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  1. Thanks, Emy! It definitely helps knowing it will get better. What were some of your favorites that you tried first and didn't taste as good as you remembered?

    I'm just struggling through the intense cravings from my old eating habits! Also, I'm still on liquids and have another two weeks of full liquids before I can hit purees, so I'm hoping that will help the empty feeling in my stomach!

  2. I'm right there with ya on day one. I felt great this morning and now that it's 5, I feel like I'm in a mental fog and definitely have a headache. I'm so worried I won't make it through two long weeks and I am not going to Pinterest for at least that long.. too many gorgeous photos of food!

    How long is your pre op for? I've read of others having all meals replaced with shakes but allowed one serving of lean protein and leafy veggies, and I'd kill for that right now.

  3. I get the feeling! I go in and out with struggling to get myself to go, and it's all a head game for me. I read something once that helped to make the head battle a little easier... just make your daily goal to just put on your gym clothes and get to the gym.. don't think about being miserable once your'e there or how much time you have to put in. Get over the hump of just getting dressed and going - that is totally doable! Then, once you're there, chances are you're going to do the rest.

    Sounds stupidly simple, but it worked for me!! Good luck!!

  4. Amazing update and congrats on the weight loss - that is so fantastic! I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so it's encouraging to know that you're swimming so quickly after surgery! One thing I always associated with swimming was being absolutely FAMISHED afterwards.. do you find that you're still (relatively) hungrier after swimming a few laps?

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comment and experience! It definitely makes me feel better. I know I'm not alone in that feeling. :) Insurance forms were officially submitted for me today and the insurance coordinator and nurse admitted that she didn't think I'd have an issues (with a BMI over 40) but did say a lot of those approvals sometimes seemed to be whomever's desk it landed on. She did say calling for follow up on a response after a week would help too.

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Also, do NOT feel like a failure. You're taking the step to do what's right for you, it just takes time. And like you said, I'll continue thinking positive thoughts. Woo!

  6. Great post. I'm a month away from my surgery (so nervous, so excited, so scared!) but this is a really great insight. When I was successful and going up an down with my weight loss, I was so hard on myself with everything I did or didn't do with food, exercising, you name it. Weighing myself twice daily just made me think and feel crazy. I like that how you're saying to think is a way to pay attention to your body in a sane, healthy, re-establishing a relationship with food type of way.. I think that would be helpful for me to remember as I continue!