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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Livinglifeout got a reaction from sandy'ssleeve in I'm gaining weight.   
    Cut almost all carbs, up the protein and fluids...it will work. Best of luck:)
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    Livinglifeout reacted to Escape_Pod in Doing a little research on how true can be that your pouch can stretch.   
    To me, the important question is not, can our sleeve stretch or not. Seems like what we really want to know is, can we regain the weight? Unfortunately, the answer to that is, YES. Once you're several months out from surgery, you'll find that you don't have that much restriction when it comes to slider foods. You can easily consume enough low-quality, high-calorie foods in a day to gain weight, and to gain a LOT of weight. But if you use the post-op months to develop new habits, to change what and how you eat and not just how much to develop a new, healthier relationship with food, to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, you can be successful at this long term. Your new smaller stomach won't keep you from regaining weight, but it will help you be successful if you put in the effort, emphasize dense protein over slider foods, and sustain good habit.
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    Livinglifeout reacted to SerendipityHappens in Doing a little research on how true can be that your pouch can stretch.   
    I researched this a lot before deciding to have this surgery too. Even with RNY patients their "pouch" does not stretch, it's the connection between the pouch and the intestine that stretches and the food goes too quickly into the intestine. I have a good friend who had RNY years ago and could eat HUGE portions just a few years after surgery. Her pouch was not stretched, but rather the connection between her pouch and intestine was too relaxed and was going everything was going straight into her intestine and the upper part of her intestine was acting like a huge stomach! With VSG, this isn't a problem because our plumbing is not rerouted so we are left with our original connections which will remain in good working order.. so VSG'rs don't have to worry about this issue.
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    Livinglifeout got a reaction from Darkkyss in 202lbs and on my way to Kauai   
    Have a wonderful trip, enjoying Kauai while doing all the fun things with your new skinny self
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    Livinglifeout reacted to NewBeginningsForMe2012 in I Had A Very Bad Night, And A Bit Of A Set Back Last Night!   
    Yes, the un-flavored protein does have milk in it as it says so on the container. My other protein powders do not have milk, or any lactose in them. I'm doing much better today thank God! Thank you all for your well wishes!
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    Livinglifeout reacted to xavtay2 in Jealous Friends/family And Wls   
    I know a couple of females like your friend. For this very reason I decided not to share with them what I was doing to lose the weight. I am just going to show up healthier and that is all that matters to me. Sorry that you cut ties with your friend but sometimes it is needed. A friend loves you the way you are and does not feel better when they are stepping all over your feelings....
    Good luck and I believe you will reach your goal
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    Livinglifeout reacted to Territravel in Worst Nightmare Came True... Infection :(   
    Melissa, so sorry this happened to you..Praying that you heal quickly. Hugs!!!
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    Livinglifeout reacted to SpecialK1960 in At The Hospital   
    And remember the open part of the gown goes in the back...

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