

    CRAZY Hair Loss!

    Thanks for the tips. It is worth a try even at $50. I can use the money I would have previously spent on eating out at lunch ????
  8. mykdzmom

    Insurance coverage

    My surgery package was $27,000 but my out of pocket was $200.00 for sleeve. BCBS of Alabama
  9. Hello everyone! Congrats on your loss ???? Starting weight: 268 Current : 218 3 month loss: 50 # Still tracking protein and calories. Loving my sleeve ???? Really need to start walking.
  10. Hey Sarah thanks for running this challenge ☺ can you change my name from mykd2mom to show mykdzmom please? Thanks! Good luck all !
  11. mykdzmom

    I found a good protein!

    I love VCORE flavors S'more and cookies and cream from Complete Nutrition. 150 calories, 2g sugar, 25g Protein. I make mine with milk to boost protein even higher. It is kinda pricey, but I still drink them at 3 months out. ($40 for 2 lb / 1 gallon container)
  12. mykdzmom

    Share your profession

    Production Planner for a plastics company - really enjoyed this string! ????
  13. mykdzmom


    I couldn't agree more with what others have said about not giving in to the sugar cravings. I planned to enjoy a few holiday treats at Christmas and enjoyed them. What I noticed is that once I had them I was left craving more. I guess I have never really experienced this before. I went right back to my plan and within a few days the intense cravings were gone. I found in my first month a lot of times I had just been eating when I was bored. One of my tactics was to stay busy with my hands or read which helped me a good bit. Hang in there.
  14. I am 3 months out and for me, it has been much easier than I expected. Having said that, before I had the surgery I had prepared by cuting out the carbonation, practicing not drinking with meals (so far the toughest part), and chewing each bite 33 times. I spent over a year on this site reading other journeys so i think my expectations were not unrealistic. The sleeve has done its part with the restriction. I am very pleased so far. Good luck on your journey!
  15. mykdzmom


    I was allowed protein drinks 3 times per day, each with at least 20g of protein and 6g or less carb and less than 150 calories. Unlimited SF jello, SF Popsicles, SF pudding, Broth and up to one can of low fat Cream of Soup per day. After a few days, I craved something not so sweet. So I created beef or chicken broth from bullion cubes and added unflavored protein powder. The warm soup was a nice change and gave me some added protein. It sounds strange but the unflavored protein made the broth kinda creamy. (I used Syntax unflavored but none truly have no flavor in my opinion) Good luck!
  16. Everyone is looking so awesome!
  17. mykdzmom

    Tortillas and chips?

    My new favorite it the fajita burrito, but I just eat the meat from the inside. There is plenty and it cost less than a fajita order. I also love the refried beans with cheese in my early stages, but now lean more toward the chicken. I have recently created cheese crisps by putting shredded cheese on parchment paper and baked in the oven for a little crunch. Kinda like a chip. I am 3 months out.
  18. mykdzmom

    Cards when eating in restaurants?

    Yes, I did get a card, but I don't use it. I usually split something with the kids or have left overs.
  19. mykdzmom

    Peanut Butter

    I waited until cleared for solid food before I tried PB. When I did I found that as Miss Mac mentions it is very thick and slow to go down so be very careful. Now at 3 months out I eat a little on a very thin slice of apple without peel and really enjoy it. I can still only tolerate very little but I really enjoy it.
  20. mykdzmom

    5 month surgiversary

    Congratulations! Awesome job!
  21. mykdzmom

    Progress pictures

    Wow! Just wow! ????
  22. 6 month supervised weight loss was required for my insurance as well. I lost then gained a few pounds in the end and like southernbelle256 wish I hadn't. The time will pass before you know it. I would suggest you try to get cardiac clearance and pulmonary (sleep apnea) appointments made as soon as possible. I ran into delays because I ended up having sleep apnea and needing a heart cath. Both added second and third visits which added 6-8 weeks to the wait. I also chose not to tell anyone, but to each is on. I have no problem eating and only had one time that I also drank after eating and the water came back up. I knew when I woke up from surgery it was the choice for me. I am loving my sleeve. Good luck on your journey!
  23. mykdzmom

    First mini goal!

    Way to go! So excited for your loss ☺
  24. mykdzmom

    Please help need suggestions

    I would roll from side to side, pull knees up into chest ( best I could) and believe it or not do arm rolls to keep it out of my shoulders. That seemed to move the gas around so that when I walked I could pass it easier. Hang in there.
  25. mykdzmom

    Fairlife Milk

    I am a fan as well!