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  1. mykdzmom

    One week later - back to work!

    One week WOW! You are so brave! I hope your day goes well. I plan to say I am on vacation as well.
  2. mykdzmom

    Anyone try the BP VIP Upgrade?

    Good luck on your shows! I know you will be awesome! I was wondering about the upgrade too. Also, I have noticed when I use the app on my computer I can view the full profile and gallery for members, but when I am on my smart phone, I can't see all the information. Is this the same for you by chance?
  3. mykdzmom

    Anyone notice....

    I just wanted to say Congratulations on your loss and enjoy your new life! How exciting no matter the reason.
  4. mykdzmom

    sleep study

    My husband has been telling me that he hears me gasp for air and stop breathing at night. I am going for my study on 2/9 so I am interested to see the outcome. If not for VSG I probably would just keep pushing it off.
  5. mykdzmom

    Pre-Op visit drama!

    Mean people suck!
  6. Hello jillstl, when I start to question my decision about WLS I try to take my same circumstances and apply them to a loved one or dear friend and then ask the question. So, if you had watched your dearest struggle as you have and she asked you if she was being selfish, what would you say? Good luck on your journey!
  7. mykdzmom

    Tomorrow is my surgery....

    Good luck to all of you and keep us posted! @@Djmohr "I have fely like I won the lottery!"....that made me chuckle!
  8. mykdzmom


    You are such a strong woman. With all of this going on in your life, you are still pressing on. I just feel in my heart that you are going to reach your goal and know a new love for yourself. I just wanted you to know that I read your post and it touched me. Keep pressing on ~
  9. mykdzmom

    Hiking Mt Pilchuck Aug 2013

    I love this picture! You look so alive Congratulations!
  10. mykdzmom

    Required 3 years of medical records

    OMG!! This is me too.... I was just in hopes that if (heaven forbid) I am not approved, that my PCP could appeal and still get approval. I also liked the comment about having PCP note that in the recommendation letter. Good luck!
  11. Hi Darby, I am also in AL and starting the 6 month supervised diet requirements for insurance. Good luck on your journey!
  12. mykdzmom

    Hello from Christopher

    Best of luck on your journey
  13. mykdzmom

    me nye 2014.jpg

    Going, going, the weight is gone! Your smile says it all Congratulations, you look amazing!!
  14. mykdzmom

    December-January Pic

    Yay!! I can just see you dropping the weight. Congratulations.
  15. mykdzmom

    RF Lexus.JPG

    You look so amazing! It is so inspiring to see you make this transformation. You look like a new person Congratulations!!
  16. mykdzmom

    Serious Question. How is WLS the "wrong way"?

    For some, it is the wrong way just because it is not their way.
  17. mykdzmom


    What a great day indeed!!
  18. How inspiring! Your hard work has paid off!
  19. mykdzmom

    Eating Out Post-Op

    ... for the company, not for the food. I love that~
  20. mykdzmom

    Two weeks, two days!

    I am enjoying your Blog It is nice to hear your encouraging words especially for those of us getting ready and waiting for our dates. I am in month 2 of 6 month required pre op diet. Seems like surgery will never get here.
  21. mykdzmom

    First Post Op Follow UP~

    I think you are doing AWESOME! So happy for you. Good luck on your journey
  22. Good luck to everyone tomorrow! !
  23. @@Debbie Jean ... I know right?? Something was going on with the site today. It was so slow I thought mine didn't post then it was everywhere...lol.. I will be interested to see what my outcome is bec the hubby has been telling me for some time now that I needed to get checked. I see you have already lost 33#'s so you are off to a great start. Good luck on your journey!
  24. mykdzmom

    Board running slow today

    Same here. I posted something 3x bec I thought it didn't post.